Every new blogger desires to be like the pro bloggers.

The new bloggers follow the pro bloggers tips, they subscribe to their blogs and news letters.

This is because being an awesome blogger comes with great fame and even fortune.

I must admit that when I started blogging I had followed most of the top pro bloggers in my niche because I wanted to be just like them.

I followed their every move, applied their every suggestions and today I have not established the status as a pro blogger, but I must say that I have been classed as an awesome blogger.

If you have been following my blog or my updates, you would have realized the amount of comments that I have been getting from my wonderful readers. This is because they loved my content and this made them comment saying that my articles was really great.

I don’t have the formula which will turn a new blogger into an awesome blogger over night, but I do have 5 excellent tips that will help you to become an awesome blogger in less that a month.

[box type=”red”]Write Specially For Your Blog Readers[/box]

One of the many reasons why my blog readers love my blog articles/contents is because I write specially for them.

We all know that contents on a blog is what makes it successful, along with promotion, networking or maybe even the blog design.

Nothing beats having quality content on a blog, and this is the reason why in almost in everyone of my blog post I always encourage new bloggers to write quality stuff for their blog.

We should always remember that our blog readers come to our blog so that they can gain some knowledge out of what we have written. So this is why is why it is important to write quality content for your blog.

[box type=”spacer”]Here are my tricks for writing excellent articles[/box]

Write As If Speaking – when I write my articles, I don’t just write because I want my blog to be up to date. I write so that I can share useful information with my blog readers. I write as if I am speaking to them.

Blog visitors and readers are real persons, and you should treat them like humans whenever you write a blog post for them. Write as if you were speaking to them directly. Doing this will make them understand more what you have written in your article.

Write When You Feel The Urge – Whenever you feel the urge to write, then you should write.

If you are a person like me then once I get the urge to do something, I do it. This is the time that your ideas start to flow and writing becomes more easier. Not all the times you will feel the urge to write so when that feeling comes on all you have to do is stop what you are doing, if possible, and start writing your new blog post. If you are unable to start writing at the same time, just take a few minutes to jot down your main ideas so that you can recall on them when you are ready to write.

Don’t Force Yourself To Write – Another important factor to consider if you want to become an awesome blogger is to not force yourself to write.

When you force yourself to write and publish a new blog post then you are bound to make some sort of mistake while writing. Posts may not turn out as good as you expected and readers may not get the point that you tried to make in your article.

Never you force yourself to write and that’s why in the point above I gave you reasons why you should write when you feel the urge to write.

Forget About Boring Blogged Out Topics – If you write about topics that are all over the internet on other blogs then chances are that your readers will get bored with your contents.

You have to touch on topics that are hardly blogged about but will have value for your blog readers. You have to be unique while writing your articles and this will make your blog more interesting.

[box type=”red”]Develop A Sense Of Originality[/box]

As I mentioned in the introduction of this post about wanting to be like the pro bloggers and following their every move, I also wanted my blog to look like theirs. It was like they were more that professional bloggers to me.

I soon came to the understanding that being original was what also helped these bloggers to become successful.

Developing a sense of originality is what was needed to become an awesome bloggers.

Doing your own stuff without copying others can help to push you and your blog towards success. You tend to get more views on your blog because of its original and unique look. Your content as well is original because you have written it yourself.

Being original also comes with a level of uniqueness. This is because each person thinks in a different way and if you come up with ideas that no one else has then this originality can help to make you an awesome blogger in no time.

Having originality will make you create products or YouTube videos which may go viral bringing tons of targeted traffic to your blog. And we all know that tons of targeted viral traffic is needed for success in this blogging world.

Never be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Be original and you will see how much you can reap through blogging.

[box type=”red”]Write Guest Posts Regularly[/box]

The two main reasons why people do guest blogging is to gain traffic and to also build backlinks.

Of course this is why guest blogging is so popular.

In fact I started guest blogging the first month that I launched my blog because I wanted to get traffic to my new blog. This of course doubled my blog traffic and also boosted my subscribers list.

Now a days whenever I do guest blogging, I still do it to pull more traffic to my blog and build some backlinks, but most importantly I do it to become an awesome blogger.

How do I do this?

