Search engines such as Google actually would never allow social media signals to directly impact SERP rankings. However, social media has many ways of helping marketing professionals in giving their businesses sheer prominence in the SERPs. Digital marketers vehemently claim that Search Engine Optimization is surely impacted by social media but not really in direct or obvious ways. SEO and social media are surely overlapping. Social media is known to contribute to the ultimate organic success of sites in numerous ways.

Social Media Is Important For Local SEO

As per reports from Purchased, Ipsos Media, and Google, 80% of smartphone users have performed searches from their phones to find local businesses in their vicinity. Geography is a major factor in user experience and search engines try their best to provide that for users.

Yelp and other social websites allow businesses to make full use of their locality by showcasing your location and allowing customers to find and talk about you. The more engagement you generate, the more popular you are online.

This way, search engines are more likely to include you in all local SERPs.

Social Media Profiles Would Be Ranking in Search Engine

Social shares possibly could or could not impact a site’s ranking or position in the search engine listings, but according to, your social media profiles would certainly affect the search results’ content. In reality, you would find social profiles on numerous occasions among the top few results on the search engine listings specifically for brand names. If you go to Google and are searching for General Electric, you are sure to find the company’s Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter profiles among the top few listings.

Social channels could seem far more personal and inviting than formal web pages. Social media profiles are a fabulous way of getting an idea of an organization’s vision and objectives. Whenever you are doing a research on a particular company, you would first of all, be lured by its social profiles and you would gratify your curiosity by visiting the company’s Facebook or Twitter account.

There is absolutely no hesitation to accept that social profiles do matter to Google. Most importantly, social media channels are given a lot of importance by all those people who are browsing the Internet to locate you. If you maintain a number of active social media accounts, it would make the process of knowing your precise brand more personal, engaging, and fun.

Social Media Channels Are Also Search Engines

Today, people browsing the Internet do not restrict themselves to Bing and Google. They would surely be using social media platforms for finding companies or brands they are actually looking for. Today, people have come to accept that SEO definitely, includes the search taking place on the search engines on various social media platforms. Today, if somebody wishes to check out any company, he would be opening Facebook or Twitter to briefly glance through and make an estimate of the type of brand presence the company actually enjoys. In this context, digital marketers should not forget that Google+ and YouTube are also effective search engines.


Organizations must necessarily broaden the concept of SEO for including not simply the conventional search engines such as Bing and Google but also all the search engines on various social media platforms.

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