If you are looking forward to getting new customers to expand your online business, lead generation is essential. To generate quality leads, you need to know some of the most effective techniques. Hiring the services of call center agencies to generate leads for your business is quite common, but if you prefer to do it in-house, here are some techniques that can help generate leads for you business and increase their customers.

Business Referrals

Matching domain referrals is an important requirement to generate quality leads for a business. This technique involves making sales between businesses. Depending on the industry which you work in, business referrals can differ. Call centers usually have a good connection with businesses that are similar. For instance, a company offering stationery items may be of use to a web designing company or printing company.


Many call centers provide telemarketing services, which also are helpful in lead generation. One of their methods is called cold calling, which involves randomly calling prospects and passing on information to them about the products and services of a certain company. When planned properly and executed continuously, cold calling can be effective in generating leads for businesses.

SEO Strategies

Search engine optimization or SEO is an indispensable aspect of lead generation to a company. It is a controlled and cost effective method that involves creating the website’s content, choosing appropriate keywords so that a company’s website goes up the search engine rankings and becomes more accessible to users. Choosing of keywords is pf particular importance here as it defines the target market to which a business is going to cater to.

Many companies have their own SEO team to handle this task, while many others outsource the job to firms that specifically provide SEO services or hire a freelancer.

Mass mailing

Another effective medium for generating leads is email. It is one of the cheapest ways of generating leads, but it is quite a tricky one. Mass mailing is done at random, and if it reaches a prospective customer, you are in with a chance of getting a new customer.


Blogging is a great method by which a company can generate leads online. You can write blog articles that are specific to the nature of your business. This will significantly drive traffic towards your website.

Social bookmarking

With innumerable social networking sites rising up, they are also being exploited increasingly by many companies to generate leads to their company. You can also make use of these for your business. All you need to do is register at a well known social networking site and create a page for your company, adding information that is most alluring to most users.

Lead generation is a consistent, low cost method of advertising your business through the internet and the results can be significant. But it is important that you consistently keep following up the leads since online markets keep changing constantly. Otherwise all the effort invested into it can turn futile.


  1. Alicia Gray


    Happy to know that you mentioned lead generation tips here, Marketing, whether it is Digital or Mass, it is the main function which can generate leads for you…

    Thanks For Share These Tips Too…

  2. Reply

    Another great way to build leads, it so get others to promote your offer for you. For example, I give away a free guide to business owners looking to make the most of their marketing. So in trying to get this to a wider audience, I look for complimentary businesses that have a list, that might like to promote it to their readership.

    Or you might to look to offer your report or ebook as part of a bundle of offers that an expert might be using to promote his or her latest product. You can ride on their credibility and get more people to join your list!

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  6. Murray


    I don’t think people stress referrals enough. Just think, you’ve got a customer that was thrilled with your services and chances are they know other business owners; if you just simply ask for the referral you almost always land it if you did a great job.

  7. Megan Brown


    All are perfect and effective tips which works definately.

    As I personally using many from this like SEO, Blogging, S.B.

    Thanks a lot for this useful tips and post.

  8. Marketing Philosophy


    Nice post thanks for sharing these tips, I thing the best ones is seo and blogging because they are natural

  9. Will


    I personally think a well written blog with solid SEO is the best way to get leads. Most of my success has always come from paid traffic sources to my sites, but now I’m focusing on natural, organic traffic to generate leads. More important than leads, I simply want regular readers. My focus has shifted to building a relationship first and letting the sales come naturally.

  10. Lisa


    Among the tips you shared. I haven’t tried the telemarketing aspect of generating leads.

    Nice post.

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