Well when I am guest blogging I make sure to write guest posts like I am writing it for my blog. This is because I write quality stuff for my blog and I also apply this principle while writing for other blogs as well.

Some new bloggers will have the thinking that they can write the best stuff for their blog and submit just about anything as guest post. This is a no-no on my blog. This is one of the reasons why I also stopped accepting guest bloggers as well.

When writing guest posts you should always try to submit the best stuff.

Remember you are being an ambassador, so to speak, for your blog. You are going out to show others the type of stuff that is on your blog. So publishing crappy articles will make the readers think that your blog is also full of crappy articles. So this is why it is necessary to always write high quality posts.

 Benefits Of Regular Guest Blogging

  • You gain more exposure
  • Great way to brand your blog
  • You get to share knowledge with others

[box type=”red”]Be A Helpful And Friendly Blogger[/box]

One of the best ways to be helpful and friendly as a blogger at the same time, which can help to bring your blog more success, is through networking.

Networking can be done in tons of ways. But one of the most common methods that you can network with other bloggers is through social media sites.

Bloggers and even your blog visitors who doesn’t have a blog as yet are regularly on social media sites either tweeting or updating status. This is a great way to build a friendly relationship between you and these bloggers.

Building up relationships by being friendly is one of the first steps to becoming an awesome blogger and also getting traffic to your blog. This also makes it easier for you to share your new blog post with them or asking them to comment or share your article with others.

You can also use social media sites to offer some help to other bloggers who are in need of some assistance. Doing this can even help to make you some money.

After helping a person can make others realize that you are doing a service and want to pay you to work on their blog. This is a great way to help you make your first $100 from your blog, that’s if you haven’t already done so as yet.

[box type=”red”]Be Passionate About Blogging[/box]

One of the things that you will notice about pro bloggers is that they are very passionate about blogging.

Blogging is their true passion and this is a part of their life.

Making blogging a part of your life means that you have true passion for blogging, just like the pro bloggers. This type of feeling gives you the needed energy to want to blog every single day or do some sort of work pertaining to blogging.

Passion does speak for itself and if you don’t have passion for blogging then your inner feelings for blogging won’t be shown when writing articles or making blog comments.

If you don’t have much passion for blogging then writing a post for your blog will feel like doing a chore. Blogging shouldn’t feel like that. If you enjoy blogging and making money from your blog then you have to make your true passion show.

This is why it is necessary for you to be passionate about blogging. When your passion is alive and kicking this makes blogging more fun and easier.

Once you enjoy what you are doing and making money from it then this is what is needed for success.

Having passion makes writing top quality blog posts very easy. Making money from your blog as well will be even easier.

Develop your passion today and become an awesome blogger.


In Conclusion…

Here comes the end of another great article. I hope that you have enjoyed it and will benefit greatly from reading it. If you want to get my free updates then please feel free to subscribe to my blog via email or subscribe in a reader.

  • What do you think about this article and what other tips you have on becoming an awesome blogger?



  1. Vivek Jain


    Excellent tips for becoming an awesome blogger as example you. But If you want to make money by ads on your blog? Two things are necessary to you – Page Rank & Traffic.

    When people want to put ads on your website, then people are looking for more customers. If your website have no a good amount of stable traffic, then nobody comes to you. Before blogging, you should learn how to build traffic.

    Select a right topic and focus on the content. This is the best way to attract viewers and build popularity. Focus on content and build interesting, unique info.

  2. Kamran ul hassan



    Kharim you have done a great job, well experience and professional post you share it will help many new blogger, who wants to start there blog, this tips will help them.


  3. Reply

    Hi Kharim, Really Awesome post for everyone. I am not blogger but i am planning to start the blogging. i have some knowledge and i am not getting that how should i start the blogging. but now we can start the blogging with the help of your tips.This is very helpful for new bloggers.If you have some more information for unique your blogs so please sharing with us.. well thanks for sharing and keep in touch.

    • Reply

      Hi Soniya,

      This is the best thing that you are doing. Gaining knowledge and then launch a blog.

