You’ve got a blog? Already filled with blog content? So then the question that often arises then is how to promotion? Got a blog that has been filled blog content, but if it is then not until unreadable due to lack of good internet users who do blog promotion, blog content seemed to be somewhat redundant.

So how do the new blog promotion effective? Ways of promotion following blog are very easy to put into practice, including by those of you who are just learning to create a blog.

  • Add the blog address in the email signature. Do you remember how to create an email signature? Do not forget to add your blog address in an email signature.
  • Fans Page. For example, you can create your fans pages in social media.
  • Do not depend on one source of traffic. You can bring traffic from many sources such as from a picture and video blog.
  • Write interesting and useful content for your readers. It should solve their real problems, or make some benefits for them. One more point the text should be written in clear language for readers and good style. And try to avoid copying information from other blogs through using tools like smart essay plagiarism checker.
  • Blogwalking diligent. Suppose you could start from blog walking to 10 blogs and comment. Do it regularly every day. Mathematically, in a month means that already there are 300 blogs that you visit and comment. If a year?
  • Quick announces every new post. Each of your blogs is updated, immediately announce if you update it.
  • Hold a contest. In particular SEO contest. SEO contest will make the contest participants and audience of the contest, repeatedly came into your blog to know the latest developments of the contest. It does not have a big prize. Could start by providing a gift according to ability.
  • Tell your friends. If that is the way offline promotion. Each time you meet your friends or colleagues, on the sidelines of the conversation, you tell me if you have a blog. Mention the address or name of the blog you. Not only friends you are very likely to visit your blog, but it could be they will also tell others.
  • Communicate with your blog audience. It’s very important point. Then you will have the permanent readers of your site and opportunity to improve your blog based on their feedback.

But let’s discuss more in more details what else you can gain through the communication with your visitors.

Firstly, Your blog audience is the most important reason why you are a writer. You need your readers to build a following, give meaning to your work and to have a good reputation with the search engines. Connecting with your audience is, therefore, a good idea if you want to go far as a blogger.

Here are five good reasons why you want to do so.

  • Your Readers Will Appreciate It

Your readers want to know that you care about them. Sending a shout out here and there lets them know that you care and that they are appreciated.

  • Your Readers Will Contribute More

If your readers sense that you care about what they think, they will speak up more. They will give you more feedback and ideas for future blog posts.

  • The Audience Is A Good Source Of Information

Someone in your audience might have an idea of where you can expand your writing, or give you a good source of information that you can use in the future. Never discount what your audience has to say, they might know you a thing or two you can use to your advantage.

  • Someone Could Be An Influencer

You never know if one of your readers is Bill Gates or a former CEO of a Fortune 500 company. If this is the case, you could find your way to a bigger job, or connected to an even bigger audience and go mainstream. At the very least, you will get more people to spread the word, increasing your chances of finding an influential reader.

  • It Is Good Etiquette

You never want to simply make posts and then leave them for good. If you don’t connect with your audience, you will be seen as aloof and indifferent. If you don’t build any buzz, you won’t do well in this social world of ours.

Over time, you will see it is better to connect with and know a little about your audience and make the best of that connection. You never know who is reading your work and who you will meet by talking and making an effort to appreciate your readership.

So, bear in mind these smart tips for blogging promotion and communication with your audience. Then you surely will have only increasing number of your visitors, that will be ready to give your clear feedback and new ideas any time.

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