You are a freelance writer and you do not believe in yourself? Yes! Some writers have the morbid feeling that they are not good enough to earn fat pays. They just erroneously feel others are by far better than they are. So what happens? They settle down for the crumbs and allow others to feed fat from the main dish. This attitude invariably affects their writing earnings.

I had this problem myself and felt lightly depressed for the period the loathsome feelings lasted. I saw the likes of Darren Rowse, John Chow, Ileane Smith, Jane Sheeba, etc. as the only people who could communicate effectively, and so earn good money. But I was totally wrong.

If you have been thinking the same way I thought, then you must know that you are better than so many writers out there who are earning big. All you need is a change of attitude toward yourself. Stop underrating yourself! Stop this “I am not good enough” attitude of yours and face reality. YOU ARE A GREAT WRITER.

How Negative Attitude Affects Your Writing Earnings

I saw myself as just an average writer and so I did not harness my full potential. To start with, in 2008 I launched my book and sold a few copies. I had some substantial copies left; but I didn’t know what to do and how to market them. After struggling with them, I gave out the remaining copies free to schools. There was this doubt inside me if I was actually a good writer.

Later on, I found my way into the internet, started some blogs, but couldn’t make headway. My blog grew in readership, but I didn’t know how to sell to them. So I was losing money every day because potential clients were coming and I was letting them go without selling to them. Eventually I started to try my hands on freelance writing.

Change of attitude

How My Breakthrough Came

My breakthrough as a freelance writer did not just come by accident, it came by a change of attitude. I stopped seeing myself as not good enough. I felt I could write and earn good money like any other great writer out there. So from that moment things changed for the better. Now these were some of the things I did:

Advertise myself:

I sought for ways to reach out to people and tell them who I am and what I could do for them. I created an “About Me” page on my blog, and asked to be hired as a freelance writer and visited related forums and used my blog URL as my signature. I also offered guest posts to quality blogs with a link back to my own blog.

Reach out:

I reached out to potential clients. First, I joined freelance sites like oDesk, Elance, etc where clients could find me. I also remembered there were few guys who had submitted sponsored posts to my sites. So I compiled their list and began to reach out to them (especially those who were willing to offer good money to have their posts published). This yielded good result for me.

Stop accepting peanuts:

When I started, I was willing to accept offers as cheap as $5 per post; so I was looking for clients on those micro-jobs site where gigs were sold for $3, $5, $10, etc. But as soon as I changed my attitude, I decided to put an end to that pittance. I settled for nothing less than $50 per post. I changed from those sites and looked for better paying sites. My clientele changed from $5 to $50, and then it rose to $100 offers. I am happy I changed my negative and piteous attitude. Though the period of transition from mediocrity to success was a trying one, my mind was already made and I was prepared to pay the price to get my freedom.


Life is willing to offer you whatever you ask of it. But you must first know what to ask from life and be prepared to pay the sacrifice required for the result to come. A change of attitude is a sacrifice we must be ready to pay if we do not intend to be mediocre for eternity. Once you make up your mind on something you are sure would give the desired result, set out to pursue your goal vigorously and the result would definitely come.
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    Just superb words and shows your true capabilities in wonderful writing. one thing i actually believe the angle and the way effects in each area unit of life.

  2. martin thomas


    i enjoyed reading your site, thought provoking, good post, thankyou

  3. Shahalam khan


    Hi, I would like to tell U that your post boost me with new self-confidence, I always thinks that my writing abilities isn’t good enough, but thanks to your post, now I think I can do something for myself too, thanks for boosting new self-confidence in me through your post.

    • Reply

      Khan, I am glad to hear the new change in your confidence level brought about by reading this post. If that has happened to you, then it means my post has achieved its purpose. Please sustain and work with the new confidence you have.

  4. Space Goat



    Its great to know your experience about the writing and earning. However writing article will fetch us good income of income in a short time.

  5. Vikram Pandit


    This is so inspirational, especially for a beginner like me! Even I tend to underestimate myself a lot! Thanks for sharing.

