Search engine optimization is one of the useful ways to improve the web presence and get more traffic towards the website. Implementing the seo strategies in the right direction can be tricky as new tactics are being used and also the Google’s guidelines are becoming quite strict. Still one can be successful in seo if they focus on both the Technical SEO as well as the non-technical one.

If you too want to get excellent results, you need to have a balance of Technical Vs. Non Technical SEO as it is the only way to reach the target. But before going deep into the topic, let us know more actually is the technical seo and the non-technical seo.

Non-Technical SEO – Non-technical seo as the name implies is all about doing your off-page seo. This includes building links of your website, creating social media profiles to get traffic, managing them, working on the links, and lots more. Even content marketing is a part of non-technical seo wherein you create different types of content like articles, blogs, whitepapers, guest posts, press releases etc. So all that requires no technicality come under this category but requires a lot of effort to get the results. Building quality links is a tough and time taking process before the final results are visible. That is why the Non-Technical SEO is quite crucial and most important too.

  • Link building
  • Content writing, posting and sharing
  • Forums
  • Blogs, articles, press releases etc

Technical SEO – Then you have the next part which is the technical seo and includes the handling of the on-page features of your website. This will working on the broken links of your website, understanding the tags, optimisation of the website, creating Meta tags, adding description and lots more. All that which is related to the on-page comes under technical seo as it requires a lot of knowledge and experience to implement the same.

  • Structure of the site
  • Content of the web pages
  • Site speed
  • Title tags and metatags
  • Sitemaps
  • Internal linking
  • Coding issues
  • Mobile friendly design
  • Indexing issues
  • Website crawling and lots more

Balance of Non-Technical and Technical SEO

There is no denial to the fact that both the technical as well as the no- technical seo is necessary. With one you are able to achieve link building and with the second one you are able to optimise the website. When both are put together the results are just outstanding. That is why it becomes all the more necessary to focus on both the aspects so that a balance can be established. Anything done beyond the requirement may have adverse effect on your website and nobody wants that to happen. So striking the balance is necessary and you need to focus on the same.

Just like building links for your website is a must, you need to make sure the links are natural and quality based. In the same way working on the on-page aspects of your website is crucial as it results in optimization which in turn influences the rank of your website. So the end result is what matters the most and it is possible when both the technical and the non-technical aspects are put together in the right way.

It is quite clear from the above information that seo is all about putting towards both the technical and non-technical aspects which result in better outcomes. You need to create a balance between the same as this is what makes the difference. So do focus on both the aspects as both of them are equally important and it is difficult to move ahead with any one of them.

Author Bio:
Kylee Brown is a SEO Trainer by profession and Writer by hobby. She has been providing SEO Training Singapore. Her advanced internet marketing skills will provide you the most recent information. She has done lots of creative works in the field of online Marketing. She has written multi fold blogs and articles that present strategic approach, and marketing tips for online businesses.


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    Wow! I have been doing SEO for the past few years and I don’t think I’ve ever sat down to compare the two. Fortunately for me though, I’m actually good in both so I don’t have much of a problem. I’ve had a couple of websites I built from scratch and had one blew the first page results. I’m applying that knowledge and getting similar results with other websites.

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    Wow, I just focus on technical SEO and really don’t care about non-technical SEO. Thanks to your post now I understand 😀

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