No one is born with the ability to be a desktop publisher, even if they are born with a creative streak and a brain that understands computers and what they can do. To become a successful desktop publisher, it will take training and learning. There are numerous different ways to gain this training and knowledge so if this is the career that appeals, here are some of the ways to get trained up.

On The Job

For some people, learning on the job is the best way to train. Even if you want to start your own business, beginning your desktop publishing career as an intern or junior in someone else’s company could be the ideal way to get all the training you need before you go it alone. This kind of training works well for many people who prefer to learn as they do the work; the ideas and methods stick more than book or online learning would do. Learning on the job means getting firsthand experience in what is required, as well as discovering more about the tools needed, such as the software found at

One thing to consider if this is the route to go down for you is that these entry-level jobs will usually be very low paying and, because desktop publishing is a popular career choice, there may be a lot of competition for one position.

Independent Study

If you like the idea of becoming a desktop publisher but you are working in another career and can’t afford to become an intern because the salary drop would be too extreme, or because you have family commitments that mean you ideally need to be able to work for yourself from the start, then learning independently could work well for you.

You can turn to books, online videos and tutorials, online discussion groups and forums, and even magazines that offer help in this direction. Working in this way means you can learn at your own pace and fit in your study with everything else that you do so you don’t have to sacrifice anything for your new career ideas.

Get A Degree

There are some colleges and universities which offer design or printing degrees and if you want to get a major insight into how the business works and what is expected of you, applying to study for one of these specific degrees could be great for you. If you were going to study something anyway, picking a degree that will help you get a good job in graphic design (and desktop publishing) is a good idea.

Spending the time and money to gain a degree isn’t something that everyone will want or be able to do, but if you can get one, then it could open more doors and offer more flexibility when you look for a position.

Distance Learning

Distance learning classes are often the best way for those with other commitments to get the information and experience required to begin a new career but who enjoy the more structured and disciplined way of learning that a college degree would bring. You can enroll in a certified desktop publishing course and obtain a qualification at the end.

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