Today I was browsing through some forum and found this question which is think very crucial for small business and needed to be answered.

Let’s do some comparison to see the results.


SEO is no doubt very time consuming task and most of the small businesses are busy with their product dealing, manufacturing, offline marketing, and managing the website itself etc. If you hire in house SEO you need to manage reports and give him guidance.  Hiring a Professional trusted SEO Team is beneficial for every business which can save your lot of time and give you business as well.


Internet Marketing is expensive but it can give you good ROI if you know where and how to spend doing it in house you will still be paying good amount of money and even if target is no achieved you will need to give money to your employee as well as you need to pay for your seats, but if you hire SEO company they give you full guarantee of their results.

Backlinks Control:

This might be a negative point of hiring a professional but you don’t have much control of what kinds of links the company makes which may ruin your ranking but if you have good knowledge of SEO you can ask for weekly or monthly reports so you know what type of links they are providing.

Keeping up with Google

Professional SEO’s are always upto date with the latest Google algorithm change, this may give a great advantage to you as most business man don’t have enough time to read long articles and stay in touch with Google updates and new Strategies SEO Companies can provide you a summary to what is going on in the market and this way it is easier to increase your knowledge


I don’t personally prefer hiring SEO professional for me as I already am but for business man who have some budget to spend on marketing no time and want to get good audience on their website they should hire one as they can give a great boost to your business but you need to make sure that they do not use any black hate techniques which may damage your websites ranking

Have you hired SEO professional? Share you experience with SEO firms.


  1. Danel Diniz


    Very good post. Looking for my own voice in this blogging world.
    I think I might use your thoughts for ideas in my future

  2. Nicolas Willems


    The contents of this article are very interesting, I am willing to read it, thank you it brings me happiness.

  3. Shawn Westrick


    Great blog! I really love how it’s easy on my eyes as well as the information are well written. I am wondering how I could be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your rss feed which ought to do the trick! Have a nice day!

  4. ABM


    there are so many tips in online world which saves a lot money of hiring a professional SEO, so i do it by my self and it gives me a decent result and i’m happy with that.

  5. Trisha


    Hiring a professional is an advantage if one has a budget for they have the expertise, education and the tools needed to get your business at the top of search engine rankings.

  6. Reply

    Looking at everything according to me, it would be wise to go for in house seo than going for hiring any professional. But if you have money to invest, you can use the option of hiring any professional. If you hire any professional, no doubt, you will surely be beniffited.

  7. Nandita B


    Hiring a Professional SEO or In-House is always a debatable subject.

    But, the right answer to this is – Depends….

    • Raheel Mushtaq


      sure it does but i prefer to leave the work to professionals may it be in house or hired.

  8. Becca


    Hiring professionals are even better as long as you have a budget and it will help to your business.

  9. jeneatte


    Its good to talk to professional, especially for beginner and there’s nothing wrong to consult as long as you go to the right person 🙂

  10. David


    I think it really depends on what personal knowledge of seo the individual has, if you don’t know much about it I would hire it out, you can end up spinning your wheels very easily.

    • Raheel Mushtaq


      Right david it really is on your personal requirements if you have time you can do seo yourself if you have money you can hire someone 🙂

  11. Reply

    Hi Raheel,
    Thanks for sharing this points. But i am against of Hiring SEO Specialist. I don’t think its an easy job to get a Good Rank on SERP. Yeah if you will read SEOMoz’s article then you also can seo easily.
    Hi Kharim I am Conducting a Giveaway on My Site. Hope your You and Your sweet readers will take participation. Thanks

    • Raheel Mushtaq


      I don’t get your point Amit. i mean you said, you are against hiring seo specialist and you think its hard to get good rank on SERP. so what should small business do learn from sites such as SEOmoz? and as far as that website is concerned i’ve read articles of SEOmoz. but that is completely for professionals not many new users can learn easily from there as i was reading one of their articles if you read this article you will start hating matt cutts and seo as well..! Small business which really need to get sales online require some consultancy to be successful online ..!!

      and sure we will participate on your blog in giveaway 🙂

  12. Jolie


    I understand SEO and Google, so I would not hire a professional. However, if I didn’t understand SEO, I would. Education is the key.

    • Raheel Mushtaq


      Ofcourse that might be a stupid option you know seo and you are hiring unless you do not have much time to organize everything you should not take a help but these days even personal blogs require team effort. even if its just of guest bloggers….!! which are also a part of your seo strategy

  13. Aasma


    Hey Raheel,

    Nice comparison, However SEO is not a easy task that many small business think. Either you recruit a in house SEO or hire any SEO company… you must ensure that they’re using ethical ways for SEO so that you won’t get hurt with any new Google update.

    • Raheel Mushtaq


      yes that is why i suggest small business to hire seo professionals for themselves as after the recent updates of Panda and Penguin SEO has became much difficult task ..!

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