The mode of running a business has become smart and has come a far way from a physical world where advertising through leaflets and hanging billboards has become obsolete. Businessmen from all corners of the world started using the internet and its applications to propagate their business and using of mobile apps for conducting the business is the latest trend. A mobile app helps your business by staying in touch with your consumers through comments and feedback. Good reviews will automatically increase the credibility of your company and improve brand awareness. Here are the top advantages of utilizing android app development for your business.

Low investment

For start-up companies, small and medium businesses, Android app development is best as it requires a minimum amount to register to enter the Google play app. Most of the Android app development software tools are free which ensures a higher return on investments. Also, the entry barrier for testing and deploying the app is quite low which gives easy access for many companies to launch their apps.

With attractive graphic designs, Android apps are an affordable and widely used platform to showcase your business. Android also openly gives its development kit to designers and developers which minimize the cost involved in authorization and development.

 Ease of development

The android app development is based on Java language which makes the development and adoption of the application easy. Any Java developer can design Android applications with the range of free developer tools available like app extensions and plugins, visual environment, IDE, SDK, emulators and cross-platform application frameworks.

Android platform is based on Linux, and thus offers a secure base for development of different applications for any type of business. The smooth and hassle-free environment provided by Android helps in delivering stable apps which are prone to fewer crashes.

Flexible integration

Customization and integration of web app can happen seamlessly on an android platform. Android offers ready to customize options for the app developers which can be tweaked as per the business demands. Android gives necessary flexible tools for inter-app integration. This is the reason android based apps perform well on any platform and device as it gives superior integration than the rest.

Open source

The android community offers licensing advantage, free royalties, and best framework. The enchanting advantage of open source is that it allows developers to interact with the community on upcoming developments and helps them to get better opportunities. Developers and designers can get innovative ideas and find solutions when a bug or problem arises. It gives liberty to develop apps without worrying about the extensive developmental costs for android based mobiles.

Market access

Android platform is different from others as its apps can be deployed in other ways and third-party app markets. Developers have the flexibility to launch their apps on various channels of their choice. Android poses a minimum barrier for apps to enter the market. Android apps have the huge market all over the world with millions of people using the Android devices. With extensive features and ease of customization, Android apps gain a lot of demand and popularity.

Brand visibility

With billions of people spending quality time on their Smartphones, your android app is sure to get a greater visibility if launched in the play store. With a well designed brand logo and appropriate keywords, your business is sure to get hit with search results when a user searches for a business similar to yours. Having an android app boosts user engagement and excites the interest in customers to stay loyal to your brand. Customer support is also improved and made easy with android applications. Android apps are a great way to promote your brand products with easy updates.

Reputation management

Having an android app for your business is a smart way to maintain a relationship with your users and get their goodwill by interacting with them over comments. If you offer good services, then business is sure to get a lot of positive feedback and a good rating on the app store. Managing your reputation on an android app is easy as it gives you access to the consumer’s reviews and a chance to correct them in case of any bugs. Android apps pose as a flexible platform to update their software and enrich the user experience with changing technology.

Many a time android apps are developed without spending a single penny. Most of the costs are covered by android free software tools and loyalties received. An Android market, without doubt, is the busiest marketplace with a new app launched every minute from anywhere in the world. The popularity of Android apps is ever-increasing as most of the apps are free and useful to the audience in everyday life.


Author Bio: I’m currently working as Content Manager with TheAppsmiths. I have a great passion for mobile application development and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective app development strategies for them. Apart from  Mobile app development, I have a keen interest in Entrepreneurship, Android apps, custom app development,iPad applications etc.


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