    • Reply

      Pandit, thanks for appreciating the post. The greatest mistake you would ever make is to underestimate yourself and your worth. It is you who should first see yourself as somebody that has something to deliver. The more respect you give to yourself the more others respect you.

  6. piyush001


    Magnificent goods from you, man. I’ve understand your stuff previous to and you’re just extremely excellent. I really like what you’ve acquired here, certainly like what you are stating and the way in which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you still care for to keep it sensible.

    • Reply

      Piyush001, Thanks for appreciating my style of writing. It’s my pleasure to write engaging articles and see my readers enjoy my content. I hope you’ve have really benefited from reading this article.

  7. Felix Lee


    When I first started writing, I was really always worried with my output and I never had enough confidence of my work. But in the end, I did realize that with this kind of thinking I would never get far and I eventually changed that kind of attitude.

    • Reply

      It’s good you did personal assessment and changed your negative mindset. You are happy with yourself when you eventually discover that your positive decision has brought you a new lease of life.

      Until freelance writers stopped accepting pennies, they would never make tangible income and sustainable progress in their careers.

  8. Vivek Jain


    What you have mentioned in this post is Incredible, no doubt at all. Change of attitude is so much necessary if you talk about freelance and blogging concept. If you attitude is negative in this sense, you can’t make blogging as a profession. You need to improve and capitalized your weakness in freelance or blogging ways. Last but not least “It’s your attitude, what decides your altitude”. Thanks again! 🙂

    • Reply

      You are absolutely right, Vivek. It is very difficult for anyone with a negative attitude to succeed in blogging, freelancing or any other business.

      The attitude you have towards yourself determines the rating you give to yourself, and how far you can go in the profession.

      • Vivek Jain


        Thanks for appreciating about my attitude!
        I believe in the concept of “work is worship”.
        Hope i will prove this point till the last..
        Thanks 🙂

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    Hello Dear

    i was read your post and i think your thought is amazing and unique and really actually i impressed really writing is great place so thanks for sharing me

  10. James


    Worth Reading, this article will be a gift for freelance writers. All the point are well searched and draft good. Thanks for Awesome Sharing.

  11. Chadrack


    Hi Efoghor,

    This is indeed a very inspiring story. As a freelance content writer, I’ve also found this to be a real challenge. Because a lot of the writers out there are asking for peanuts, some clients want to use that as a yardstick for deciding on your worth. From the beginning I set my price and anyone who is not ready to pay that, is allowed to go and get the $3 a piece writers!

    • Reply

      Chadrack, It’s good you know what you want and persevere to get it. The problem most freelance writers have is that they feel the world would collapse over their heads if they don’t make money to take care of some expenses in a matter of few days. This desperation pushes them into accepting whatever crumbs that come their way.

      When you give potential client the impression that you are desperate (more so when there are many writers with the same attitude), the client has much options to choose from. He even reduces your price because everyone seems to be hungry.

  12. Sana


    Your smart earning is because of change of attitude. Your have introduced yourself in a good way.Positive thinking and attitude is foundation of a good earning and foundation of good health.

    • Reply

      Sana you got the point. If we must succeed in whichever sphere we chose to ply our trades, we definitely need a change of attitude. We need to put on a positive mindset to be be able to conquer our environment and stand up to the competition

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    Passion, determination and patience are needed in order to be successful as a freelance writer:)
    Nice article by the way.:)

  14. Aassif Billah


    If I was making X, I wouldn’t be looking for a new job, would I?

  15. Bill


    Positive mindset is the thing that is most important, positive thinking is what one likes in others.

  16. Gautham Lurk


    Yeah, Instead of looking onto short-term benefits, why not struggle harder, like creating an authority blog and aim for long term.

    • Reply

      Gautham, you are absolutely correct. One of the problems freelance writers face is that they don’t samples of their past jobs to present as they are mostly writing as ghost writers.

