Do you want to become a blogging superstar?

Stick around as I share my best 3 skin care niche marketing tips to boost your confidence and generate profits for you.

A single action towards the right direction is all you need to become successful online. As a blogger, we’ve all constantly looking for loopholes to make extra money, drive free targeted traffic and build strong networks. Some people achieve this goal within a span of 2 – 6 months while others continue to struggle.

And you may ask, isn’t there a way to achieve tremendous results with my blog, without biting my fingers. I’m here to share some smart skin care niche marketing tips to help you succeed more. I’ve been using these tips on my skin care blog where I review free skin store discount code, skin care products, clarisonic discount coupon etc. but it equally applies to every other niche.

You’ve 3 things to do right about now.

Read. Understand. Take Action.

1.    Position Your Website Properly

If you ask successful and influential bloggers how they achieved results, 85% will tell you the power of positioning. Actually, in web marketing, it’s not a website you should promote, but web pages. My skin care blog is enjoying free targeted buyers on daily basis because I’m well positioned for the right key terms coupled with detailed and informative contents.

Web pages are the arms of the web. Search engines remain the major place of succor for web users. When someone is looking for a particular solution, the first place they consider isn’t Facebook, not even article directories, but Google.

So, your web pages have to befriend Google spider. How do you do this? Contrary to what a lot of people believe, having 10s of keywords on your contents wouldn’t win motivate Google spider to reward you. You need more than keyword-stuffed contents.

And shockingly, stocking keywords would even cause Google and other search spiders to dethrone you from their search kingdom and that’s a very big hurdle to get through with.

What matters most to Google is your sense of direction. If you want to make the web a better place, where people would come, search for a particular thing and bam, relevant and viable results pages (SERPs) are presented to them.

To achieve long term results on your blog/website, give relevant and helpful contents a room. Take this advice to heart – it would make you great.

2.    Optimize For Social Networking

There is a nexus between SEO and SMO (social media optimization). The web is primarily a reflection of an ideal man. Man was created to share, communicate and relate with others. Skin care is a wide niche and several people are looking for solutions to their skin related problems. When you communicate with them, they would trust your opinion. This is priceless.

The web isn’t a money making empire of such, it’s portrays the real essence of life and the rewards of generosity. People didn’t join Facebook and Twitter just because they want to buy something from you.

In fact, they wanted to connect with you, understand your choices and in the process, get solutions to their problems (off course, they’ve to give you their money).

What runs through your mind as an online entrepreneur will definitely affect the contents you syndicate to social networks. If you know a marketer who is desperate for quick bucks, watch his tweets, it’s filled with marketing hype and empty promises.

This is a trap to disarm and tarnish your web image. Stay away from unscrupulous social media marketing, focus on connecting, adding value to life and success will be yours.

3. Build Gradual Off-Page Links Creatively

We all know how off page links affect web page ranking. However, it’s not ideal to build 1000s links in the span of one month, especially, when your domain name is still young. Yes, if your domain name is falls within 3 – 10 years, you can build links faster and no harm would be done.

But for starters, make your link building efforts spread over a specific period of time. You’ll still rank your web pages if they few links you get are relevant and natural. One major factor which contributes to your ranking is the competition. If the number of competing web pages is huge, it would take longer time to come up on Google top 10.

So, analyze your competition. Go the “bum marketing” way: target keywords with at least 800 local search, and less than 10,000 competitors on Google.

Niche Marketing Recap

Six months ago when I launched my skin care blog, I didn’t realize the simplicity of search engine optimization. I’ve always believed you’ve to wait and work tirelessly.

There is a place for hard work, but hard work is different from struggling and sleepless nights. Use the marketing tips (optimization tips rather) to boost your ranking and enjoy free organic traffic.

Will you take action right now, or simply click away only to invest in another $47 e-book? The choice is yours. Take that baby step today towards the right direction and watch your bank account swell. Will you?


About the Author:

Michael Chibuzor is a skin care enthusiast & freelance writer. At leisure, he writes for skinstore promotional code and clarisonic promo codes deal sites and occasionally for Use these  skin store discount code and clarisonic discount coupons to save on skin care products, tanning products and skin therapy.


  1. Edith


    Any marketing recap won’t be successful if they won’t be possibly done and implemented. People tend to stick on what they had think is effectively and had so much ads with positive feed back by it’s consumer. In order to fill this you must be really determine to pursue your strategy and be known otherwise you’ll be on the least part of any other leading company. Be competitive and wise enough to make it up.

  2. Ayesha


    position of website, social networking, focus on target audience all are the best strategies for success. We must care for our readers and appreciate their comments

  3. Arjun Rai


    the third point was really unique for me which helps to improve seo work much better. thanks for sharing.

  4. Tracyann0312


    Hi! Can I ask you how important in niche marketing to online marketers? The strategies you have shared are good for them to become successful. Thanks for the information about the strategies, hoping that I have many ideas about niche marketing so that I can relate to the strategies.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Niche marketing is important for online marketers. It’ll help you rank higher on Google homepage and that’s what we all aim for.

      • Tracyann0312


        Hi! Thanks for sharing your knowledge about niche marketing. Now I know the certain need of this one to generate more traffic from our site. Thanks a lot Michael. You always offer us good and informational ideas to your blog.

        • Michael Chibuzor


          You’re most welcome and thanks for always reading my posts. Have a pleasant day.

  5. Mike


    These are some good tips you have given. I think that when we are using Social Media to promote a blog, we have to make sure that we add value by sharing some content which our audience will like and will solve their problems. Some marketers only pitch products and don’t share any good content.

  6. mrvoltas


    Excellent information. Keep it coming. We need good quality content these days, and from what I have read here so far you are right on the money

  7. Beth


    Using the right keywords in order to get potential customers is a must. You will surely get most percent of your target market rather than engines directing these customers to competitor’s website.

  8. Dan


    Great strategies indeed, I applied all of them along the way. I had some great results, but the truth is that.. it’s never easy. Achievements without work is a myth. If you don’t work, you won’t have results – no pain, no gain. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Reply

    I think for Niche Marketing Success these great 3 Skin Care Strategies are more successful for every blogger to make more money and traffic.Thanks for sharing

    • Michael Chibuzor


      You’re most welcome and thanks for liking my tips. Go and implement the simple tips and let’s see how it goes.

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