We all know that Twitter is a powerful marketing tool.  Many site owners like you and I have enjoyed great exposure in the way our articles have been spread throughout Twitter with ReTweets.

What is ReTweet? ReTweet means to forward a tweet to your followers. It is like forwarding a text message or an email. ReTweet functionality could be even more powerful than before, adding more authority to your tweets and brand and many people are already using this marketing method to generate huge traffic.

Today I am going to share some of my Top Free ReTweet Exchange sites that Small Business owners and Bloggers can use to get more exposure from their business.

JustRetweet.com – is a free service for getting Retweets for your tweets. This is very easy to use service what you need to do is just Retweet the Submissions which are already submitted by other members and from Retweeting the others tweets you will gain some Credits and using these Credits you can submit your tweets to get it retweeted through this you can get some Retweets for your blogs posts or you could easily go to browse website area and view some of the sites listed there and you can still earn free credits!. One thing I like about JustRetweet is that it gives you complete control over who and what you promote. To find out more on how to use it click Here

EasyRetweet.com – EasyRetweet is one of the Twitter Websites you should stick to if you want to make a difference online. It’s the simple yet powerful web Twitter App through which you carry your tweets (aka messages) to the profiles of other members. This application has three phases.

Retweet.it -ReTweet.it is both a free and paid service that makes getting retweets easy, allowing you to reach an exponential number of followers on Twitter. All professional marketing teams understand the need for a diversified advertising plan. reTweet.it offers a simple solution for gaining exposure and traffic. Get retweets on Twitter through our easy to use system, which makes getting hundreds of retweets at a time easy. You can earn free credits or buy credits in bulk. Then you can spend those credits on the Submit page.

Adretweet.com –  Adretweet is another free site to get your tweets Retweeted used by many bloggers.

These were my top retweet site that has been very useful to me. Do you have any other retweet site that you think is more useful for bloggers?, you can let us know by dropping your comment.



  1. Nicholle Olores


    Hi, thanks a lot for sharing. Above are good tools to get more traffic to your site. I do retweet those friends who tweeted me back.

  2. Dan Keller


    I have been using Retweet,it for a couple of years now to nice success. I also recently started using JustRetweet and really like, very easy to use and a lot of my blogging friends that i would normally retweet anyhow are over there.

    • Reply

      Hi Dan, retweet.it has a wider community and like other retweet sites will also provide good results. Like EasyRetweet, JustRetweet too has a feature to delay retweets. This is wise enough not to have a series of retweeted post on your profile.

      Following requests from some of our members at EasyRetweet, we have added 6 other languages for tweets and blogs that are not in English We have also added the “My Tweets” feature which enables you schedule your tweets to be tweeted to your followers when you are offline. This does not require any credits at all.

  3. Bini


    retweets are great and this happens if the tweet you made is sensible and has meaning. And then people or some followers of yours appreciate it and share it to others.

  4. Mike


    AdRetweet it’s the best one of these services, hands down. And Chris, they wont get you banned. How could they it’s just people retweeting you. Thats not spam or any other form of TOS-breaking that can get you canned.

    • Reply

      hi @Mike, Thanks for this contribution. Adretweet is another great tool for retweets but whether or not it’s the best depends on what you want but i think bloggers will be more comfortable with easyretweet and justretweet as both sites have an option mainly for blog promotion.

  5. Ann


    Hi Valentine,
    Nice article. Social Media is definitely taking it’s place with the SEO and our rankings. Twitter is certainly a viable tool and easy to use. Thanks for the list of retweet sites.

  6. sabrina clements


    Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful information…Really great blog…

  7. Marketing Philosophy


    Thanks for sharing these sites, most of them are new to me, the only disadvantage of these sites is that most people promote their products or affiliate links thru them so in order to get credits you have will probible hurt you own twitter image and probably many followers will stop following.

    Anyway if you want to use the retweets as social proof these sites are certainly a good option!


  8. Reply

    Thank you for sharing your re-tweeting methods – I didn’t know it had such benefits. I’ll definitely check these out.

  9. Martin


    Half of these Twitter websites I didn’t know. Thanks for sharing. I don’t know if I’ll have time to read your blog again this year, so I wish you now Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  10. Kate Brown Wilson


    I didn’t know before that this social media site called Twitter is so much advance and a perfect marketing tools for online marketers, I am new to Twitter maybe I should try this one.

  11. Mika Castro


    This tool is very much needed for all bloggers that uses Twitter accounts. This is a huge massive income and surely boom!

    • Reply

      Yes Mika… with the blog feed feature, bloggers will be able to take their posts to Twitter and even Facebook and highly increase traffic and profit

      • Mika Castro


        Hi Enstine! Thank you for the reply and i would like to say thank you for adding up some information for me. Have a nice day!

  12. Reply

    Hey Val, thanks for sharing. These tools are quite powerful traffic tools. Twitter is a big traffic source and these tools make it easy to dig into this traffic well. Easyretweet and Justretweet both have the blog retweet feature which I consider quite great for bloggers.

    At Easyretweet, we are adding more engaging features that will be available soon

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