      To solve this problem, one needs to develop a great blog where he can display his skills. I am taking my blog to greater heights and so many people now link me through my blog.

      Besides, the blog becomes a way of promoting my brand. Apart from being a place to display my skills, it also generates its own income and increase my revenue. You can eventually lean on your blog if your freelancing job fails in the long run.

  17. Corey Frankosky


    Nice! I’m glad you decided your writing is worth more and are actually getting paid for it. I find it difficult to be a freelance writer because sometimes the money per article is just too low to even deal with. However, if you can negotiate and prove that you are a good writer than it will help increase your earnings. I’m glad you were able to do so!

    • Reply

      Corey, it is really unfortunate that most freelance writers are exploited online. If one decides to accept $3 per article, he has sold himself into perpetual slavery. It means he has to write about 34 articles before he would be sure of $100, which cannot even sustain him for one month.

  18. Gautham Lurk


    Hi Joesph,

    I completely agree with you, Having a pitiful attitude to ourselves holds us back from earning the true potential of our blog.

    • Reply

      That is absolutely correct, Gautham. The moment we settle for peanuts, our clients would also see us as not good enough. They are happy to pay you peanuts if that is what you decide to accept. We can get more from our blogs and our hard work if we rate ourselves better.

  19. Pramod


    I found inspiration through this post .. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us .. I think many people (which includes me too) would have learnt a lot from this post .


    • Reply

      Pramod, I pray that my story would help you see things differently and also help you overcome your fears and take the bold step to increase your earnings

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    Thanks for sharing great article about tips to earn more money at online. This is very useful information for online review readers. Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

    Michale Kallis.

    • Reply

      Kallis, Thanks for appreciating this post. I am sure that applying the guides in this post would help take your blogging/freelancing job to the next level.

  21. Gautham Lurk


    I complete agree with you on all the points especially to get rid of piteous attitude. I was ready to accept offers as low as 5$ as well, until i discovered the true potential of my blog.

    • Reply

      Gautham, I think $5 jobs are really ridiculous. How many of those jobs would one do to be able to make at least $300 per month – 60 of course! At the end you are burnt out and poverty would still linger around.



    Just amazing words and shows your true capabilities in excellent writing. Something I really agree with the Attitude and how effects in every are of life.
    My girlfriend always had the same mindset and finally shared started ADLAV and eventhough she is good with her words she let it by thinking too much.

    Abut the earnings, I would $100 is a very good price to go with and one of my recent gig for Australian Cleaning Business Website I was able to charge £300 for the website content. So there is a big potential for the perfect pitch.

    • Reply

      Fernando, You are not doing badly at all. To get 300GBP on one project is really cool. At least that would improve your confidence level. Others should also be encouraged by your testimony.

  23. Reply

    Hi ,
    Well opportunity don’t come searching for us. We need to Make opportunities from our Resource. Informative Post!! Thanks !!

    • Reply

      Yes Srikanth. Opportunities don’t have to look for us, instead we should be the ones looking for opportunities to grab. That is why every freelance writer must look for opportunities where they are hidden.

  24. mansi kaul


    Hello Dear

    i was your post i have impressed really first impression is the last impression and your behave your first impression and according to me positive behavior is must in your life, so thanks for sharing me

  25. Shan Naqvi


    Its really informative article especially for me because from a couple of days- I was searching about this kinda article. You’ve written it very clearly and you are right! in the all steps let me follow your steps. Thanks for sharing

    • Reply

      Shan, thanks for the compliments. I believe this article would really help you to achieve your dream if you take action today. Finding the right article without taking action would not change anything.

  26. Addison Addy


    Your blog was absolutely fantastic! Great deal of great information and this can be useful some or maybe the other way. Keep updating your blog, anticipating to get more detailed contents.

    • Reply

      Addison, Updating one’s blog is very important because posting regularly helps to bring Google’s attention to your blog. Once Google and other search engines are aware that your blog is updated regularly, they keep visiting you and make your site easily found in search engine results.

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