Basics about PaydayMansion

If not for payday loans companies, many citizens would have been without cash injections needed in the end of month. Affiliate marketing, even more than other sorts of marketing helps this industry to grow and reach more customers. Payday loans affiliate programs are growing at a very high pace in the United States. According to Pew Research approximately 13 million Americans have turned for payday loans in 2011. This makes this industry very appealing.

There are many companies that sell payday loan leads. The best company that is an the top-of-the-top expert in payday loan market is PaydayMansion. It helps customers to get the widest range of payday loans. It also remunerates its affiliates with the best rate of commission for the traffic generated.

Large profits

Each experienced webmaster seems to have many irons in the fire. Almost no affiliate programme may ensure its affiliates to earn so much money as they do not cooperate with any other program at the same time. But if decided to cooperate with PaydayMansion that sells only payday loans leads, affiliates pick the best and the hottest iron nugget, with the largest profits for the traffic generated. If everything is done well, you may not be required to do much to get it.

Landing Pages and many other tools

The best payday loan affiliate program is committed to giving the best marketing tools to its affiliates. And so does PaydayMansion. Our webmasters may use lots of landing pages, but also banners, pay-per-click campaigns, popups and pop-unders. In some cases you may be allowed to use social media, job advertising pages to promote the offer, but you first need to contact our affiliate manager.


Sample landing page


Sample landing page


Sample landing page

Banners are used to redirect users from Internet to your landing page. At this stage they need to complete all brackets and apply for a payday loan. This is how traffic is generated. Later on we verify the lead, and if it is OK, it will be added to your traffic.


Bulk site generator

Mobile apps – how to make more money

You can reach more customers, even if they do not use personal computers or laptops. The hope is in mobile Internet traffic. It is sure that in few years they will become the best source of traffic. Be the first and make use of this fact. We have prepared a special application for iPhone and Android. If you generate and distribute mobile links among friends and relatives you may earn more money on commission.


Generating new mobile app links

Your opinion? – we are all ears.

The whole idea and design of PaydayMansion works, only thanks to opinion of our webmasters. We have collected all information from long and very long conversations with experienced webmasters. We also consult some changes and updates, basing on their opinion. Still, all we are about and all the money you get is only thanks to you.

Some facts about Members Area

Members Area is the restricted area that can be accessed by us and our webmasters. Webmasters can watch there their statistics and all info about earnings.

Signing up is very short and it takes few minutes. In the first stage of the procedure we will ask you about your details: name and surname, address of residence, e-mail address, telephone number, URL. We will also ask for marketing methods you feel the best in.

The dashboard is very handy in use. Its design is logical and user-friendly. Here, in the picture below, you can find all types of setting and options you can use.


Affiliate platform

You can use ICQ, e-mail or Skype to contact our team.


Summary report

Reporting and Money Transfers.

In the dashboard you can find and analyze statistics about your traffic and income from this traffic. It is good to know where, why and how you make money.

In the reports section you can generate global reports, as well as performance statistics. You can also find reports about referrals, redirect reports, track installs and errors. All done in order to give you information, make the traffic better, spend less time and make more cash.

Reports – Dashboard


We pay commission to our affiliates every fourteen days. Fourteen days is one of provisions that are included in affiliate agreement. All payments are cleared by PayPal and WMZ. In some cases (depending on payment method) we may be forced to hold the payment. Hold period may be sometimes shortened. If you make big traffic and great money, we may send you money more often.

Remember that you can boost your earnings with PaydayMansion mobile applications. The best webmasters who cooperate with us from the very first day of our operations, and get ancillary traffic from mobile devices can earn as much as 2-4k USD per day. It is not a trick, it’s real.

Bet all on one programme.

If you do not have time to deal with several affiliate programmes and you want to spend your time with one programme focused on one group of customers, you should join PaydayMansion. With our expertise, marketing support, and good commission, you can get the highest commission in the industry.


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