To frame in simple terms link building is all about getting links from other websites to your website to increase the search engine rankings and referral traffic. Backlinking allows Google algorithms to determine the keywords used in your site. Marketers are using backlinking and backlinks checker techniques for search engine optimization for over years and are eagerly looking forward to using this technique in 2019 as well. Let us see how link building can still remain an effective SEO strategy.


Turning your Content into High-Value Content

The content of the website is the deciding factor of your quality and overall search engine rankings. The formula is simple and straightforward – you need to create content that is not only evergreen but holds high value. But that’s not all! You need to promote that content as much as you can so that other websites can link to it.  Want to know how will you create such content? Here are some parameters to assess your work –

  • Your content should be easy to read and understand
  • There must be a call to action
  • It should be better than what others are curating in the same niche
  • It should be relevant and innovative with up-to-date information   
  • It should appeal to the readers

Understand what are Low Quality and High-Quality Links

Not all links are going to serve you good. To identify which one is good and which has a low quality you need to go to its source. Any unreliable, misleading or irrelevant source is a low-quality link and these links can hinder your growth as they decrease the authenticity of your site as well. However, sites having useful content and those that already have a wide readership serve as high-quality links and they can definitely reflect upon their greatness on your website. There are tools available that can help you identify good links and bad links.  

Watch Out for your Competitors

The top results in Google are the ones that include quality backlinks. All you have got to do is look out for those links. You can use a tool like Moz backlink analysis tool to evaluate the search results and see how many backlinks they have. They must be huge in number. No use these backlinks as your opportunity to create amazing content. Use the above parameters for curating the content better than those backlinks and you always know the next step – promote your content! You can send a quick email to that search result stating that your content is advanced than the backlink that they are using.   

Adding Resource Page Links

Resource pages are those that provide a set of useful links for a particular topic. For example, if you will search for – “lifestyle + “helpful resources” you will get a list of pages that have links for the topic ‘lifestyle’. Now, you need to look for content that is relevant to these resource pages. You can provide a link to your homepage or a high-quality blog post and promote it! Just write an email to that resource website stating how your content is going to fit in their website and you have got yourself a useful backlink.  


Building Backlinks with Guest Posting

You might be aware of guest posting already. The trend is not yet obsolete! As the name suggests, guest posting allows you to write a blog post related to a website. You can include a link to your site within the post. This gives your site a good quality backlink and a free blog post to that website. But that doesn’t mean that you will write a guest post for every other site. Go through the website’s guidelines and authority. Many companies prefer writing around 5 guest posts per month to enhance their backlinks.

Link Roundup

Link roundups are the blog posts that present other blog posts from different websites regarding a particular topic. Link roundups are done every month or two. These link roundups give websites a chance to create backlinks. So reach out to those sites that do a link roundup in your niche and promote your content. Do not forget to tell them why your blog post should be there in their roundup.

In all, link building is a strategy that will remain in trend even after 2019. Start thinking about how you can create relevant, engaging and high-quality content so that people would link your content to their websites. No matter how many updations are made in Google algorithms, backlinks will always remain authentic. So start focusing on your backlinks and give a boost to your SEO.

Author Bio – Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of CrunchGrade, an online tutoring platform for students. It is his passion and vision to incorporate technology with education to help students not just thrive but excel through e-learning mediums and tools. He had worked with Kurt Salmon Associates, a reputed American Management Consultancy. Reach out to him on Facebook, LinkedIn here!

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