How many of you bloggers ever said that to yourself? I Love My Blog…

You might have not said it out loud but deep down inside you, you love your blog without even knowing it.

If you didn’t love your blog then you wouldn’t be interested in writing articles for it and providing quality content for your readers. Neither would spend money to pay for your domain or hosting, or even buying a theme for your blog.

In this blog post I will discuss ways how to make other’s love your blog.

How To Make Readers Love Your Blog

I have come up with 4 technique to make your readers love your blog:

  • Deliver Quality Content

  • The reason why visitors come to your blog is to read the articles that you have published. If you write good quality content then your readers will no doubt love your blog and want to come back to read other articles that you have written. But in order to write great articles for your readers to love your blog then you have to learn how to develop good writing technique.

    <strong><li>Host Contest</li></strong>

    Readers love a contest. So host a contest and reward them with a prize. If you have cash to reward them then go ahead and spoil them, you can also give the winner a link on your blog for a time period comfortable to you. Competition can make your visitors fell welcomed to your blog so go ahead and try, it works.

    <strong><li>Reward Your Commentators</li></strong>

    I reward my commentators with do-follow links to their website. There is a top commentators list on the right side of my blog. The more a reader comments then the higher this reader will be placed. This list is reset at the end of every month. So feel free to comment and place yourself on the top commentators list.

    <strong><li>Allow Them To Blog</li></strong>

    On my blog I have a section where I allow other bloggers to write for this blog and share their knowledge with other readers. Guest posting is becoming very popular in the blogging world and bloggers like to blog on other blogs in their niche. I have 2 guest posts already from 2 different authors.

    Guest posting is a great way to get traffic and most of all exposure. If you would like to become a guest author for my blog, click here to check out the requirements and benefits you get from posting on my blog.

    My Final Statements

    My blog is just over 2 months old and I am really impressed with this journey so far. I must say that I love my blog and I am happy that I have created it.

    You can know that others love your blog by the amount of visitors that you receive on a daily basis and by the lovely comments that they leave behind.

    🙂 Group Discussion

    Do you love your blog? And do you know if others love your blog?

    Leave your comments below


    1. Reply

      Well who does not love his blog? No blogger in this planet will say that he does not love his blog. And i am no exception. I too love my blog and that too very much.
      And i completely agree with the points you have mentioned under How To Make Readers Love Your Blog. Very useful information Kharim, good work man!

    2. Gladeexa


      I am pretty sure that what you just said was all true.. I really love your blog too.. I will definitely visit you here more often.. 🙂

    3. Noah


      I Absolutely fell in love in my blog, I always love my blog as long as I live. I don’t think so if others love also my blog but for me loving first your blog is the perfect way that other love your blog too. You made a great insights here and lessons to learn.

    4. avatar0506


      I love my blog. For other people to love my blog, I should love it first. I will show my love at my blog by updating it and making sure that it looks good to other people. | 😛

    5. DawnN


      Hi I have been blogging since I was 3rd year college, that’s way back 2007 and I can say I LOVE MY BLOG same as yours.

    6. Reply

      Nice post.Thanks for your sharing
      If you want other people love your blog,you must love your blog first.Deliver Quality, Content Host, ContestReward, Your Commentators,Allow Them To Blog are really a good tips for anyone wants to attract visitors

    7. Jonathan Beebe


      Awesome tips Kharim! If I might add one more: to your visitors who are fellow bloggers, visit their blogs (usually through their link from a comment they posted) and make an effort to visit and comment regularly, and make regular contact with them through social channels such as Twitter.

      Thanks for the great article Kharim, I retweeted it for you 🙂
      .-= Jonathan Beebe´s last blog ..Lose Some Now to Gain More Later =-.

    8. Latief


      Sure I love my blog too Kharim 🙂 I build my blog and enjoy every minutes with my blog.

    9. Reply

      Kharim! I really love this post and the cute images too lol. Indeed i love my blog! and yours too apparently, this is why i am coming back 😀
      .-= Kimi´s last blog ..W3C validation and SEO? =-.

    10. BRATZ


      I love my blog. For other people to love my blog, I should love it first. I will show my love at my blog by updating it and making sure that it looks good to other people.
      .-= BRATZ@DressUp Games´s last blog ..Alice Cute Styling =-.

