Exit Intention is a foolproof focusing tool to ascend your sales with the help of miscellaneous sorts of popups.

Amass more money applying miscellaneous sorts of popups on website you run. Popups may be even useful for the site sales bang than you may conceive.

Nothing can be as magically feasible to hook one’s attention as a popup triggered on Exit Intention. The finest moment to parade your offer is when a user preparing to depart from the website you run.

This is a foolproof guarantee that a user will surely see your offer and the probability of reaching out to them will be much higher than in case of other triggering events.

Make money, grow your mail list and develop your website simply applying exit intention popups on your site.

In case you regard a couple of useful tricks in the usage of popups with exit intention triggering, you’ll doubtlessly reach better heights in the way of prosperity in your business. Just a minor knowledge of exit intention technology will aid you to flourish your trade skills and grow your deals very quickly.


Engage with more

Running a favorable blog is not as easy as it may seem. You should deal with varied substantial aspects to have a presentable blog. Doubtlessly, one of the most paramount things in blogging is the look of your website. Scrutinize all the littlest design details to have the best looking and inviting site to show quality and faith.

But another, more substantial point you should contemplate is the value you yield with your devotees. Be innovative, be original and update your stuff balance with your devotees. Propose them things to allure  and move their interests. Hook them with the subject they will be intrigued to read.

So, if you’ve got a ton of cool posts in your blog that your readers already adore, you can get more readers, displaying them in a popup. Get profit in the easiest way – display your posts in a popup when a user tries to depart from your site. An exit intention popup will open up and ask your readers to check more cool posts on your blog – right in the popup! They can go to those posts with a simple click directly inside the popup.

This is very convenient and alluring for your devotees comfort and easiness in everything is the most major factor to intrigue buyers. So why not use that fact in swelling your devotees army?

Simply add your most beloved post links in the popup and add some motivating text to allure your devotees to go farther and check additional posts on your blog. This will definitely reverse in the best aspect on your blog and your profit.


Research tests

Researches always have a great input in the advancement of any type of websites. They help you to concentrate on the chief and most profitable points on your site. Build a more lucrative website relying on your research results. Seek what your site consumers are most interested in and concentrate on those points to allure them for a better conversion.

Let’s say you have categorized the posts on your site. That’s a great planning strategy. It’s always pleasant for the devotees, consumers, buyers to see the stuff categorized on the site. It’s making the process of selection and making decision more conducive. Besides, it gives your website a more organized look, which is no less relevant to become a more successful website owner.

A splendid idea would be asking your site guests to choose the categories they like the most. You’ll learn your strong and weak aspects. This is a great    accessibility to make improvements and develop the website for excelling results.

Create and add a popup on your site to ask the buyers to choose the categories they like the most. It might be a simple and fine popup, with several buttons for categories’ selection. Add some text to ask what post types they are obsessed with the most and encounter the results to develop a better engaging posts categories.


Bribing offers

Bribing is the most effective method to collect more buyers and hold them in your company. Make offers no user will resist. Propose discounts, free items, things that will interest your site consumers.

Everybody knows that the offers you make for your store buyers are the essential components to the path of success. In any case, you must have some kind of “presents” for your consumers to motivate them.

Besides the bribes, you should think about the approaches to your consumers. Be as polite and reactive as possible. Show your care to them. Make them feel enjoyable on your site. You should build a positive atmosphere for your consumers so they will be excited to stay up and make purchases on your site/from your store.

The best practice to make a user accomplish the purchase is displaying an exciting offer just before they are navigating away from your site. A perfectly constructed and engaging exit intent popup with your super proposal will definitely stop the consumers from departing from your site. If you make is positive and convincing enough, you’ll bring them back and make them to complete the purchase.

It can be a discount coupon offer. A motivating text can be led by a positive image and a button that will display the coupon code for the discount. Not to make this harmful for your business, regulate the popup to be demonstrated only once for each visitor, so each will have a convenience to use the discount only once.


Counting down offers

Countdowns are the best tools to make people get in rush and make actions in an estimated time.

So, if you’re trying to broaden your sales and get more earnings for your business, you should try this practice with a countdown. Make a beguiling offer and attach a countdown to it for a better result. Pack this whole stuff in a popup and add to your shopping page.

Offer free shipping for a limited time period and shout out about it in a popup to have maximally more sales. Take more time to structure the design of the popup, as it may be decisive for your promotion. Yield a feeling of excitement, pass the feeling of a rush and intrigue the shopper to hurry up and make as much purchases as their salary will let them to.

Add a button in the popup, under your text and the countdown, so the shopper will be redirected to the shopping page with just one click.

And, when do you think is the perfect time to demonstrate the popup with your counting down offer? There couldn’t be any better time than right before the shopper tries to leave the page without buying anything from your store.

So, set the popup to appear on exit intention on your shopping page, and the buyers will definitely  change their minds and finally make a purchase with free shipping on your site.


Best seller offer

Another clever way of promoting your sales is demonstrating a box of most popular, that’s to say best seller items on your site to your consumers. Simply pick a couple of best-selling products on your store and offer them to your buyers. This is one of the most productive methods of gaining more sales on an e-commerce shop.

When it’s hard to concentrate and select the item needed among such a great variety of goods in the stores, it can be life saving to be offered some very practical choices. This will definitely ease the process of selection for the buyers.

The best-selling items may be selected by seasons. Let’s say, 3 best sellers for autumn-winter. Include a coat, one pair of boots and a bag for a complete autumn set and display it in a popup. Include “Buy now” buttons under the items so the shopper can buy the items straight from the popup.

Displaying the popup when a shopper is going to leave the page will be the best moment to convince them to buy something before leaving your site. You’ll help them to make a final decision. 😉



Exit Intent is the best helper tool that one can use for popups to display alluring offers to expand sales and pull more profit on an online store.

What would be more valid than detecting the moment the consumers are going to depart from your shopping page and convince them to buy something?

The point is to offer them something worthy to change their minds and bring them back to a shopping action. Display your offers in the most clever way and pay a special attention to the look of the popups when offering something.

Make researches and investigate your audience to know what to offer them to hit the target and get more sales.

Use different popup tools to maximally squeeze the sales convenience on your online store and get more devotees on your blog.


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