Have you ever seen how some spilt milk attract ants like magnet by just lying on the floor or the kitchen counter without even doing anything? Wouldn’t you like it if your blog acted like that spilt milk and attract guest bloggers to it ready with guest post to submit to it? Most definitely you would.

Guest blogging is a great way for getting traffic to your blog. But how to you get guest bloggers to your blog? There are a number of things that you can do as a blogger to get guest bloggers, but in this blog post I will be focusing on the most effective way of getting guest bloggers to your blog and actually submitting a guest post.

How To Attract Guest Bloggers To Your Blog

  • Build Up Your Blog Traffic
  • One of the main reasons why bloggers participate in guest blogging is to build up traffic to their blog or to gain some sort of exposure on the blogosphere. This is also a great way to build up backlinks so that you can rank well in search engine results. If your blog has a great amount of traffic then this is the easiest way of getting bloggers to want to guest post on your blog. Bloggers are always eager to get their article on a particular blog if the traffic is higher than their’s.

    Admit it, everybody wants to get traffic for their blog and if your blog has low traffic then getting guest bloggers to notice your blog would be impossible. So the first thing you need to do is build up your traffic and then the guest bloggers will automatically come.

  • Do Some Guest Posting
  • As I stated in the first point you need to build up your traffic in order to get guest bloggers to your blog. So why not do some guest blogging your self. I am pretty sure that you have come across blogs related to your blog’s topic (niche). If this blog is a high traffic then you should consider guest posting on this blog.

    Participating in guest blogging does not only get traffic to your blog, but it will also attract guest bloggers. I have done guest blogging in the past, but not as much I should have, and it’s like for each guest post that I make I get one in return. So the more guest blogging that you do then the more you will attract guest bloggers to your blog.

    This is like an exchange system. You donate a guest post to a blog and then another blogger guest post on your blog. This is a great way to build up the blogosphere and to keep it going and not die out.

  • Add Link In Navigation Menu
  • Bloggers who visit your blog won’t know that you are accepting guest bloggers if you don’t post it in your blog’s navigation menu. Make sure you place a link there so that they can see it.

    The link the you place there will lead to a page that you have created with your guest blogger rules. State clearly what you expect of the guest blogger and make it easy for them to sigh up for a guest blogger profile.

  • Host A Guest Blogger Contest
  • This is a very great way to get guest bloggers to notice your blog, host a guest blogger contest. Hosting a contest won’t just get bloggers to want to post on your blog, you have to make sure that you have great prizes to award them with when the contest is over.

    Brian from BlogEngage recently hosted a guest blogger contest and this attracted a lot of guest bloggers from all over the blogosphere. Another tip is to not only have 3 winners, have 5 winners, just like Brian did. This will make more bloggers want to enter and have a chance of winning one of the prizes.

  • Announce It On Social Media Sites
  • I am a lover of social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. I have tweeted on Twitter some time ago saying that I am interested in having guest bloggers for my blog, and to my surprise I have tried that method once and got 2 guest bloggers to post on my blog.

    I have not done this on a regular because I don’t want to seem like I am spamming to get bloggers. But if I do this every now and again, then I will have more guest bloggers coming to my blog.

  • Allow Guest Bloggers To Post Links
  • As I mentioned in the first few points of this article that bloggers do guest blogging to get traffic to their blog. If you want to get guest bloggers, then give them the freedom of posting links in their guest article and also in their biography profile. Think of this as a payment to them for posting on your blog, by giving them links back to their blog or articles.

    This doesn’t mean that you are going to allow them to post affiliate links or spam your blog with links that they want. On your guest post guide line, please state that only links that are related to the article that they submit will be accepted. I am pretty sure that they will understand.

  • Pay Per Guest Post
  • Another thing that you can do is pay guest bloggers to post on your blog. This is not popular, but I have seen it on a few blogs while browsing through the blogosphere.

    If you are making money from your blog then you can give your guest bloggers a tip (a small payment). The blogs that I stumble across charges about $8-$10 per post and I am assuming that only articles which are original and of top quality are accepted.

    Group Discussion

    Making friends with other bloggers will also make them want to guest post on your blog, and sometimes it doesn’t even hurt to ask for someone to guest post on your blog.

    I would like the give you to opportunity to write a guest post for my blog

  • What other tips do you have to share with us for getting guest bloggers to your blog and to submit their post?

    1. Robert


      Great tip!! Hope it will really work me. I think offering some giveaway to guest bloggers can be also a good tactics to attract guest bloggers.

    2. Reply


      What are some of the blogs you’ve seen that offer $8-10 for guest posts? I typically see rates a bit lower than that, so I’m curious!

      Kelli 🙂

    3. Cesar


      ok my blog seems to be rubbish. No idea how to make it more interesting. Is about management. Do you think is because of that? no readers at all. And it looks horrible too! I have invested hours on trying to make it better. But no success!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 I only open my twitter about 2.5 months ago and started getting active only last days.. shall I continue, or just accept the defeat? Good blog mate! cheers

      • Reply

        Well you have to try your best to be unique with your blog so that you can stand out from the others. If you like I can help you with your blog or help you to create a better one. Please contact me and lets talk.

