Is your blog starting to look cluttered and hard to read? Cleaning up your blog can make it easier to read and increase reader retention. Don’t make the mistake of having a site that pushes readers away. A little bit of tweaking and updating is all you need.

Adjust your Copyright

Make sure your copyright is up to date. If you have an old year, readers might look upon this negatively. It can also cause problems if your site protection isn’t up to date. Keep yourself covered and update your copyright date every new year.

Revamp your Content

Look over your about us page, contact page, and other pages. Make sure everything is up to date. Look through your blog posts and judge their relevancy. Are these posts telling your readers what you want them to know? Make necessary adjustments. Add update posts for past posts that need it. Keep your old content connected with your new content by linking back whenever you can.

Delete Holiday and Outdated Images

Don’t keep outdated images or links on the homepage, in the header, or in the sidebar. If the holidays are over, remove all the holiday-themed images. If you were promoting a contest that ended two months ago, remove the advertising for it. Outdated information makes your blog look neglected and uncared for.

Test your Links

Having links to outside sites and inside pages that are broken can cause a lot of problems. Readers will get frustrated when they can’t get where they want to go, and your content won’t be giving the information it’s promising. Check your links and make sure they are working. Check in content links as well as sidebar links to fix the usability of your site.

Set up Statistics

Do you have a way to look at the visitor statistics of your site? Set up a program with your site so that you can see how many visitors you get, where people are coming from, and what pages are most popular on your site. This information can help you make improvements that will increase your blog traffic.

Cut Out Spam

Spammy sites are unattractive and get rid of visitors and readers fast. Don’t over-clutter your blog with advertisements and other spam. Take off ads that don’t fit in with your site topic and those that lead to profane sites or scams. Stay away from flashy advertising whenever possible. Don’t be afraid to leave some extra space here and there. Pushing everything close together with no boarders or spaces makes a blog unreadable and hard to look at.

Update the Look

Does your blog look a little out-dated? Does it exemplify what it should? Make sure your theme is up-to-date and looks clean. If you choose a free theme, personalize it. Get a new header image that is unique to your blog. For example, if you have a blog about chocolate, instead of just a brown theme, add images of all sorts of chocolates and chocolate desserts to the header.

Clean Up your Categories

Do you have hundreds of categories? Too many categories starts to defeat the purpose. They should make finding information easier, not harder. If you notice some categories are very similar, push them together to minimize your number of categories and clean up the space on your site.

Add Surveys and Polls for Reader Feedback

Do you want to improve your site but find that it’s hard to know exactly what needs improvement? Ask your readers! If anyone is going to have ideas, they will. Set up a poll asking about site usability, looks, and content quality. You can also send surveys to individual readers, both new readers and long-time readers, asking them to answer some questions and give detailed feedback at the end.

Add More Content

Some websites and blogs are very thin. They don’t have a lot of content to keep readers interested. Others have a lot of information but could use more. If you want to make your blog a more useful resource, add more content. Add more helpful and detailed posts about your topic. Add new posts regularly to keep readers come back everyday for new content.

Cleaning up your blog is not only easy to do, it will improve your blog in many ways. You will keep readers, bring in new visitors, and have a more successful blog overall.

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  1. Reply

    These are some really nice tips, especially I liked the one about the outdated stuff. Many bloggers leave the time specific content on their blog for a long time which serves no good

  2. Technology Sales Leads


    Hi there James, your post is very unique and it is very well organized this is an effective way of cleaning and maintaining your site. Thanks for posting. I also voted your post on BE.

  3. Stephanie


    When I converted my site from static html to a wordpress blog and did a lot of permalink changes, I realized many of the links were broken. I used the plugin “Broken Link Checker” and it helped me tremendously to fix my site. Saved me a lot of time.

  4. Ron


    I thank you for posting this blog and sharing this to us. These tips are very important so that I could maintain my blog. You have given bloggers tips that should be consider so that blogs will last and never fade.

  5. Roro


    This is a very helpful and insightful post James! I agree with the points your tips and it’s good that you see things from the perspective of both the site visitor and the site admin. There is plenty about a page than readers can find discouraging, and you pointed out the key ones such as outdated images and broken links. Readers are easily turned off by sites that are not updated and cluttered. Presentation is important because it is what your readers see even before they read the content. There are many times when I don’t even bother to read the blog because the page itself is a mess. Will mentioned in his comment that he has already taken preventive measures to make sure his blog is clean and orderly, and I am doing the same. An updated and interactive site with useful content can make a world of difference to anyone’s blog site.

  6. Petre


    Good tips! Cleaning a blog is very important because Google places your blog in SERPS by the load time of the blog. The faster, the better!

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    I’m really enjoying the design and layout of your site. It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more enjoyable for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a developer to create your theme? Outstanding work!

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  9. Marketing Philosophy


    All these tips are very important and at the same time very simple, thanks for sharing I will certainly use all of them

  10. Reply

    Thanks for the tips! Going to go back through all my old blogs now to make sure they meet the criteria! ;p

  11. Frenz Chant


    Cleaning our blogs can be very important…Thanks a lot for posting this to us…

  12. Sabrina


    I think that some bloggers add so many things to their site that they may love. However, some of them may forget that their blog has to also be visually appealing to the reader.

  13. Megan Brown


    I like this post very much as this is one of the basic and common factor which can helps us lot in creating impression and also able to attract more visitors.

    All the point which you have mentioned is very simple but highly effective as many are just neglecting such points but there are many visitors who observe such points very minutely as YOU have observe and written post on it.

    So thanks a lot for this simple but sureshort way to maintain blog. As to make blog is an easy task but to maintain it for year to year is very hard which include all your suggested points.

  14. Will


    I’m lucky that my blog is pretty new… I’m doing my best to keep it neat and tidy so I don’t have to do much cleaning later.

  15. Ross


    All is well, but it is a difficult thing to add surveys in the blog to get users views. Is there any plugin with which we can add something?

    Whereas I am agree with you to update the look of the blog, it really effects the Blog and get more attraction of the users.

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