It’s now easier than ever to set up a blog for your business, with user-friendly platforms like Blogger and WordPress. You can even create a fully functional ecommerce shop using shopping cart software or simple downloadable templates.

As you’re just getting started with your new website, templates and a hosted platform can be a great way to play around with some different design ideas.

Yet these DIY templates do have some limitations, so if you’re creating a professional website or more complex personal blog you may want to think about hiring a professional to create or update your site.

Benefits of Using a Professional Web Designer

One of the primary benefits of hiring a web designer is that you can make sure that your website is completely unique. When you use templates provided by WordPress or other platforms, this means that other blogs will have the exact same look. Customization only goes so far with these popular templates. A web design company can create a unique theme and layout that fits with your blog’s brand and personality. They can also integrate this with a main business website, virtual storefront, and social media profiles if you are creating a business. Having a unique layout and theme which is consistent across different media channels is important if you want to be taken seriously as a professional website. A designer will also be able to integrate tools like a shopping cart system and content management system that you can use to make updates at your leisure.

Web designers are now usually trained in search engine optimization, and can help your site rank higher in the search engine rankings. Another benefit is that you can choose a local designer who understands your demographic perfectly. Website designers NY would be a good choice for local businesses that want to attract more clients in their area. They would have market research pertaining to trends in NYC that would help optimise your website for these purposes. On the other hand, website designers Chicago understand the unique needs of the Windy City. Be sure to ask any potential designers about their optimization experience, both on a wider search engine and local demographic level.

Benefits of a DIY Approach

There are two main reasons why you may want to avoid hiring a professional web designer. The first is cost. Clearly, hiring a designer is going to cost more money than you would spend simply using free or inexpensive online templates. If your blog is straightforward and you don’t mind that it may not be entirely unique in appearance, then this could be the way to go. Another reason why you might want to do the job yourself is because you have an active interest in web design. Creating your own website is a good way to gain hands-on experience and experiment with different techniques, graphics, and tools.

Generally, for professional purposes it pays off to hire a web designer. Independent bloggers may want to save the cost, but those who wish to ensure that a website is unique, optimized, and current with online trends will probably want to hire a designer at some stage.


  1. Oliverfelton


    I think that benefits of hiring a web designer are more than it’s cons. So it’s good to go for it. Web designer are professional so they can make what we want because they have good knowledge of graphics, trends, HTML, CSS, Jquery and more other stuffs.

    • June Robinson


      I really appreciate this information on hiring a web designer, and I agree with you that the pros outweigh the cons. I like that you point out that they have more information about the logistics of websites as well as how to make them look attractive. In addition, I like that the writer here pointed out that your website will be more unique if you use a web designer. Thanks for the information!

  2. Jason Foster


    Cheers author for your self discovery and wonderful story. You are really a talented writer, Great content and the article was very informative. That is an awesome post instead. As a web designer, I really appreciate your thought and couldn’t but love your post for its writing techniques and distinctive quality which attracted me as well as the other readers. I’d love to follow your blog lest I should miss the future posts. Thanks.

  3. Reply

    Excellent post, I found knowledgeable information in this post and also implement this on my future. Anyways thanks for the post.

  4. elise


    I think hiring a designer is interesting if you want to be really present on your blog and if you are ready to spend money in it for sure. But the result is not j-going to be the same between a designer and you on WP or something else

  5. Krishna


    well It’s always smart to think long-term. Hiring a designer for a website will obviously cost you some money, and it’ll be for nothing if you would not use your website for something that will prove to be a good investment.

  6. Laine


    This is really a nice post sharing the valuable information about the pros and cons about the web designers. Designing a website is not a task to be taken lightly. It is a very crucial job because the entire business will depend on a particular website. A website is your online window to your business.

  7. Chuck


    For most startup bloggers, a web designer won’t be the highest and best use of your financial resources. I’d recommend taking the time to build a solid base of content and traffic before hiring out design work.