    4. Andrew Kale


      To have Good trafic on your site reflecting on the topic of Blog to me i think 1st you need to have intresting topics, helpful topics which will generate more n more users everytime.

      • Reply

        Interesting headlines and great content will also help to attract both guest bloggers and visitors. Thanks for the comment.

        Please I am also asking you to make one more comment on my other article:
        5 Important Questions Every Blogger Should Be Asking Themselves

    5. Self Publishing Blog


      I’ve been doing quite a lot of guest posting recently. I help getting your name and brand ‘out there’. I haven’t attracted many guest bloggers yet, guess I need that link in the navigation and build better traffic.

    6. Reply

      Agreeing with Daniel, adding a “Guest Post” post and then throwing some luv to it through social media is a great way to go. Also, if you tag a money sign on the end of it, you can’t go wrong there. Guaranteed at least 1 email! Everyone loves money!

    7. Ash


      Personally, the problem I’m having is actually finding blogs that will accept guest bloggers.

    8. nazimwarriach


      Hi Kharim,
      I always think about having some guest posts for my blog and also received some just by giving a link of “Write for Us” in my Menu Bar.
      I think that first of all, your blog should have some PR (may be 1 or 2) and it also have enough traffic then just placing “Write for US” can give you few good articles per month.
      Nazam Warriach

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment. I also have those, the link in my navigation menu, and I have a PR of 2 and I am working on my traffic as the days go along. 🙂

    9. John Mak


      Hello Kharim,

      Another interesting article! I like the idea of guest posting and I would say that it is hard till you get traffic. Pay per guest post would make things a little better at the beginning maybe. How much $ would cost for a good quality guest post?

      • Reply

        Well I have seen some new blogs, not that much, and they charge about $8-$10 per post which is a reasonable price.

        But if you have lots of traffic then no need to be paying for guest posts.

        Thanks for the comment John. (Oh got your email as well… thanks)

        • John Mak


          You are right, I think pay per guest post would be could for the beginners. After you have traffic and credibility it goes easier.

          • Reply

            Yep that’s true. Only to get the ball rolling :). I had thought about it earlier, but I wasn’t making much money. So I had to work my way up and build up my traffic.

    10. Skyler


      Great tips, however I would like to know what’s your call on today’s web saturation regarding blogs and even other subjects. The niches are not what they used to be anymore.

    11. mypcgadget


      is it very useful to allow others posting to your site ? i worried if they put more link like as spammer

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment. All you have to do is review the post before you publish it. Also put on the guide lines page that they are allowed 3 links in bio and related links in the article, just like I did 🙂

    12. William Tha Great


      Hey kharim,

      Thanks for the awesome tips!

      You are right on point with this article. These are awesome ways to get guest bloggers and also you can write a post inviting people to guest blog kinda like you just did. That way you can have you immediate community know you are accepting guest post. Twitter is a great way for getting around anything you eant it’s totally awesome!

      Thanks again!

      God bless,
      William Veasley

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment William. I like getting guest posts because sometimes I am very busy or can’t get to go online I just use the guest post to fill in for me when I can’t come here. 🙂

    13. Reply

      My blog will turn a month old tomorrow.

      I’d like to thank you for sharing fantastic tips. I was able to have my blog site indexed by Google within the week. The site also made it to page 1 of the search results!

      I’m now considering what you suggested: try out guest posting in order to increase traffic to my site (the kind of traffic I want anyway, not one-time visitors but loyal readers who like the content I create for them).

      Cheers and thanks once again. This is my Nth visit to your blog site : )

    14. Anne Sales


      Thanks for the invitation article, Kharim. I have bookmarked your blog and will be writing a guest post here soon. Hope it satisfies your requirement.

    15. Dana


      I think a guest blogging contest is the best way. It will attract many guest bloggers if the prize is good.

    16. Bit Doze


      Hosting a guest posting content for sure it will help you to get more article. But I think what started to meter more this days is that your site to have high PR and many visitors. If you meat this two requirements for sure you will have success in attracting Guest Posters .

    17. tushar


      main thing that are you getting enough enough traffic….
      if you are not getting traffic, you cant expect good guest posts for you

      • Reply

        And that’s the reason why I stated that you have to have lots of traffic because it will make bloggers want to guest post on your blog. Thanks for the comment

    18. Reply

      Hey Kharim,

      From my experience the most crucial component to getting more guest bloggers is the “be a guest blogger” page. The week after adding one I started getting like 2 emails per day. Promoting that page through the use of social media can give a huge additional boost on the other hand. Three-four tweets on daily basis keep things going.

    19. reise


      Hi Kharim,
      Great article, you gived me very expensive tips. Thank you very much i love your article. I’m a designer to and i started with blogging and i like it so much. I hope to be a writer like you are.

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