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Obviously, you don’t want your blog to die off online, but that doesn’t mean it won’t. There are lots of mistakes that you can make early on in the game that will ensure that your blog never sees any level of success. Instead, it becomes a dead space online. Similarly, other mistakes made later on will mean that your blog slowly loses the high levels of traffic that it once had. You don’t want that either so what mistakes are we talking about and how can you avoid them on your blog?


Be The Host


You must make sure that you host your own blog online for a few reasons. Firstly, it gives you your own domain name which is crucial. With a domain, you can make sure that you have a greater chance at a higher search ranking and your blog will be easier to find. Second, it allows you to put as much information on the blog and use it as you wish. This means that you won’t find your blog is suffering from slow loading times that will inevitably cause readers to go elsewhere. Don’t forget, slow loading times will also impact your site ranking. There’s really no reason not to host your blog, and the fractionally larger cost is well worth it in the long run.


Preparing For Disaster

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Let’s say that your blog has been online and up and running for about six months. By this point, you will have gained quite a lot of traffic, and you might even be starting to build yourself up as a trusted source for information. That’s great news, and it only takes one little tech failure to bring it all crashing down. If your servers fail or your computer crashes you can lose all the data for your site. When this happens, you will be forced to take your blog offline. Depending on how long it’s offline for, you could end up losing a lot of that traffic that you steadily built up. The secret is to make sure you have a service on hand to fix it. If you use services like data security and disaster recovery by Infrascale, you can make sure that your site is back up within minutes. Without a team like this, it can take days or even months, and no blog will survive that duration of downtime.


Quality Quality Quality

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Finally, in case you didn’t notice, we’re trying to emphasize the importance of quality on your blog. Without quality content, your blog will fail. You will find that readers don’t stay long enough to boost your ranking and that they don’t bookmark your site. Instead, you’ll get a lot of one and done reads and very few conversions into loyal followers. The trick here is to make sure that every piece of content matches the goals of your blog. It should be interesting, relevant, well written and it should look professional. Tick off all those boxes, and your blog will quickly increase in popularity. Don’t, and it won’t matter because no one will remember your blog existed.

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