If you’re an entrepreneur looking for high search engine rankings, you might want to take a lesson from professional pilots. Before taking off, they thoroughly run through an extensive pre-flight checklist to confirm that every part of the plane is working the way it should be.

You can create a checklist of your own to make sure every aspect of your next website article is perfect before publishing it. Sure, an SEO checklist may be only one of a number of measures aimed at protecting you from crashing and burning. However, with it you can be sure that your article has the highest likelihood of ranking high on Google’s result pages.

So, before posting your next website article, ensure that you do the follow things.

  1. Select the right keyword to concentrate on

Choose the search word or phrase you want your website article to show up for. It is important that you determine what Google users actually search for when they are looking for the topic your article is about. One of the tools that provide you with an estimate of any search term or phrase is the Google Keyword Planner.

  1. Research the competition

First, set your browser to private browsing and open Google.com. Private browsing ensures that your past search history on Google does not affect the results you get. Go through all the content on page one of the Google results for the search word or phrase you have chosen to focus on. These results are your competition. Try and find out what they are missing.

  1. Create the best content

Now that you have an idea of what your competition’s content looks like, use this knowledge to create better content. This is arguably the most important step; it is also the most difficult. Your content needs to outstanding in order for Google and your potential customers to notice it. A good New York SEO Authority will have no problem creating exceptional content for you.

  1. Include the keyword in your page title

This may sound obvious but it’s worth mentioning; you should have your keyword in your page title, though it doesn’t necessarily have to be exact. Moreover, your title must evoke enough interest for people to want to visit your page.

  1. Include the keyword in the header

Most websites can be organized by having the main title at the top in large print. This can be followed by a number of sub-headers throughout the page. This format is useful for readers who skim through blog posts; it also shows Google what your post is about. It is therefore a good idea to use your exact keyword at least once in your sub-headers.

  1. Include the keyword in the alt-tag and name of your image

If your website content contains images, you can use the image name and image alt-tag to give Google an idea of what your article is about. This is done by changing the name of the image in on your computer before you upload it. The alt-tag is the label your website puts on the image.




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    Very well tyhanks for share information to google ranking how to increase with any website to one to many user come on website to show blog or any information to vie and create comment any word.

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    hi, thanks for giving us a wonderful information related to SEO and this is really a good and knowledgeable article.

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    Whoaa! An informative article about SEO and to get top rankings on Google. But, It is not so easy. :p

    I’m trying all of above methods, and yeah, These all are working for me. But, SEO is not a game of 1 or 2 days. You’ve to wait for a long time to improve blog rankings.

    Thanks for this awesome article and one thing bro, your writing skills are just awesome.

    Thanks again. 🙂

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    In this post give some tips about seo for good rank in google and for that here in this post give explanation in deeply. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

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