Whether you are a small to medium website owner or are looking to update your corporate online presence, it is crucial that you pay attention to your company website design if you want to get noticed and remain ahead of your competitors. Many companies fail to understand the importance of an effective and easy to use website design. The Internet provides your potential clients with an online snapshot of your world, so you need to make sure that it is as accurate and professional as possible. From usability to ensuring that your design is fully mobile responsive, make sure that you keep these top website design tips to hand so that you can grow your business and convert any potential new website enquiries into leads.

Use video

The way that we consume information is changing, and the way that consumers engage with and interact with information is becoming increasingly digitalized. Users are now much more entitled to watch video content on your website, rather than spending a full minute reading an online article or blog post. Considering this, it is vital that you incorporate video embeds and links into your website design, and ensure that your in-house team can update and add new video content on a regular basis. Remember that you need to keep your videos short, sharp and relevant to your company or brand. From tasters of new products to company members talking about their job experience and what they love about their position, remember that you can get creative and use video to bring your brand to life.

Put the user first

Next, you need to understand why people are coming to visit your website, and you must always keep your website user first. Consider why any visitors are navigating to your site, and be sure that you always put them first. Put yourself in the user’s shoes and check your site on a regular basis to make sure that you can find the information or access the pages that you think are of interest quickly and easily. Check with your Google Analytics on your website account to check which of your website pages are visited the most. If you design a website that is simple, looks on brand and is colorful and easy to use, then you are sure to retain clients and attract new ones.

Keep it on brand

Finally, your company website should also marry up with your company colors and brand promise. From using your logo on your website to ensuring that the fonts you use across your website are in line with your brand standards, it is vital that you keep your entire site on brand. Sites such as Divi Specialist provide an easy to use the platform on which you can design your site. So, right from the get-go, you need to ensure that your content, font, and colors match up with your overall online brand.

Even if you had not previously considered the importance of your company website, then there is still time for you to make a change. Be sure to design and create a corporate website that places you ahead of your competitors this 2018 by using these top tips.

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