As a marketer, it is important to build up trust and credibility about your brand among the customers. Today, marketing paradigms are shifting towards the digitized environment and people are increasingly migrating to the online market. You must know; that product review bloggers can infuse your brand with trust and credibility. When you market a product, you expect the people to know about its pros and cons.

Product reviews help you to gain optimum exposure and leverages your advertisement strategy. Powerful influencers, with their reputation and reach, can bring more traffic into your website and create a favourable impression about your product through their reviews. is a platform that connects marketers to influencers. When you sign up here as a marketer, you can get your product reviewed by influential bloggers.

What is the importance of product review for a brand?

A statistic reveals that more than 70% of the online shoppers go through product reviews before buying a product. The feedbacks given by customers are much more authentic than actual product descriptions provided by brands. People look out for quality goods, so your product has to be credible enough. Influencers and bloggers have their own circle of followers.

Besides, high-grade blogs enjoy widespread viewership. When you get your product reviewed by these professionals, people start trusting your brand. Besides, the reviews carry detailed pros and cons of your product. The bloggers help to connect your product to the right group of buyers. Evidently, you gain a substantial amount of exposure and shoppers come to know about the distinctness of your brand.

How can leverage your business? can help you get connected with potential customers through sponsored blog posts. It is important to set your product or service apart from your competitors. You can achieve this only when buyers are aware of your product attributes. You would not expect to be just another addition to your industry. Besides, building up a brand image takes time. Bloggers who write product reviews can increase the exposure of your product. As the website filters the blogs with scepticism, your products will enjoy a widespread visibility when the bloggers review your products.

Get your product reviewed at

Every blogger on the platform is self-hosted, individually reviewed and their blogs enjoy a high rank. When you sign up at as an advertiser, you can get the products reviewed by these influencers. All the blogs are manually approved here. For the first seven days, you can use the platform for free, on a trial basis.

After this, you need to pay a nominal monthly rate, just $9.99. The advertisers enjoy the freedom to access the list the bloggers and choose from them. Besides, you can also filter your criteria according to various factors, like niche, reach, subscribers and authorities. Besides, the platform ensures that the subscribers will have enough reach to the blog posts.

Well, this is one of the best opportunities to market your product. Sign up on the platform today and ensure optimum exposure for your products.

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