Content creation is the hot spot nowadays. Many small and medium businesses are taking time and investing human resources and money to enhance their production of high-quality content. It seems to be that bringing relevant information to your audience is one of the first things to get in mind.

Once content in created and posts are scheduled and planned, you are done. The reader gets to your page, and then what? Sharing seems to be the next logical step in content marketing. Since sharing remains as the “word of mouth” of the internet, it needs to be taken seriously. Here you can find some tips that will help you increase the shareability of your content.

Keep in mind target audience

Posts cannot be made and released without a target audience in mind. Imagine writing a letter without a clear reader, how would you know what to say? Having a clear audience in mind will help you choose the phrases, length, visuals and more of your article or post.

Ask yourself who your target reader is first. Young people? Workers? Women, who have children? The clearer you are about your audience the better your shareability chances are.

Design milestones

One of the main strategies to complete larger goals is to break it down into smaller pieces or steps. Milestones are the same. When designing a project, it has to have a date when minor goals have to be delivered, and other may be readjusted. If we are working as a group milestones will be of the up-most importance. The work or designers, the SEO service, engineers, and writers have to flow according to the milestones that have been set for the social media tool that was selected.

Maintain content uniqueness

What makes a person decide whether to share something is its value. Value can be defined by many parameters, and one of these is uniqueness. When the content found on the web is unique and offers a different perspective on things, it becomes valuable and shareable. We want people to get to this content and appreciate its uniqueness just like we did. On the contrary, if the content found is repetitive your target audience may not feel the need to share it because it can be found everywhere and many people would have already read it.

Use social media sharing options

Buttons are available to your page most of the time. Give people many sharing options so that they don’t have to copy and paste long URLs into their social media pages manually.Most popular sharing buttons include at least Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +. In some other cases, a LinkedIn button would also be helpful. It all comes down to the first idea of having a clear target audience in mind. So that you can adapt your sharing buttons according to the type of content and audience that you are trying to get to. If you a working with teens and your topic revolves around the chicken, a LinkedIn button is not the best option for you to make them share content.

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