Does your app fulfill your business needs? If not then there are some mistakes that you must be making. Want to know about all such blunders? Just read this post to know the most common blunders during app development process.


  1. Using Multiple Platforms Together

One thing you must admit is the fear of intense competition in the market.

With million apps on Apple App and Google Play Store, it is becoming difficult than ever to give your gaming app an unbiased attention. But this does not imply that you add up to engineering costs. It is always better to consider one platform at a time.

Further, hitting two platforms together would bind you to amend changes in both the places. As a result, this would increase your development time and cost.

  1. Keeping Apps Secretive is No Good

No matter how wonderful your app is, it needs its part of the share.

It is good to create curiosity among the audience about what new you will offer them. But this does not mean that you must even hide the promotion work. Spreading some information in a controlled way would be helpful in your path.

This way, you can have feedback from them and test your app for the same so that it is able to stand above others.

  1. Creating an App without a Purpose

This can be one of the biggest blunders you are making. If there is no purpose, then is no audience to target.

Failing to have a well-defined purpose can cost you badly. Your app can succeed only if it has a genuine purpose to serve the taste of a specific group of audience. Make sure app incorporates some useful and unique elements that offer ultimate delight to your users. Most importantly, keep the development process intact to keep errors at bay.

  1. Avoid Overloading the App with Features

Offering something exclusive to the audience does not imply you try to serve them everything on one plate. This can result in an immense disaster and eventually failure of your app.

If you are introducing the app for the first time, then let it examine the main hypothesis of the app. This will help to judge whether the market is willing to accept your idea or not.

Don’t try to shift to mobile presence especially when you have made a strong online presence. Remember it is better to stick to few core features and to follow a smooth development process.

  1. Not Taking the Analytics into Consideration

If you are thinking of introducing a site without using the Google Analytics then you are again making a huge blunder.

Even if you are not using Google Analytics then you can always use other analytics services such as Flurry to undertake data-driven decisions related to content, user experience, and design. Make sure you keep things on track right from the start. Some major metrics to estimate the performance of app are retention rate, daily active users, app crashes, engagement, and average time spent on the app.

  1. Reduced User Experience

When it is about user experience and product design, then it is essential to follow certain rules and format.

The mobile user is always seeking for something exclusive from the web. It is essential that your app is intuitive and interactive to please the overall user experience. Though an online user can tolerate some issues in design and usability, a mobile user will never tolerate such things.

Hence, it is essential to create rich apps that can target as well as impress the mobile users. It is essential that your users are satisfied with your offerings. For this reason, make sure you develop rich mobile user experience at any cost.

  1. Mismanaging the Problems

If you are new to the industry, then it would be wise to hire a professional mobile app development company to cater your solutions.

The developer might charge more, but this will offer you access to modify the app and its components as per the need of your customers. Furthermore, offering a product specification document lacking product management experience is a greatly challenging job in itself.

It is vital to consider few parameters and procure professional help to save money and time eventually.

  1. Planning Marketing Later

Don’t leave marketing for later. Start it as early as possible. You must be planning to after launch. But this is again a mistake, which you must avoid to make at any cost.

Consider marketing your app 2-4 weeks prior you plan invading the application store. Before you send any emails, create a list of your preferred blogs covering topics related to your application. Email marketing can also be practiced before the launch of the app. Keep emails short and concise.

You can link a video or screenshot of your app so that audience can have more information about it.

  1. Absent of Key Features

A major mistake you can do as a developer is to avoid including the features of the device.

As you develop an app, make sure you include the built-in feature of the mobile device. This will boost the app’s functionality and offer rich user experience to users.

  1. Avoiding Navigation

Most developers ignore the significance of a seamless navigation system for different mobile platforms and devices. An efficient navigation system is important for end users to work with convenience.


Being an app developer your role is to not just develop the app, but to ensure that it caters your business model and is able to capture the market. Keep these pitfalls in consideration to ensure you succeed in developing a quality app.


Author Bio –

Sunny Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs. Web-design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow in online market. He would love to share thoughts on Ipad Game App Development, Digital marketing Services, Android Game Development etc..


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    Excellent post. Stats says that 90% of users stop using an app after 30 days, for any app to be a success, it must solve a problem for the user, better if the problem is unique and no one solves it better than you.

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    Usually, I never comment on blogs but your article title forces me to read and in the end, I love it because I am gameholic is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. You’re doing a great job Man, Keep it up.

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