Most times why some bloggers fail to become a top blogger is because they fail to make their blog readers and visitors happy.

I have learnt that the more you blog with your blog visitors in mind then this will only cause your blog to be more popular and more successful.


Yes! Of course this is true.

You don’t want to be writing articles on your blog all day long (or whenever you write) without thinking about your audience.

Truth is, most blog visitors like it when you write articles to their specific needs.

Great high quality content is king and this is a must for a blog’s survival.

But writing content is not going to do the job by itself. You need to know what will make your blog visitors happy.

In this article I will be giving you some tips on how to make your blog visitors happy and leading your blog to more success.

[box type=”important”]Why Make Your Blog Visitors Happy?[/box]

I don’t know about you, but my blog readers drives me to blog. You guys inspire me!

Knowing that I have an audience that I can share my blogging knowledge with is what makes me happy. I am happy to know that my blog visitors and readers are happy.

I strive to please my blog visitors and readers, by writing and publishing contents that suites their needs.

Visitors of a blog that get contents which will help to build them up will fall in love with such blog. This makes them eager to subscribe to your blog, even on their very first visit.

So why should we make our blog readers happy?

  • They subscribe to your blog
  • They leave comments on your articles
  • They share your content with others
  • They help to make your blog popular

[box type=”red”]How To Make Your Blog Visitors Happy?[/box]

Here are some tips that you can use to make your blog readers happy and lead your blog to more success.

Write High Quality Contents… Lots Of It!

We all know that high quality contents can pull in tons of new readers to your blog and this also helps to make your existing blog readers very happy.

So why not write more quality content.

Quality content + quantity = more blogging success.

I have seen where some bloggers produce high quality content on their blog in bulk and this lead them to be successful.

This is pretty hard work, but for this amount of success hard work really pays off.

Having tons of high quality articles on your blog will help you with your success as a blogger. If you always publish high quality articles on your blog then all you need to do is more promotion and networking which is a must for blogging success.

Remember, write high quality articles and this will make your blog visitors happy.

Your Blog Navigation Should Be Easy

Most of the times why a person exit a blog is because it is very hard to navigate.

I honestly don’t like blogs that are clustered and hard to navigate through. Especially the ones that are filled with ads and not with quality content.

Easy navigation through a blog makes visitors stay much longer which helps to lower the bounce rate of a blog.

Going to other posts as well should not be difficult because we want to capture blog readers when they find our blog.

Have a clean cluster free navigation bar and a clean sidebar will do the trick. Look at your blog again and see where you can make some adjustments. I bet you can capture more blog visitors and also make them happy at the same time.

Make Your Blog Load Fast

A fast loading blog also helps with easy navigation through a blog. No one wants to sit at their computer anymore waiting over a minute for a single page to load.

Your blog pages should not be over weight and should be able to load under 10 seconds or even less.

Plugins are an additional feature to our blog which will help to enhance it in looks and feeling. But having too much plugin installed can help to slow down a blog.

get rid of the plugins that you don’t use or the ones that your blog readers don’t or hardly use. Your blog will load much faster if you do.

Another thing is to not use very big images, too much javascripts or flash files. These things can cause your blog to load slow and make your blog visitors very unhappy.

Make your blog faster and make your blog visitors and readers more happier.

 Cut Back On Pop Ups

Pop ups can annoy the hell out of your blog visitors.

Popping up ads is one of the most annoying. Its like pushing a PPC banner in their faces and telling them to click it so that you can earn some quick bucks.

Also popping up subscription boxes can be annoying at times. You have to know how to display it on your blog so as to not annoy them.

Limiting your pop up can also help to lower your bounce rate and also increase more CTR on your ads.


Group Discussion…

  • Share with us what you use or do to make your blog visitors happy?



  1. Gary Tyrrell


    When you’re using your blog to promote your business try not to be too stuffy. Just give the best and right information that readers want for their learning needs and I’m pretty much sure they will be happy.

    • Reply

      Hey Gary,

      I agree with you. Try your best to always deliver the best and then good things will happen for your.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  2. Jamie Winfield


    Make them stand out from the crowd. Think of ways on how you can differentiate your blog posts from the rest. Be very creative and don’t hesitate to think out of the box.

  3. Nizam Khan


    Excellent and informative post! Well yes, easy blog navigation makes visitors stay much longer which thereby helps to lower the bounce rate. And agreed, having too much plugins installed can make the blog to slow down, so it’s better to remove plugins that are not much needed, so as to make the blog load much faster. Thanks kharim for sharing this info 🙂

  4. Reply

    Hi kharim, Really This is Awesome and useful for everyone. Actually i just started blogging i also want to make many more. So i don’t know about more it. I know blogging is great Plate form to earn money. Quality content is must and content should be uniquely and your topic should be interesting. But Really great tips ..I will use definitely .Well thanks for sharing it.

    • Reply

      Hey Soniya,

      I think you should build up your blog first and then when that blog can manage on its own then you can think about making a new blog.


      This is because one blog can be a lot to manage especially if you want to make money from it.

      Thanks for the comment and hope my article was of some help to you.