      • Reply

        Bratz this is a very strong point that you have made, you have to first love your blog for others to love it. Thanks for that comment 🙂

    11. Hulbert Lee


      Hi Kharim. It’s nice to land on your blog. I like your suggestions on how to make readers love your blog. I think you meant “Deliver Quality Content” on your first suggestion though. I think this is such an important aspect to creating a successful blog and it’s something that I strive to do each time on my own. Really enjoyed reading this Kharim. I just subscribed to your RSS feed and will be looking forward to your future posts.

    12. Reply

      That’s pretty good start either. Host contest is a unique way of driving bloggers to your sites. Nice job back there! You see, im just newbie for blogging, i do lots of comments before just to get idea of starting blogging. Really nice tip back there…
      .-= Ray Jasper Palmer´s last blog ..WPTE Transitions from Poker to Energy =-.

    13. Dee at Concert Tickets


      Wow! I’m impressed! Found you over at Lisa’s blog.. started reading some of your stuff. Checked your pagerank; 2 at time of this post.. and then noticed you’re only 2 months old. Dang, good work.. 🙂

      Would like to write a guest post in the near future.. Right now I need to focus on writing more content for my 3 month old site.. which I’m actually supposed to be doing this very moment. LOL I am easily sidetracked. Started looking for a place to convert Youtube videos over to a video that can’t be deleted, and look.. here I am waaay over here on your site.

      Anyway, great site and I look forward to being part of your community. Dee

      oh, BTW.. about hosting a contest.. I’m hosting a ‘Free Willie Nelson Tickets contest’ but haven’t figured out how to make the rules yet. Gary with ‘Crush It’ did a really cool contest where he had everybody tweeting and bookmarking his site and all, but now can’t find the details of it. Any suggestions?

      • Reply

        Thanks for your comment Dee and thanks for dropping by. I also want to thank you for the help that you have given me over Lisa’s site.

        The reason why my blog is so successful is because I follow the tips from Lisa’s YouTube channel. Learned how to optimize and write quality conntent.

        I know how some bloggers host a contest and get people to tweet and retweet their site. Contact me for more details.

    14. Isabel Rodrigues - Pro Blogger Journey


      Excellent Points Kharim. I would also like to add to the 4 tactics you mentioned to let others love your blog. How about giving away free ebooks or other useful information in forms of newsletters to keep people coming back for more.
      .-= Isabel Rodrigues – Pro Blogger Journey´s last blog ..The Cardinal Sins Of Blogging =-.

      • Reply

        Isabel thanks for backing me up on that one. How could I forget free ebook. I am also thinking of writing my first ebook as well. Thanks for the tip 🙂

    15. Noah Rainey


      Awesome post Kharim! I enjoy your list of tips! Delivering quality content is one of the most important aspects of creating a successful blog online. Great job :)!
      .-= Noah Rainey´s last blog ..25 Ways on How to Make Money Online =-.

    16. Onibalusi Bamidele


      Hi Kharim,

      Great post. I also love my blog and I will be taking into consideration some of the things you listed above.

      Thanks a lot,

      • Reply

        Hey Onibalusi, I know that you love your blog very mush by the work that you put into it and the great guest post that you write. Keep up the great work bro 🙂

    17. Joe Boyle


      I love my blog, and only a fool wouldn’t. Why would you waste any time by writing posts and replying to comments, etc., if you don’t like your blog? It’s like spending $100 on a great steak at a restaurant and then throwing it out before taking a bite. It’s a waste.

    18. Dragon Blogger


      I love my blog as well, it is great to see bloggers who really enjoy and love blogging, it shows in the quality of their writing and their personalities stand out. Rewarding your readers and commenters with contests, engaging replies are both good tips and recommendations.
      .-= Dragon Blogger´s last blog ..3 Essentials of Blogging You Don’t Know About =-.

    19. chandan


      Hi Kharim, I have just come to your blog after reading your article story at blogengage, Yes every blogger love their blog and want to boost their blog performance. So we continuously work for our blog.
      .-= chandan´s last blog ..Important SEO analyzing factors for better search engine ranking =-.

    20. Dev


      Nice Post. “host a contest” .. Grreat point. I am doing everything except “host a contest”..
      Thanks for sharing this great post.
      Keep up the good work 🙂
      .-= Dev @ Blogging Tips´s last blog ..What is your number one traffic tip? =-.

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