Have a blog? Looking to monetize it? Then you have come to the right place.

To learn how to make money blogging, you need to understand the secret formulas for success.


Make Money Blogging with These 3 Secrets Exposed

  1. Have a Niche

One of the best ways to earn an income while blogging is to focus on a niche. This means that you should have a topic or industry that you are an expert at or interested in becoming an expert.

NOTE:  The difference between a novice and an expert is typically about 10%.  If you have knowledge of something that someone else needs to know about, you are an expert.  The more knowledge you have the greater number of people you can provide expert advice to.  However, the starting margin is characteristically very small.

For your niche selection idea to be able to generate substantial profits it must be popular in the eyes of a group of individuals.  The larger that group, the greater the chance of achieving the success you are after with your blog.

That is why you need to do due research on the most talked about topics. Then, choose the one that you would like to focus on in your blog.  Always make it something of interest to you so you are more able to keep to your plan when the times get tough, and they will.

  1. Get a Domain Name

Most bloggers fail because they have a general domain name – with the WordPress name on it. Get away from the fray and purchase a domain name.

Domain names are affordable and will make it easier for people to identify with your professionalism. Then, set up the blog on this domain and move forward with success.

Your domain name is who you are.  Selecting one that has your core message intertwined with your keyword can be affective.

  1. Monetize

Next up, we start on the main reason why you are here – making money while blogging.

4 Methods to Monetize Your Blog for Revenue

  1. a) Ads

Many online providers check for websites that support their ads. They will pay you per the number of visitors your blog typically attracts as well as on the click-through rate on it.

Look for these providers and start earning commissions from the sales they make because of people being directed to their websites in-order to make a purchase.

  1. b) Products

Other companies offer popular bloggers money to write product reviews. You can promote or sell these products. However, ensure that they are related in one way or the other to your chosen niche.

  1. c) Affiliate Marketing

You should also consider joining an affiliate program (or several) and adding links to the affiliate products on your blog. Some good suggestions for affiliate networks may include but certainly not be limited to JVZoo and ClickBank.

  1. d) E-Books

Even if you choose to sell the handy e-book you wrote for less than $5, the net profit you will get will add up and you will be able to earn a steady stream of income. Of course, you should ensure that the e-book is also sold on Amazon.com as a hard copy or a Kindle version.

More on Monetizing Your Blog


If the information above was overwhelming, don’t worry. People are always trying to look for ways to get an income with their own blog websites promotions. Most of them are often intimidated by the amount of work that is needed and the time investment required before blogging begins to start paying off.

Instead of focusing on the time and energy investment, focus your energies on networking, promotions, ads and content – they will be the key to your success as a blogger.

Remember, you do not have to go it all alone. Secure as many experts as possible. Talk to other bloggers who run popular websites and find out what they did and how they succeeded in turning their blogs into giant money making machines.

The important thing here is to create a plan and stick with it.  There are so many things that you can do and content you can write about no matter what niche you choose to enter.

This simply means that there is, virtually, no limit to your ability to generate good money right from your blog. Find out what these things are, troubleshoot the ideas, and select one that you are 100% sure you can write about and monetize without getting bored.

Over and above everything else, remain resilient. It might take some time before you make your first $100. However, once the money starts streaming in, you will have a whole new outlook on the possibilities of making money online by blogging.


Post by: Divya Thaker has helped launch countless eCommerce sites and built their email campaigns to generate leads and conversions. She believes email marketing is an absolute must for eCommerce success.


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