    However, if you’re adding a blog for an existing business, having a designer create a site that will enhance your existing brand is likely to be a good investment.

  8. Tulisa


    I think we just have to focus that the designer is not copy pasting and have a good knowledge of market with the help of this he/she can create more attractive design for us

  9. Reply

    I think you first have to try to do it yourself and fail if it is necessary because of how we can identify what we like and what not.

  10. Yaikoh


    A very good advice you have here. I will surely consider your tips, and actually this is very timely for I am planning to have another website for my online business.

  11. Adi



    I learned a lot from this post.It takes me almost half an hour to read the whole post and to understand. Definitely this one is the informative and useful post to me.

    Thanks for the share.

  12. Reply

    I agree with some that the biggest CON to hiring is that, at least before I knew what I’ve now learned, a lot of web design companys are CON artists!

    We have a site, and later learned that almost ALL of the content is just re-spun from a million other cookie cutter sites. No wonder we’ve never done well on google/bing.


  13. Karen Walters


    Hiring a designer is likely to be your most expensive option, but it’s also likely to be the best way to create a truly professional looking website. For most businesses, projecting that professional image is quite important. Overall, the pros outweigh the cons so it’s better to hire a web designer.

  14. Reply

    I guess the biggest cons is that it cost us money. Haha! And the best pros is that it’ll help us save time. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  15. Janeiro


    Making a wordpress blog is easy, but sometimes you want to make a minor change (like change a color) and find out it’s a huge project. I wouldn’t mind having a web designer around.

  16. Amelie Mark


    All factors held constant, it always pays off to hire a professional to design your blog because they have the know-how to incorporate all the little details that make your blog appealing to visitors as well as easy to manage. It is also easy to consult them in case of a break down or improper functioning that when you design it yourself as you may not know where the problem really is.

  17. Debashisa Jena


    The cons are not wasting money, you can hire for a short period of time every year when theme maintainance is required!

  18. Kelly


    As a blogger myself, I enjoy designing my own site and putting my own touch. It is difficult t first, but just love what you do. Thnks for sharing!

  19. robert kiyosaki


    I’d say a pro is worth it. All The time I have wasted trying to do this would have been better spent.

  20. Jan-Jan


    Having a great site design is really a great plus for us to impress our visitor. It’s really good to have a web designer though it will surely cost you a lot of money for that.

  21. Berita Terkini


    I have not thought of hiring a professional website design because no one I’ve made in my blog. I just do design their own templates that make the visitors comfortable. What do you think look of my blog? is quite interesting? 🙂

  22. Chetan Gupta


    Nice tips shared by you.
    I have a question that some seo experts tells that they can make your blog on top of the Google by a particular keyword in just 7 days. How they can do this because ranking can takes a lot of time.

  23. charles Leahy


    Think one of the main cons is that the client never really knows what he wants and it ends up taking forever to get the job done. Good post! Keep it up!

  24. Reply

    I think hiring a designer is the best idea behind every successful blog. I personally hired a designer to do my blog and the results were rewarding. Thank you for sharing this great post.

  25. Davis Lee


    Should your blog site is easy and you also don’t thoughts so it most likely are not fully one of a kind in look, after that this is the ideal solution. Another answer why you may need to get the job done your self is really because you’ve got an active desire for website development.

  26. Sudipto


    According to me, the biggest disadvantage of hiring a web designer is that we can get a unique design but we never satisfied with that design and this hiring a web designed is suited only those person who are heavy pocketed.

  27. Varun


    I think we just have to focus that the designer is not copy pasting and have a good knowledge of market with the help of this he/she can create more attractive design for us

  28. Saul Baines



    I think the first con would be we should hire a good designer or trusted designer so that he/she can’t duplicate the resultant design.

  29. Reply

    The cons to me would definitely have to be is you might never be satisfied with what you are getting and you end up wasting money. Me personally, I know how to web design and well I hate dealing with doing it for other people because they never know what they want. Good read!

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