Have you heard of the celebrated American writer Jay Conrad Levinson? He is the author of the book Guerrilla Marketing, released in the year 1984. The Detroit born writer is the one who coined the term “Guerrilla Marketing”.  Well, that was a bit of trivia for you. Now, let’s come to the primary context of this blog. What is it that you think justifies or explains guerrilla marketing? It is nothing but a marketing strategy and way of promoting and selling products and services on streets and different public places with a very little amount of money invested in the campaign.

The Bigger Picture

The entire concept of guerrilla marketing is about gaining real-time public attention in shopping malls, parks, outside movie theatres, popular trade centers, in the heart of the city and the likes. The idea is to rope in maximum public views and attention through different marketing gimmicks and product selling strategies. This is actually a non-conventional and much creative way to market a product. From demonstrations and marketing moves on the go, to coming up with creative Facebook pages, circulating ideas and messages through social media shares and likes, you have a lot of things to do and explore when it comes to incorporating guerrilla strategies for your marketing aspirations.

In today’s fast-moving world and rapidly changing mindsets of people in terms of consumer behaviorism and modes of shopping, guerrilla marketing is undeniably one of the most effective strategies an entrepreneur can implement in order to ensure maximum ROI at the cost of very little investment. You know a marketing campaign is done right when the message reaches the buyer’s brain and convinces him/her to buy a particular product or avail of a particular service. Guerrilla marketing precisely ensures the same. Here are a few remarkable benefits of incorporating this strategy in a business for maximum ROI at a minimum cost.


  • Helps you to communicate with your target audience


For example, you have a globally acclaimed portal that works as an academic essay generator and offers essay help to students. Now, you wish for a better market penetration by scanning the minds of the students to figure out what new improvements and features they wish to see in your services, in accordance with all updated academic guidelines.

Guerrilla marketing strategy will allow you to invest in creative campaigns and survey strategies to reach out to different students from various colleges and universities directly.

As a result, it would become easier for you to figure out the latest trends, directly from the horse’s mouth, allowing you to upgrade your services according to the market demand.


  • No limitations to creativity; you get to explore a world of opportunities


This is yet another remarkable benefit of implementing a guerrilla marketing strategy to take your business graph to new heights of success and prosperity. Traditional marketing strategies might draw limitations to your creativity. However, a guerrilla strategy would allow you to come up with creativity beyond any limitations or restrictions.

According to an update posted on statista.com, it has been estimated that there will be around 2.77 billion social media users worldwide by 2019. Now, the prediction makes it even more evident that the world of marketing and communications needs to invest more in social media platforms for swifter, smarter and more effective product sales.

Coming back to the context, considering guerrilla marketing as a strategy will help entrepreneurs to come up with different creative campaigns on various social media platforms. From Instagram stories to going live on Facebook to demonstrate a new product and its functionality, it neither costs you much, nor does it leave major scope for risks and loss in the long run.

Apart from showcasing creativity on social media platforms, you can level up your creative quotient and explore street art marketing, which is also an integral part of guerrilla strategy. From IKEA to Oral-B, Coca Cola to Drink and Drive campaigns, we have seen some of the most exemplary and creative street arts sending across impactful messages in a very subtle manner.


  • Guerrilla marketing can make your products and services go viral in a snap


You stand a chance to reach out to a large group of audience, under the same roof by implementing this marketing strategy. Also, going guerrilla would help you to create engaging contents in the form of videos, one-liners and engaging mailers to circulate the same among the majority of the population within a short span of time.

The math is simple! You are creating a 30 seconds marketing video for your product, or come up with a new built-in mechanism and spreading the word via Facebook pings, hashtag campaigns and the likes.

As a result, a larger base of the global audience is actually being able to get real time updates from your company regarding all the latest notifications. Result? With a single click of your mouse button, you stand a chance to enjoy millions of views coming your way.

So, now that you are aware of the technical meaning of Guerrilla marketing and all the benefits associated with the same, reconsider every strategy that you implement in order to market your products. Try roping in this technique and explore a new dimension of profitability in your business.

Author Bio – Adam Paul is a social media marketing strategist from Adelaide, Australia. She is also a dedicated online essay helper associated with MyAssignmenthelp The 27 years old is mostly into travel blogging, fitness and NGO activities.


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