Google uses various kinds of factors to rank a site. It uses almost 200 factors. It does not matter about the number but sheer magnitude is still intimidating. Especially for those who have started ranking their site? But these factors are not equally important. Some of them are important but some do not make big difference in market. In fact many of them do not have direct influence on them. If you are one of those who have just launched website then have a look on factors that you should be focused on first.

  • Content

Content is one of the crucial factors of SEO ranking factors. Content should always be new and latest. Google always demands the keywords, so the content you write should be according to the keywords. In fact it has been observed that 53% of the top 20 queries have keywords in their title tag and less than 40% of landing pages have the keywords in their H1. So what matters is content written should be relevant to keywords and simple so that it can be understood by everyone. The content should be not too long as Google will pick the best short and most relevant content according to keywords.

  • Back links

Back links are always an important part of Google ranking factors over years. Google has learnt to change the bad links to good. Still more links will be rank higher in case they are from a no. of diverse and authoritative domains.  When others read out or link to you content, Google will read out back links and will match anchor text to it and consider your content relevant. When your content gains large number of high quality back links you will hit 3 important ranking signals that is number of back links, link authority, and link diversity. Search Metrics found that social signals and ranking position strongly correlated across all social media channels though Facebook which is still the platform with the highest concentration of user interactions.

  • Mobile-First User Experience

One of the major changes we have seen in the past year is that Google shift towards mobile first indexing. It means that Google index will be exploring the mobile version of websites as opposed to the desktop version. Mobile optimization is also considered as one of the extreme important factors in ranking. According to a survey it is observed that Top 100 visible domains are mobile friendly. It is more important in these days that your content should be more mobile relevant than the desktop. Mobile friendliness is one of the norms. 85% of the websites are mobile friendly according to Google criteria. According to Google if you are on the way to build a mobile version don’t launch until it is finished. Page speed is also considering one of the important factors. If your loading speed of page is high you will be successful in engaging more users.

  • Other Technical Factors

There are also various factors that will play a crucial role in your website ranking. These can be encryption, H1 H2 headings, anchor text and anchor text distribution. Back links find a strong correlation between HTTPS website and Google first page ranking. Google has confirmed that websites with powerful HTTPS encryption will be ranking better than others. There will be more landing pages with H1 and H2 in the source code. Search Metrics found that there is immense correlation between the uses of at least one H2 to have a higher rank. Exact match of anchor text still has a strong influence on rankings.

SEO is quite trend in the industry. It has great scope. Above were some of the important points to keep in the mind to have high ranking. Other ranking factors are also important but these are foremost and they will play a great role to rank your website in the Google.

Author Bio: Binod Kumar is a marketing manager at Daksha Digitas offering digital marketing services in India and all around the world. He is immensely  passionate about his work and always loves to share his supervision  with others. He is also a professional blogger.


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