  5. Reply

    Quality is of course important but sometimes people just need the information. I have seen blogs with real poor quality still receives high traffic.

    • Reply

      Yes you are right about that. But to those type of people they will class that type of information as quality because it is targeted to their needs.

      Thanks for your input on my article.

  6. Reply

    If you want to have a successful blog, you need to ensure that you really provide the needs of your readers and target readers. And this can be achieved if you will provide a valuable information and make that information more accessible and easier to navigate.

  7. Vincent


    Very true. These are like the basics for every blogger and these can serve as reminders to expert bloggers.

  8. Reply


    Its very difficult task to make our readers happy and attract them by writing good post.You have given good suggestions to make them happy.


  9. noval ell rizal


    yes I think so, I am only a beginner blogger but I want to make my blog visitors comfortable with my writing and hope to visit again someday.
    keep posting brother, 🙂

    • Reply


      All you have to do is keep on posting fresh new contents that your readers will love and also don’t make it too hard for them to comment.

      Thanks for your comment.

  10. anshul


    Hi Kharim,
    this is the nice blog which i liked.i agree with you that quality content mingle with quantity make the happy to your blogger reader.i think these steps are sufficient to describe this.Effective post and blogs attend to the blogger.
    thanks for joining this blog……………

    • Reply

      Hello Anshul,

      You are right about that. Quality and quantity makes a blog superb.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  11. Khaja moin


    The best thing what I think we can give readers is quality content, with important points highlighted. this makes them to read quickly.

    So they can return favor by dropping a commenting (like me) or by sharing.

    • Reply

      You are right pal. Quality content is the best thing to deliver to our blog readers. This will make them happy after reading.

      Thanks for your comment.

  12. Gary Tyrrell


    One of the secrets on making your readers and visitors happy with your blog is always share fresh, unique, interesting and relevant information. With this, they will make an effort to keep coming back and look for more information.

    • Reply

      I like your comment Gary.

      Being unique and also interesting is enough to make your blog readers happy. You just have to publish quality content with it and your blog will be great.

      Thanks for the comment.

  13. Simmeon


    I like to make my blog readers feel unhappy so they never come back again.

    Joking aside..

    The best possible experience you can give them the more the will warm to you and your blog. If you can make it feel like home, then they will keep coming back. With an endless amount of blogs around doing this can be the difference between success and failure.

    • Reply

      I knew you were kidding there 😀

      You are so right about that, Simmeon. You have to make them feel comfortable so that your blog can be a source of information for them.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  14. Kwejk


    True. I just started such blog with interesting stuff like humor and knowledge. It’s an experiment to check how easy is to get audience inserting onlyfun and curiosity on your blog 🙂 It’ won’t be easy but will try.

    • Reply

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Try and apply my tips and see how well it works for your blog.

      Thanks for the comment.

  15. Aditya


    Great tips Kharim,As its said “Simplicity is the best policy.”

    One can achieve a lot by just providing their readers as simple way to go through the blog and read it.But the thinking should be high enough to attract more users with every post published day by day.

  16. Mairaj Pirzada


    Actually, there are all OK points you’ve put your efforts to write such a post, on making blog readers happy.
    Having a easy to navigate interface is a must for more better blog readers response, better bounce rate and chances to get returning visitors. Do things, that make your readers obliged to stay at your blog, do it. Be different, maintain voice, try to be totally separate, have your own voice and do marketing and producing quality content is at HIGH peek to be done, for more better work.

    That’s what I’m trying to take in action. However, your blog contains all those things which your readers needs so you’re already! Thanks a lot, for compilation of such list. I’ll be pleased, I could read more here. That’s what I’m trying to.

    • Reply

      Thanks for the comment pal.

      As I always say, I try my best to write the best articles for my blog visitors and readers to keep them happy.

      Thanks for your input on my article. Really appreciated!

  17. Reply

    Hello Kharim,

    You have thrown light on a couple of areas which we often ignore. Most of us never would have thought that the visitors would lose interest if navigating on blogs is difficult. A point noted. It is true that blogs should load faster lest we lose our loyal visitors. Consistency should be maintained here.


    • Reply

      Easy navigation and fast loading blogs are always a win in getting success much quicker.

      This even makes it easier to make sales in affiliate links as well and also selling ads.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  18. Irfan Siddiqui


    That is true that if you make your blogs reader happy they will make your blog popular in return. Everything in this world comes in someone’s favor and that applies here on readers.

    I got your point in every single paragraph though didn’t catch your group discussion bar. What was that, I mean you want this post to be a GD round?

    • Reply

      Yep you are right on that. Blog readers will share your content if your blog makes them happy and also if they like your blog.

      What do you mean?

      Thanks for the comment.

  19. Bhushan


    Another excellent post for my collection.
    I visit on a site not necessary to take name.but when i left my comment there and click on submit button it take approx 50 sec for comment submission.So i think you are right that loading time should be short.

    • Reply

      Loading time is to be considered. It should load fast in order to please our blog readers.

      Thanks for your comment pal.

  20. Rsplus


    Quality content + quantity = more blogging success.
    100% true. But most valuable thing is “Quality content”

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