We have addressed why it’s important to develop quality content in several other articles. So, I’m not going to repeat all of that again. We all want to rank high with Google and know by now that the content we present to them has to hold real value for people searching for it through keyword phrasing.

However, just because we know that we need it, doesn’t mean we know what ‘it’ is, or how to get it. What it’s not is the useless and filler stuff that we often see in article farming sites. Simply inserting a bunch of keywords isn’t going to work anymore, when Google will look right past that style.

Yep, spinning and spider material, which is not intended for human consumption, is no longer an option.

First, let’s take a look at how ready you are to boost your content, and if you are properly set up to do so.

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In Position To Develop Quality Content

I am a believer in having a professional work space that is dedicated to your career, and not shared with the entire household. If you were in a brick and mortar office, it would be very distracting to share your desk with others, especially if they were using it for play.

Make sure to have an area, preferably a room that you can use as an office. It will help to keep you in the professional mindset, which will help significantly when trying to develop quality work.

If you can’t dedicate an entire room, then corner off an area in a low traffic room. You can find glass computer desks for home offices that will blend in nicely in any room. If you need to, get a portable partition screen to block it from view.

Now that you have yourself in the proper position, what is quality content?

A Matter Of Perception

Most people think their website is wonderful, especially if they put a lot of time and effort into the design. But, it all boils down to what visitors think. If you aren’t catching their eye right off the bat, they will most likely hit the ‘back’ button.

The first thing you need to do is know what they are looking for, and then provide it. If you put their needs first, your content should be filled with useful information that they are seeking, and holding their attention. They are not going to stay on your site because you worked hard on it, if they are not getting what they want.

It doesn’t matter what your site is about either. Every affiliate marketer site needs to follow this unwritten rule, if they want to build their business. This holds true in particular for the ‘review’ sites we have all seen. If you visited many of these sites you will notice that some of them are more about advertising, rather than what the visitor is seeking.

A person who is seeking out reviews is not looking for a sales pitch. They can get that from the manufacturer’s site. They want real information, the good and bad, of the product they are interested in purchasing.

Telling A Tale

Are you drawn in by articles that seem to be talking to you, over those that are simply talking? That is what I mean by telling a tale. Articles that tell a story with a personal touch seem to ‘sell’ more often, because they hold the reader’s attention.

Talking about real people and events will draw in more people, because they feel they can relate. They want to know that what you are talking about is real and how it can apply to their lives.

You can easily do this by simply ‘talking’ to the reader, as if they are sitting in front of you. Tell it in a realistic manner, with quotes and links to back it up if you can. If you can’t tell the story of the specific product, place, or event you are writing about, find a relevant story to compare.

For example, if you are writing about a specific blender, but own another one, you could state what you would prefer on that one over what you have. That is a simplistic example, but you get the idea.

Not A Writer?

Neither am I. Back in 1999, when I first decided to give this a go, I was in carpentry. Writing was the last thing on my mind, even though I love to tell a good story. However, putting words down on paper is a bit different than orally painting a picture. Some people can write. Me, not so much.

After some time it was apparent that my dislike for writing was showing. I loved the other aspects of the business, but not writing. But, I was able to outsource this part of the business to others, who could put my thoughts and experiences in writing for me.

I was intrigued to learn through a professional writer that she spent a lot more time in researching material, as she did putting it in writing. About three times more, actually.

No wonder I wasn’t going anywhere with writing, because I was writing off the cuff, so to speak. After taking the time to research, I discovered all the extra material could enhance what I wanted to tell in my articles. Between what I already knew through experience, and what I found through research, it made for a piece that was higher in quality and more informative.

5 Easy Steps

Writing quality content is a fairly simple process, and is the same no matter what your website is all about. So, I recommend the following easy steps for everyone:

1. Research. Even with a familiar topic, research could add to what you already know. Searching the Internet and conducting interviews are good sources.

2. Organize. Put all your notes from your research into an outline.

3. Reality.  If you can, use real life events and people in your stories. It helps to warm it up and capture your audience.

4. Follow. Use your outline by following your thoughts, through to the end. Short paragraphs, with a few subheadings or bullet points will help to ‘break it up’ for easier reading.

5. Finishing. After you have written the article, ask yourself what the reader will get out of it, and check for omissions and errors. Make sure that it’s in an easy to read format.

