We live in a digital age, and we use computers for every aspect of our lives: work, play and leisure. They are central to our very well-being. We can work remotely from home, and connect to our work servers from the comfort of our home office; travel for work is a thing of the past because we can easily video-conference call at the click of a mouse. We can watch films, catch up with friends, record momentous family occasions all through a variety of digital platforms: it’s wonderful. You can be sat in Alabama talking to a friend in Paris; you already know of the time difference because you looked it up.

Suddenly though, it’s not wonderful, and hindsight allows you to see that your computer hasn’t quite been acting right for a while, but you were busy, and put the thought that something may be wrong to the back of your mind. There is nothing like a dying computer to induce a cold sweat and profanities. The prospect of losing sensitive work projects, school work or precious family photos is potentially a personal disaster, and you will certainly need Secure Data Recovery to restore you to your happy place.

Here are 3 tell-tale signs that your hard-drive is about to give up the ghost:

  1. Your computer slows down and freezes regularly

These are rather generic symptoms of an ill computer, and can be caused by a whole range of problems; however, if they keep occurring, it is time to back up your documents ahead of full failure. Give your computer a deep scan and ensure that it is virus free. These problems are usually accredited to bad hardware, but can be a sign of full failure.

  1. The Blue Screen of Death

A blue screen occurs when Windows encounters a ‘STOP Error,’ and is a screaming symptom a critical failure generally in the computer’s hardware. The only option your computer has is to reboot. You may be tempted to search on the internet for a solution; however, by doing a DIY fix, you may inflame the situation and unintentionally overwrite data and make any chance of document recovery impossible.

  1. Your computer makes noises

This is the sound of your computer in pain, and it may already be too late, but it is certainly the time to back up your important documents. It may be that dust has got into ventilation in which case you can try hovering it to remove the offending dirt, and ensuring that your computer doesn’t overheat.

If your computer experiences any of these issues, you must react to it as a matter of urgency. Losing data costs U.S companies millions of dollars per annum, and can have long-lasting effects in terms of professional reputation, client satisfaction and trust. If in doubt, backup, but make sure that you back up correctly: there is no point making copies of your documents on the same computer, if it crashes, you lose all copies.

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