      If you need help then I can make your blog for you.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Bhushan


    Blogging is a unique way to express the information in very stylish and attractive manner. It is a new technique of discussion on World Wide Web wherein viewers or readers can also leave their comment about the written blog

  5. Bryan Ring


    I am already awesome, but it has taken me 10 years…haha…Seriously man your blog is top notch, but you already know that!

    Passionate blogging: I completely agree that whatever it is you do for a living or just do in general…passion needs to at the forefront. Friendly? Yup..how are you to get any followers, if you are not?

    • Reply

      I have been blogging for 2 years now and it has been wonderful.

      Its because of the passion and knowing that I can make a living through blogging is what keeps me going.

      Thanks for the comment , Bryan.

  6. Reply

    I had goosebumps reading that one, Kharim. I started a new blog that I am really passionate about. I hope I’d get the same success that you have… but, as you said, monetary success will only come if you are really passionate about what you write and you really care for your readers.

    • Reply

      Hey Marvi,

      If you want to make a few bucks blogging then you can blog for money.

      But if you want to make a living from blogging then you should be passionate about the topic that you are blogging about and love blogging as well. When you do both then you will make tons of money from your blog.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best with your new blog.

  7. Jason


    Hi Kharim. First of all, nice blog and I can see that it’s successful. Just some tips, the page loads slowly and your floating social media icons is in the center of the screen and no way to close it. It’s really annoying. Sorry I’m out of topic. All I can say is that you have done a good job in this post, I can say because I’ve been also blogging for years.

    • Reply

      Hey Jason,

      Yes my blog has acquired some level of success.

      Thanks for the tip in telling me that my social buttons load in the middle. I shall disable that plugin.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Hope to see you again soon.

      • Jason


        No problem man. You can just replace it with a better plugin. Adding a social media button is important. I’ll be coming back here from time to time. Oh, and did I just say out of topic in my previous comment? I meant off topic. 😀

  8. Linda


    Greats share , its really an powerful article for all bloggers, awesome write up , really thanks for this insightful post . I can see some useful stuff in your post , very informative.

  9. George


    I am new blogger seeking exceptional information to improve my skills as soon as possible. I think this post is really good and I am planning to apply the tips in my blog.
    Thank you!

    • Reply

      Hey George,

      Glad to see that you have found my blog and found my article useful.

      If you subscribe to my blog, I promise to deliver great quality content to you on a regular basis.

      Thanks for the comment and all the best with blogging.

  10. Reply

    I would like to add that aside from just writing quality and interesting content, one should also communicate and interact with users on their own blog but also on others, thus becoming a certain “authority figure”. Great post btw!

    • Reply

      I strongly agree with you on that point. This is where networking comes in and do this will help our blog greatly.

      Thanks for the comment.

  11. Gary Tyrrell


    Blogging has changed the way many people on the internet interact with others. Blogging provides a platform for users to connect with readers who share the same interests, and can even help with their efforts in generating revenue and an income from their writing.

    • Reply


      Blogging has changed a lot and it will continue to change because people are finding different ways to blog plus they are finding success doing so.

      Thanks for the comment, Gary.

  12. Reply

    honestly, i think writing what we think people should want instead of writing about what they want is what keeps a lot of blogs down. right now i’m letting right reason take over as i begin to answer questions my readers ask.

  13. GiGi


    I find commenting on other blogs and being social to be a good tool to use in creating an awesome following in a relatively short period of time. Of course you need to leave comments filled with meaning and not just a comment saying to head on over to their blog. And DO NOT leave links – it looks like spam and you may get banned from leaving comments and there goes one large avenue to use to gain a following and become an awesome blogger.

    Being an awesome blogger also means being social on other blogs! 🙂

    • Reply

      As for me, I hate spammers on my blog when people leave comment.

      I love to see up-building and positive comments. If comments are not of value then I will delete them.

      Thanks for the comment.

  14. Vijayraj Reddy


    Hi Kharim,

    A great post. It is not easy for the beginners but not impossible too. You have to be genuine in your efforts and cultivate the habit of being active on your blog. Writing for your blog periodically and building a reader base, will make you successful soon.


    • Reply

      Yes you are right, not easy but not impossible as well. It take lots of trials and errors at times but hard work dedication is the key.

      Thanks for your input pal.

  15. Khaja moin


    helpful post Write Guest Posts Regularly, this is what I need to take from this post.


