Cloud hosting continues to gain more popularity across the globe. This is mainly because of the freedom it offers and the security it guarantees. Today, the number of companies that host their own websites onsite is countable. Most businesses choose to host their websites on the cloud mostly because it is less expensive and more effective. Regardless of the CMS you are using, it is possible to tap into the power of the cloud. This post looks at some of the key reasons that make hosting your WordPress website on the cloud a great option.

The cloud is scalable

When you choose to host your website on your own servers, you will not only have to keep an eye on their performance but also make more investments to account for the website’s growth. From time to time, you will need to spend money on new servers to accommodate the storage and bandwidth needs. This is not the case with cloud hosting. When you need more space, all you need to do is to contact the service provider and you will get more space allocated to you within minutes. The cost of paying for more space on the cloud is much lower than that of having to invest in new infrastructure.

More security

The cloud technology is preferred because it guarantees more security. You have to understand that the service providers thrive on the reputation of their service. This means that they do everything within their power to make sure that everything is running smoothly and securely. This is unlike the local servers, where security is left mostly to the anti-malware, anti-virus and firewall software.  With cloud services, there is a team assigned to the monitoring of security.

More tools

The cloud services are designed to give you the freedom you deserve. Whether you are using the Salesforce dx or any other tool, you will be accommodated here. All you need to do is to find the service provider that has a service that can accommodate your unique development tools.

More uptime

Cloud technologies usually guarantee more uptime. This is because they don’t rely on a handful of servers but on multiple servers. When one server is down, you will have access to several others. Chances of your WordPress website being down are almost zero. What’s more is that there is a dedicated team of IT experts who work hard to restore failed servers.

Cloud is ideal for publishers

The best thing about cloud services is that they give you the freedom of movement. You don’t have to be onsite to manage the cores of your website. Thanks to the Internet, you can make any alterations from anywhere in the world. You just need the login details. This works best for publishers who want to add fresh content every now and then.

These are just the key benefits of using the cloud to host your WordPress website. There are many more benefits you stand to gain. The important thing is to make sure that you select the most reliable service provider in the market.

Author Bio: David Wicks is a blogger and oversees the marketing for Synthesis. He also enjoys educating people on the benefits of cloud hosting and Salesforce dx. Connect with him on Twitter and Google+.


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    I was looking for something like that. Every tools is impotent, This will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing.

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    Running a website on cloud services is a good idea. And I do believe that it is one of the alternatives for the managed WordPress hosting.
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    The potential benefits are attractive since every business is striving to scale up their business,have more tools to assist them, more up time is of course a good bargain and every publisher can use wordpress cloud hosting comfortably. Very great post.

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