Reasons Why Your Dropshipping Business Should Use Facebook Advertising

Source: Pixabay Facebook had over 2 billion active monthly users in December 2017. This popular social media platform continues to grow their user base and we can only expect massive success from Facebook. That said, we see no reason why business owners who are into dropshipping should not leverage Facebook advertising to reach their prospects […]

How To Make Money By Selling Advertisements On Your Blog

A great way to make money online is by selling advertisements on your blog. This is one way tops bloggers are making money on their blog and you can do it too. I have been making money on my blog and I must say that selling advertisement space on my blog is one of my […]

Is Money Your Main Focus?

Is it bad to put money in the forefront of your mind if you are a blogger?

No I don’t think so. It’s a great way to escape the 9-5 work lifestyle.

But is it bad to think about make money blogging?

No at all. Most bloggers blog to make money and that’s the truth.

If you are delivering great quality contents to your blog readers and you are able to drive traffic to your blog then I guess it’s alright to think about the benefits of blogging. But where do bloggers go wrong when they focus too much on making money online? Really interesting question you might add.

I am going to help you to understand to to focus on making money while blogging and at the same time how it can captivate your mind to help destroy your blog.