As you know by now, there is a lot of money spent online, and the ideal move for any businessman now is to tap its potential and bag the best. People make serious money online through e-commerce business and social networking platforms etc. Social media is meant for social interaction and making money through it may seem to be a bit ridiculous, but it is surprisingly true.

The execution of the major social media platforms you heard on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram everything is simply flawless, and this had been the reason for their success. These sites are extremely popular as they can use the customer data in appropriate ways, and if you also want to tap its benefits, one should take into consideration some key factors as below.


Social media database

If you are planning to create a social media site or mobile application, the key consideration should be given to set up a good database. It is true that establishing database is the toughest task as you have to plan it for a huge number of users. Say, for example, a MySQL database you are trying to build initially should be able to handle an environment with more than 10000 users comfortably. This further pose issues like the suitable design and architecture of the DB.


Database architecture

Database architecture is the most complicated aspect. Only skilled, professional DBA experts will be able to ensure excellent service support. Creating a strong database is a time-consuming and costly affair, and correcting mistakes over time can also be complicated. As per experts, the process of streamlining the database should be started at the first point itself to avoid any unfortunate incidents on the go.


Major features of an ideal social media DB

Even if it is a social media site or e-com site, there are some key aspects of a database which needed to be focused on as:


  • Inter-operability
  • Monitoring
  • Backup & recovery


Database backup is very vital. If an accident occurs or a major technical failure which damages your IT infrastructure, you should be able to recover all your information stored. Apart from these general features, social media databases specifically require:


More performance

This is more about response time. This is usually mentioned in percentiles, which is the capacity to cache the reads and handle writes. Caching helps to reduce the repeated read traffic to the database and thereby cut down the response time to the users.



This defines the number of users the social media site can simultaneously handle. It is measured in requests/second. An ideal social networking website database should support appropriate write-scaling, read-scaling, and flawless usage of lock-free algorithms and data structures.


Defect tolerance

There are certain defects which databases may not be able to handle. Fault tolerance capacity refers to the accommodative capacity of a DB. Minor faults may occur now and then, but the website should remain functional. With the assistance of skilled DBAs, you can create a strong database which has a higher fault tolerance.

All in all, social networking sites can bring in a fair amount of money to your business if you can manage the traffic to these sites well. To ensure this optimum performance, a fault-tolerant and scalable database play a crucial role. The proper building, maintaining, monitoring, and troubleshooting of database will keep your social media website up and run well for long.


Author bio:

Sujain Thomas is a database admin cum IT implementation specialist. She is working as a consultant now for leading multinational corporations. She is one of the admin for and used to write on blogs.

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