It is being recorded that HTML emails get higher response than the plain text messages. These HTML emails are the easy and effective ways to attract your subscribers and even get better results from the email marketing. In HTML emails, you can format the text you want to, that is, you can use headers, pre-headers, sections, indentations, front colors, background, bulleted lists, highlights and much more without any programming knowledge.

Be readable – get the right structure: It is necessary to get the right structure of an HTML message. It can be done with the use of the tags needed for the creation of the tables, <table>, <td> and <tr> and attributes: cellspacing, cellpading, border, align, valign. This will help you to avoid numerous errors in code rendering. Always keep in mind that the extent to which the HTML code is simpler, the higher the chances of getting it displayed correctly in email clients.

When you want to design email HTML, it should be divided into following parts:



Content with call-to-action elements


The width of the email should be maximum 600 pixels so that it can provide optimal readability. Make sure that the most relevant information is placed at the very top of the email and the hyperlink of it will enable to preview the message in a browser window.

Thus, pre-header and header would be the first elements of your message that will enable your subscriber to see on the screen. Ensure that they are attractively created so that they give first best impressions to your subscribers.

Make your content look good by making it appealing: They say that you will get what you see. It is absolutely important to have effective communication with your subscribers. To increase the chances of it and attract their attention, consider the following to organize the elements of your newsletter:

  • Make paragraphs rather than giving a continuous text layout. Make sure that you space them out evenly. This way your text will be easier to read by giving them a systematic flow. This will help your message in getting across.

  • Use inline CSS to style the colors and shapes of the fonts, modify indentations and spaces and create bullet lists.

  • The color contrast between the text and the background of it should be appropriate and perfect. If you choose your text to be darker then your background should be as lighter as the text is darker and vice versa.

  • If you are inserting the images then make sure that you use the height, width and alt attributes. Ensure that you do not use the images as the background for your emails.

  • Try to keep the total size of the images to maximum 30 kilobytes. But you should know that the lesser images you use in your message, the faster it will get displayed on the subscriber’s laptop. Moreover, some email services allow messages having under 24 kilobytes. If the text and images in your message has got a balanced proportion then your email won’t be classified as spam.

Test before sending: Make sure that you send the emails only after testing them thoroughly. This way you can have effective communication with your customers. Most of the software can be used by the popular desktop applications, such as Lotus Notes, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, or managing their emails in web-based applications such as Hotmail, Yahoo Mail or Gmail.

Let your subscribers choose the format by being flexible: If you send your HTML messages in plain text and HTML format, the subscribers will be able to choose what is suitable for them. Over and above that, your messages will also not be classified as spam. Hence, your email would be delivered as well as read.

[box]About Allyson Steffey: Allyson Steffey is professional web designer and content editor in which is specialized in Email Design backed with years of experience. Email Monks is a superfast Email Templates and Newsletter Templates Conversion service provider that converts design to Email HTML in as less as 8 hours.[/box]


  1. chitra


    Thanks for the post. Html email are a good way to attract the users.

  2. Rajkumar Jonnala


    I must say you have explained all the factors very well.
    Due to spamming over the internet, it is becoming to differentiate quality from spamming.
    While writing Emails to companies, many of them consider as junk if it is not well formatted.
    I think, the tips that mentioned in the article are pretty well to get rid of this issue.
    It looks professional too.

  3. Reply

    No doubt, E-mail marketing is a great marketing strategy and using HTML tags for getting maximum exposure is important.

  4. Naomi Jefferson


    There is one basic rule in marketing- What looks good, sells good, and thus it applies to email marketing too. You can really captivate your readers by making a proper use of HTML. Visually appealing newsletters and emails have always provided better results than sad plain mails.

  5. mansi kaul


    Hello Dear

    These html emails are the easy and effective ways to attract your subscribers in fact some knowledge is must for blogger and SEO really so thanks for sharing me

  6. Reply

    Allyson, great tips. Email marketing is one place where a lot of bloggers are having difficulties. Formatting with the HTML elements is a big problem for those who do not have HTML knowledge.

    But if you can get things right with your email, your business then has a solid foundation on which to easily reach customers, do pre-sale and even make sales.

    It is always good to allow the customer the option of plain text or HTML text just to make sure nobody is left out.

  7. Pramod


    HTML emails are no doubt the best options that can be used by a marketing team ..people do get attracted by attractive html content this must be kept in the mind while marketing ..thanks for sharing this info.


  8. Reply

    I agree with your article and email marketing is unique and great way really , HTML emails are the easy and effective ways to attract your subscribers and even get better results from the email thanks for sharing me

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