Twitter has quickly gained popularity and is now second only to Facebook in terms social networking success. Because of the character limit many bloggers tend to disregard twitter, but as it’s popularity continues to grow it’s usefulness as a networking and self-promotion tool is becoming hard to ignore.  These are a few tips to help you stay professional and polished in 140 characters.

Take Your Time On Twitter

Because of the 140 character limit composing a tweet is in many ways more difficult than composing a blog post. It’s important that you take your time and think about the wording of your tweet before posting it. Think hard about not only what it’s saying but who is reading it.

Something that seems obvious and not worth mentioning to the person composing the tweet, if left out or glanced over maybe confusing for some of your followers. It’s important that any information you’re trying to convey stays clear and easy to understand.

The Rules of Grammar and Spelling Still Apply When Using Twitter

When faced with such a low character cap it’s tempting to disregard basic punctuation or incorrectly spell words in order to shorten them. If you’re a professional blogger, it is important to ask yourself: “is that really how I want to present myself and my blog?” If you came across a blog that completely disregarded punctuation and used words such as “w8,” would you be willing to do business with them?

That’s the type of image you’re presenting to potential clients and readers when that temptation is given into. It may require a little creativity but it is possible to get your message across without compromising grammar and spelling. One example is to have a book of synonyms on hand at all times to help with word choice.

Sharing Links On Twitter

Often the reason someone composes a tweet is to share something they came across on the web, or to notify their followers of an update to their blog. A URL can often be extremely long, but posting a link without at least a basic comment as to what the link is probably will not get you very many hits.

This is where URL shortening services such as tiny URL and come into play. What these services do is take a long URL and offer you a much shorter URL that forwards to the same destination. If used properly, these services should allow plenty of space for the shortened URL and a small comment as to what it is.


  1. Reply

    Thank you for pointing out that grammatically correct structure makes a good impression, no matter how small the statement is.

  2. Ashley


    Truly, that twitter has been popular when it comes to internet marketing because it truly generates lots of traffic and a money as well but twitter is one of the most target by spammers, they use to enter your page and attack spammy comments.

  3. Ivan


    Great read! I always try to behave and write properly as a professional when contacting clients on Twitter (even on Skype or mail). I separate myself as a professional in one hand and an ordinary guy / dude in other. But even in the ordinary world filled with “lolz”, “u”, “b4” and other lad stuff, I try to write properly and stay cool / interesting at the same time. 🙂
    As for the link sharing, it’s a great tool for promoting your site / blog / yourself and gaining clients and friends (and girls yes 😀 ).

  4. Marketing Philosophy


    Very useful and informative tips about twitter, thanks for sharing!

  5. Reply

    Yes, people can get sloppy when using Twitter. They can also write things that they come to regret. We’ve all heard about tweeps whose tasteless jokes or nasty tweets went viral and damaged their reputations. So, it’s a good idea to keep yourself nice, as well as being professional on the site.

  6. Reply

    I agree, Twitter was so much better when it first started but the spam attack increased way too faster and this made me lean more towards facebook but still use twitter as well. I believe no site is spam free from one way or the other these spammers try to get in. Twitter has to introduce new changes otherwise the number of users will keep dropping down.

  7. Petre


    I agree with David, Twitter is fadding out, after a couple of years from now it won’t be popular at all.

  8. David


    Twitter was great when it first started, im beginning to lose interest now due to the amount of spam and auto twitter accounts.

  9. Zohan


    Some SImple tips, but effective, liked it bud, keep rocking on your blog 😀 lol

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