Are you a small business owner that caters to those in their teens or 20s? Maybe you operate a website and your market spans a wide range of ages, from 16-year-olds to retirees. Your Internet marketing tactics have to be tweaked to directly address what younger generations want. Since you’re probably not in your teens yourself, this will take a little adjustment.

The younger your market is, the shorter their attention span. This means your marketing tactics have to quickly grab them and speak to them in just a few seconds. Otherwise, you risk losing them and an entire market. Internet marketing isn’t quite like traditional marketing, so here’s a cheat sheet on snagging that younger audience.

This Is Boring

Even if you operate a blog about something exciting like running pool races or regional upcoming concerts, you still have to play entertainer. You need to be in marketing mode when designing and updating your website, blogging, posting on social media and email blasting. The true, yet sad, fact is that fewer people are reading so you need to change your approach.

Younger generations especially like video marketing. However, just because you put your message into video format does not automatically make it interesting. Try turning on MTV, even if you haven’t watched it for years. It’s the uber-short clips, shaky cams and taglines that make it appealing to younger generations.

What’s In It for Me?

Internet marketing is about selling your products and services or gaining readership. This means you have to offer something of real value to your audience. The key phrase here is “real value.” You need to figure out what your younger audience values and offer that in exchange for their business or readership.

This might mean offering a steep discount only to your Facebook followers or even providing a giveaway. If you’re operating a monetized blog, this will require you to give true entertainment that younger audiences really enjoy. If this is the case, consider a focus group or research study to determine the right direction. Ideally, you can hire or contract a marketing pro with a proven track record of marketing products geared towards younger demographics.

What About Those Email Blasts?

Email blasts are largely deleted right away or even filtered. The chances of many teens actually reading your emails are slim. Instead, approach them on their territory: social media sites. This is where you can engage this demographic on their level, which is what they want.

Anytime you’re investing time and energy into Internet marketing efforts that don’t work, you’re wasting money. Just because email blasts have been around forever doesn’t mean they’re still the right tactic. Keep tabs on how much business you’re getting from email blasts and act accordingly. That time can always be spent on better endeavors.

Respect is Paramount

It’s easy and natural for site owners to talk down to younger generations, even if they don’t mean to. You want to give advice and help steer them on the right path (like buying that new product). However, just like anyone else, teens and young adults respond to being respected and being treated like equals. Keep in mind, in this scenario, you need them — and it’s not the other way around.

You might clearly remember those awkward high school days and some themes (like finding yourself) never end. However, younger generations are much more in tune with technology and are used to instant gratification. Ensure that your site works on every platform, which requires testing and maintenance every few months. If you dedicate yourself to serving younger demographics and thinking from their perspective, you’ll be on the fast track to securing this large and important group.

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Katie Elizabeth is a freelance blogger and content coordinator. She loves writing about tech, social media, careers, business and more on her blog, BlogKick. She also loves writing for the web – follow her most recent posts on her Twitter account.[/box]


  1. Mitchel Reverra


    Wonderful work! That is the type of information that are supposed to be shared across the net.

  2. nickie


    To achieve success in internet marketing, you need to make your content attractive so that it encourages user to participate and engage them in your information.

  3. Reply

    These tips were excellent to connect new generation. It’s not easy to attract younger generation. I think the best way to attract younger generation is facebook. Because they addicted to facebook if you get good response on facebook you will definitely attract younger generation.

  4. Fashstylo


    Amazing and so nice post. This is really so informative. I got a lot of information from your this post.Thanks for share.

  5. Kumar


    Nice article, yes Internet marketing updation changes so many times thanks for sharing with us.. its really valuable post for the new generation who persue internet marketing as well as that person involved in it.

    • Katie Elizabeth


      Hey Kumar,

      Thanks so much for the comment! Marketing is always changing but I guess that’s why we have awesome blogs like this one to keep us updated. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

  6. Carl


    This is the way web works, to be at the top of latest technology. I don’t think that there is any other way to succeed and actually getting new generation on your website is the best way to succeed in business in long term plan.

    • Katie Elizabeth


      I agree Carl, however it’s unfortunate that some businesses and websites don’t follow this philosophy – although they should!

  7. Reply

    Nice article Katie,

    I dont know why people use email bust or similar kind of softwares to send bulk emails.

    In my personal experience, sending emails manually to the most specific persons with a little bit personal touch works far better. Dont know may be I like things that moves slowly 😀

    Best regards

    • Katie Elizabeth


      Hey Kushal!!

      I totally agree. When sending emails, I ALWAYS personalize my content, even if I am sending something similar to something else. I expect the same from other professionals, too. I think it’s common courtesy and shows the individual that you actually care about them and what they have to say.

  8. Reply

    hello Dear

    its very amazing post really and interesting point to discuses with me really i like your point video marketing really this is useful way, so thanks for sharing me

    • Katie Elizabeth


      Hi Alka! Thanks for the comment and I’m glad the post helped you. Let me know if you have any questions! 🙂

  9. Jennifer Cunningham


    This was an excellent post that really put ideas in focus. You are right. Teens and the younger deserve respect and have a lot of it when it comes to the Internet and technology. Most of the Internet millionaires are young aren’t they. I would have no problem taking advice from youth about HTML and all that technical stuff. I am clueless. But I’m older and technologically pretty savy. And there’s a way to treat us oldies too. We’re all on the same team with maybe different approaches. Thanks for the advice. I hope age doesn’t become a barrier.

    • Katie Elizabeth


      Jennifer, we are all definitely on the same team. I also hope age doesn’t become a barrier as technology evolves, but I think it’s up to all generations to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’m in my late 20s and also fairly technology savvy, but the stuff younger kids are doing sometimes amazes me!!

  10. Felix Lee


    I totally agree with all these tips. Whatever your online business may be, you should always offer something new and exciting for customers and potential customers to watch out for.

    • Katie Elizabeth


      Hi Felix! Thanks for your comment. New and exciting is definitely the way to go — especially with the new generations!

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