  16. Ravi Singh


    Hi Kharim,
    You have share an inspiration, those who became a good blogger. I think Guest posting is most important strategy for growing your blog readership and providing a platform. Thanks for the share!!

  17. Aditya


    The only answer for me to all of the points you have mentioned here is Passion Kharim.If a blogger is not passionate then he can never write frequently.At some point of time he may feel bored to write more.

    • Reply

      Yes you are so right about that man. If passion doesn’t exist then failure to write will occur.

      Thanks for the comment pal.

  18. Reply

    Hey bro,
    Your points are very solid. I have been blogging for close to 1 month and I do some of the things you mention. I have 1 guestpost and I thinking of doing more of them.

    Your blog is a good source of solid materials


  19. saimarani


    One must have to left all the things when they are concentrating about blogging. because it is not a easy work, lot of hard work, effort is the key of success. nice post kharim.

  20. maja


    Hi Kharim

    You are on the way of success but a lot of patience and hard work is required. Newness of thoughts, research in desired niche and a lot of writing practice.

  21. Shiwangi peswani


    Excellent post Kharim and most of your tips mentioned here match to that I recently came to know from the Jon Morrow’s webinar. I usually write with the first person as if I am speaking to the readers and I believe that it makes the writeup mush easier than just writing an essay on a topic.
    Also I believe in your tip saying ‘write when you feel the urge’. I write only when I actually want to write.
    Well I have to work upon the guest post thing . I am not that good and quick at it.
    My most intricate problem is to select the topic for a guest post.

    • Reply

      Hey Shiwangi,

      I guess Jon Morrow’s webinar is almost matching to my post is because these tips are guaranteed to work. If this is done on a regular basis then success can be had in a short period of time.

      Writing when you feel the urge is the best thing because your ideas will flow and your article will turn out great.

      Also writing in the first person is great and makes your post alive. This makes your articles feel natural and your blog readers will love it.

      As for guest posting, what I do is write an article like I am writing for my blog and then submit it as a guest post to a blog that I think is suitable for it.

      Thanks for the comment and feel free to contact me if you need any help or advice.

  22. firdosh joy


    All the above five tips are really great and will be helpful for all the new bloggers but i want to add a new point for all the new bloggers that “Blogging is not an over night business which can give you success in just one night” so new bloggers need to be patience with passion.

    • Reply

      Hey Firdosh,

      Thanks for stopping by to read my article.

      You are right about that. Blogging is not an over night thing. This takes lots of hard work but in the end it will be worth every sweat.

      The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary. So if we want to be successful then we have to do some work first.

      Thanks for the comment.

  23. Ryan Biddulph


    Being original is A1 on my list Kharim. Speak your blogging voice and people will follow. Thanks buddy!

    • Reply

      Hey Ryan,

      Yes originality can make blogging success come even faster. We just need to know what will work for our blog and then it will be smooth sailing from there.

      Thanks for stopping by and giving your feedback again.

  24. Jack


    If someone want to become a blasting Blogger then he/she should be passionate first for their work after another thing comes.
    Secondly they should just focus on their work which will give first priority to his readers and visitors.
    And not need to say more,your phenomena tells everything here.

  25. Rahul Kuntala


    What a fascinating title.. Whilst that is an effective tactic for “hooking” the visitor.

    If you are serious about producing a successful blog, guest posting is
    something you simply must do. And producing high quality contents consistently is NOT enough, we must go out there and make relationships with influential bloggers! This of course takes time 😉

    • Reply

      Hey Rahul,

      Yep, great titles are the best way to get readers to your article, along with a nice introduction.

      I agree with you on that point. Guest posting should be done with great content as well. Lots of new bloggers want to keep the good stuff for their blog and this is why they fail at times when they guest post.

      One should always strive to write quality stuff. This is the key for blogging success.

      Thanks for the comment bro.

  26. Reply

    Hi kharim,
    These five tips are really excellent. I like the second point that you have suggested. Its the best one in order to be awesome in your blogging world. We need to update with regular but fresh posts. Secondly, originality is also the world which also needs to be keep in mind. Thanks for the share!!

