If you have a blog and you are planning on making money from it, you would no doubt want to look at it as a business. Therefore you will need to treat it like a business.

business is a legally recognized organization designed to provide goods and/or services to consumers.

As bloggers we are all (whether we consider ourselves as bloggers or not) business people. You may not realise it yet but like all businesses you probably have bills to pay (hosting, domain renewal, etc.) and getting income (from advertising, affiliate marketing, etc). Many of you reading this will be operating on a small scale at the moment it will help you enormously going forward if you get yourself into good business habits.

Treating Your Blog As A Business

  • The first step is to have products for your customers.
  • You can drive sales by inviting customers or industry experts to provide product reviews in your business’ blog posts. People are far more likely to buy a product based on recommendations from friends, family and even complete strangers than they are from traditional advertising tactics. Use your blog as a tool to drive word of mouth marketing by letting online influencers contribute with guest posts.

  • Advertising your business.
  • With any business, the manager would want to spread the word about their business. Using social medias is the easiest way to advertise your blog online.

  • Set time aside to work on your business
  • Like most business places working hours would normally be 9am-5am. You don’t necessarily have to work on your blog 8 hours a day, but you need to dedicate time to your blog to build it up and manage it from day to day.

  • Setting a budget for your business
  • You don’t want to much money on your blog if you are not making much money from it. Set a budget and stick with it. Set aside money for important things such as paying for hosting and domain.

  • Employ workers
  • If you can’t manage your blog you could get someone who has experience in your niche to work with you. For example, guest posting. Have guest authors do guest post on your blog. They also benefit by showing off their writing skills.

  • Making your business presentable
  • In order to make your blog look presentable, you need a great eye catching theme for it. Not just eye catching but make it user friendly so that even a 5 year old can find it enjoyable to use.

    At The End Of The Day

    When all is said and done, if you treat your blog as a business, work at it very hard, make it presentable, you will make money from it.


    1. Reply

      I agree – it’s so important to exercise self-discipline and dedicate designated hours each day to managing your business.

    2. Richard Chidike


      I have to say that before you can make money blogging, then you need to ensure you give it the attention it deserves to succeed. Great post Kharim.

    3. Isabel Rodrigues


      I totally agree with you. If you’re considering earning money from your blog on a long term basis you need to consider your Blog as Business. You need to schedule, plan and execute your blog as a brand as a Business.

    4. Kathy


      I like your take on this one Kharim. IF you intend to make money with your blog then you should definitely look at it like a business. I run a number of websites. I look at each one as an independent business. I try to make each individual business as profitable as possible with as little maintenance as possible. I systematize everything that I possibly can. This is the same approach that any traditional business would take.

      • Reply

        Yes Kathy, thats the only way that you will take your blog seriously, if you look at it as a business. If you do look at it as a business then you will definitely show more interest in blogging and do what it takes to keep that business up and running.

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