In the present day world, where it is a must for businesses to have an online presence, social media has become very important. Still, a lot of companies shirk from indulging in social media campaigns because they feel that it is a waste of time and money.

They do not want to use internet marketing firms, as they feel the return on investment is not good enough. But, by not involving themselves with social media platforms, these businesses miss out on a great opportunity. It is possible that they might end up losing money, but only if they do not use the platform effectively.

Here are certain things that you must know about social media marketing.

Aim Of Social Media Marketing

A lot of social media marketing campaigns fail because they do not realize what the final goal should be. The most important goal is to connect to your target audience. There will be people that already know about your presence, you connect with tem first. Through these people you try to connect to other people. It is also very important for you to engage these people. You should share information and other aspects of your business to make sure that they know about the work that you do. Finally, the most important goal is to convert people. Engaging them is good, but you also need to make sure that if and when these people need any help, you are there for them. This will help you in widening your customer base. You can take help of an internet marketing firm to achieve these goals.

After you are aware about the goals, you need to know how to use the various platforms effectively, and here are a few tips to do so.

  • Blogs:
  • Blogging is the first area that you should concentrate upon. This is the basis for you sharing information with the public. So it is very important that you have your own blog and then update it regularly, about once a week, so that you can keep the readers engaged. Blogs allow you to share any information that you want to be out on the web, and it is all linked back to you. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms used for blogging.

  • Facebook:
  • Facebook boasts of having over 800 million accounts, so you definitely want to be present on this social networking platform. You can make use of Facebook Ads to target a specific audience depending upon the services your company offers.

  • YouTube:
  • As per reports published by CISCO, by the end of 2012, roughly half of all the internet traffic will be for videos. It would be a good idea to make nice video ads and use YouTube to reach out to people. Remember that if the video is good, it will spread very quickly.

  • Twitter:
  • Twitter does not have as large a user base as Facebook but it can still be very useful. To achieve success here, you have to focus on the basics. You have to share quality content and should thank users for re-tweeting. You should also message to people whom you might be able to help through your services. If you are inToronto you can take help of any internet marketing firm to have a presence on Twitter.


  1. Reply

    hi Patle LeMay, Video marketing has made its break through and well definitely be the most awesome source of information in the near future.

  2. Thiru


    HI kahrim

    Its been a long time here. Same stuff i found after a long time. Useful tips for effective social media marketing,being active user is much important.

  3. bbrian017


    Hello Patle your very lucky to be blogging here Kharim is a great guy! I love social media marketing and have learned a lot over the past few years. When it’s done right social media can bring your blog a lot of attention but it’s a very fragile process and takes tons of time to complete properly. In fact at times it feels like it never ends it just keeps going as you can meet new people every day.

  4. Cathy Simpson


    Video marketing has made its break through and well definitely be the most awesome source of information in the near future.

  5. Megan Brown


    Thats very much true that many folks believe that doing work with social media is just waste of time and money but it not true as its clearly seen that large part of universal folks are nowadays engaged in social networking sites. So considering this as main and powerful aspect we have believe that social media platforms is nowadays becomes most powerful and effective and by utilising it in our working strategy can surely proves lot more beneficial.

    Thus thanks a lot for this important post.

  6. dhanna


    the combination of using FB and Youtube to go viral is really powerful. Just need to hook up the best technique to maximize their capabilities. Your tips would surely add up.Thanks!

    • Marketing Philosophy


      I totally agree, videos are really powerful and if you combine YouTube with Facebook or even twitter there is a big chance that your videos will go viral and get a ton of traffic to your site…

      Kostas | Opportunities Planet

  7. Reply

    So many great YouTube videos go viral. It’s the equivalent of, 20 years ago, going to Hollywood and integrating with big names as you wait on becoming a star!

  8. Rob Benwell


    Now I fully understand the definition of different Social Media Marketing. I learned a lot. Thanks for sharing!

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