    • Reply

      Hello Aditi,

      Thank you for reading my article. You are right about my point number 2 and also being original while writing is a must for blogging success.

      Thanks for the comment.

  27. Ehsan


    Really long and detailed post Kharim, I appreciate your effort.

    As quality beats quantity always, so we should try to provide a content for our readers which can capture their heart and mind.

    When it comes to writing, you should write as you’re writing to a friend because If you fear audience you can’t write well. The bigger the audience gets the more you’ll see your own flaws. The better way to write great content is to write as you’re writing to a friend and to disregard the audience.

    Thanks for this post Kharim.

    • Reply

      Hey Ehsan,

      I like the way you put it about writing contents which will capture our readers heart and mind. And you are so right about that.

      Having contents on our blog which our readers will love can put us in the drivers seat for success, so to speak.

      This is why I wrote about writing specially for your readers. I find out that when you write and use the word “you”, this makes the blog post seem like it was written specially for them. Also write as if you are speaking to them directly. This always works for me.

      Thanks for the comment, Ehsan. Expect more great things 🙂

  28. Irfan Siddiqui


    I will share my thoughts in this comment. 😛

    For me, my thoughts of being an excellent blogger is when you just concentrate on delivering right content to your readers and to guest post at least twice a month. That’s it, what you think on this, kharim?

    • Reply

      You are right about that, Irfan.

      As for me, I am trying to set new goals now and also new schedule for blogging.

      I am going to try my very best to guest post at least once a week.

      I also have an idea on how I can get some blogs in which I can guest post on.

      Will be posting more about it, so stay tuned 😉

  29. Swet Nath


    Nice tips to become a awesome and a better blogger. blogging also improves over writing skill and in my point of view if your article is informative with a catchy title it will be praised by many users.

    • Reply

      Hey Swet,

      I thank you for that compliment. Well I always try my best to write great titles for my post and awesome contents for my readers like you.

      Thanks again for the comment and hope to see you around soon.

  30. Reply

    Hello Dear

    great post your know you are my inspiration and i am always wait for your post and this post really very useful thanks for the give me helpful tips

    Thanks & Regards

    • Reply

      Hi Soniya,

      I am very delightful reading your comment and it has made me smile 🙂

      I thank you for being a reader of my blog.

      Thanks very much for the comment and please subscribe for further updates.

  31. Nawaz


    I agree Kharim that you are awesome blogger and hopefully soon you will be in the list of Pro bloggers. You write awesome articles and all of your contents are full of knowledge and energy.

  32. Raplus


    Nice post Kharim. I think this is helpful for bloggers who hope to be a pro blogger. 🙂 But I have to say another one thing. You know normally we have about 50% readers from Asian countries. ( Specially from India). But it depends on our niche. So I think, using simple English is important because most readers mother language is not English.

    • Reply

      Hello Raplus,

      I hope to be a pro blogger one day as well and this post that I have written I am going to apply those same tips for my blog as well.

      English is a must for me, because that is the only language that I know.

      Thanks for the comment.

  33. Jeet


    @Kharim: I would consider you a pro. Anyone who consistently gets 20+ comments on their blog is doing something right and you are very much there.

    Great points, I think conversational writing that directly talks to readers is mandatory for a blog’s success, descriptive writing is nearly dead. Unless a blogger uses the words I and you in the posts, they come across as dry and sound like a text book tutorial.

    I would add a point to this list – read other blogs in your industry and interact with bloggers using comments. This gives you post ideas, you always know what’s new in the industry and you make some really good contacts (comments get you guest post invites).

    Being friendly is VERY VERY important, even if you don’t agree with someone’s point of view, you don’t need to act like a moron. You can state your facts, cite your references and end the debate. If you come across as a troll, no-one would want to follow you on twitter and they definitely won’t want to read your blog.

    • Reply

      Hello Jeet,

      I must thank you for that compliment. Ever since I started writing my own blog posts, I have been getting tons of wonderful comments and this goes to show that I am doing something wonderful that my blog readers love.

      I agree with the point that you have mentioned there, reading other blogs does keep you up to date and also gives you ideas for new blog posts. This is what I do as well ans that has helped me to be an awesome blogger.

      Thanks very much for your comment, it was well appreciated.

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