Now, you have a piece of quality content.

Even if you still find writing to be a challenge, you at least know you are on the right path to quality content. You could also use this information to pass along to someone who might be able to do some writing for you.

The Proper Tools

Are you up to date and current with your technology? If you haven’t been looking for quite a while, it might benefit you to check out what is available to help make your work easier. For example, did you know there is free video conferencing online? This alone can help you save money and time when it comes to meetings with clients or staff.

Other technology gems are the Smart Phone and iPad. Both of these items can help you keep in touch and do some basic work when on the road, or away from your desk. All you have to do is some research on the Internet, or go to your local electronic store to see what is available. You might be surprised at how much easier your tasks can be.

If you have any suggestions or comments, I would love to hear them. Please just leave them in the comment box below.


  1. Reply

    Well some great tips.
    Anyone would like Grab Google’s Attention. But i think this is the most difficult task to do. And you have described some great tips here. Thank you for sharing the great article.
    Thanks and regarads

  2. Bryan Ring


    Researching your own niche is very beneficial, especially as you stated, for the latest technology. And who knows, you may learn something about your niche at the same time.
    I am no writer either, but I do not give up! Telling a story is a great angle when providing service or product, now to only get that on paper(haha).
    Thank you for your tips & experience Jason!

  3. Ayesha


    All these five steps shows the structure of content. By following all this we improve our writing skills. Theses are very informative and quite good.

  4. John Cooper


    Hi Jason,
    You have said some of the must to have things for having the attention of Google towards the stuffs we produce in online world. Your affiliate marketing’s experience is a good example of showing that writing is necessary in some situations. In today’s world , one has to cope with the evolving advanced technology and that’s what I learned from your last point!!

  5. Arjun Rai


    Thanks for sharing this informative post with us, Defiantly it gonna help people a lot for having some good traffic.

  6. Reply

    Hi Jason,
    The posts that I take the time to research and edit properly seem to get me the most comments and shares. Secondly though are my personal stories that seem to just fly off the cuff.

  7. Peter


    Hi Jason, i am new to blogging and start writing content for a short period. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips. Its a really helpful information for me to improve my writing skills.

  8. Reply

    Research is essential when doing a website. I agree with you Jason that content is so important. For creating good content it´s absolutely necessary to research and continue learning new things. Research on the Internet is good as long people don´t just copy and paste. Don´t you think that copy paste “research” is one of the main problems of bad blogs?

  9. maja


    For quality contents research is the basic steps. Without research a writer can’t make his contents unique.

  10. Steve Bill


    Writing for me was quite a problem. Not to find the information, or organise it properly, but to write…
    Anyway, thanks for great article! Looking forward to some tips on content writing 😉

  11. Nick


    really a nice and helpful article thanks for sharing and giving us the knowledge about the google ranking

  12. liz


    Google is constantly improving its algorithm to enhance the users experience. If people are searching for information, they want to be educated and find out new interesting information that they didn’t know. Unique, fun, interesting articles are what makes a reader come back to your site to see what else you have to say. Thanks for the post – writing quality content is really broken down to just 5 simple steps as you stated above.

  13. Reply

    Agree specially with organizing the content by creating an outline. Most of the post I read online are garbled and lack a direction. But when I find a well-written, well-organized blog I bookmark it and visit it periodically.

  14. Marian


    There’s another rule for the ‘review’ sites: never write about something you haven’t tried. You might disappoint your readers and lose credibility.

  15. Amit


    Panda has affected a lot of sites …Thanks for the great post..you have covered some great points

  16. Becca


    To know your customer is the one major component in building a successful blog and community—that is why it is so important to blog about what you are passionate about. You are a good example of what a prospective customer is all about and what they are looking for, what their needs are, etc.

  17. Adam James


    Jason, thanks for this.

    I hadn’t always considered myself a writer either, but I think if you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything, learn anything. The sky is the limit really.

    For me the research is an important step, but without organisation it can easily fall flat on it’s face.

  18. Tracyann0312


    I agree. Researching is one of the important aspects to know to grab the attention of your readers. Organizing and making it more realistic can grab people interest. Interesting and fresh contents can help you boost the attention of readers to visit your site. A lot of plans may come after the other.

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