If the traffic is not coming to you, the only thing you have to do is go get the traffic.

If you made a site, nobody but you knows about it. You cannot just build a website or blog and write articles and expect people to come swarming to it. You have to go promote the articles that you have written, tell them that you have something information to offer to them on your site, because this is the only way you will get traffic.

How do you effectively get traffic to your blog?

In this article I will show you how I get traffic to my blog, from social media, forums, and by commenting.

Where Do I Promote My Articles?

I promote my articles by blog commenting, social media, forum posting and social networking.

Social Media
These are some of my favorite social media sites below that I get lots of traffic from:

  • Twitter
  • This is a really great site where you can find millions of people. I tweet my article whenever I post a new one automatically using a WordPress plugin called Feed2Tweet.

  • Facebook
  • For me to get traffic from Facebook, I had to make a Facebook fan page.

  • StumbleUpon
  • I love using StumbleUpon cause it brings massive amount of traffic to my blog. It’s best not to stumble your own articles. Stumble others and they will stumble you.

I join forums in my niche as well, and In my signature I would post links for my blog there. This is a great way of getting traffic as well.

What I do is, whenever I post a new article, I edit my signature and put the link to my latest articles there. This way I somewhat keep them up to date with my blog. But in order for you to gain lots of traffic from the forums you have to be an active member. Start threads and also make replies to the threads.

Blog Commenting
Blog commenting is another great way of getting lots of traffic to your blog. What I do is comment on do-follow blogs that are in my niche, especially the ones that have more traffic than my blog.

Group Discussion

If you follow these tips I am guaranteed to get traffic to your site.

  • What do you do when your traffic is or was low?

    1. Christian Esperar


      I also used this method but I think first you must gain reputation in each to have a better result. Also, maintaining many social media sites are a hard work so we must also open for this.

    2. Irfan


      If you don’t get time to promote your article on social network do blog commenting it gives you free promotion, exposure, backlinks and much more. All for free!

    3. Bapun



      Found this post via Twitter, so you must be doing something right! Excellent tips and one thing I need to get better at is StumbleUpon. So many people say it brings huge loads of traffic but I have yet to see it. I am going to try stumbling others works for awhile and see how that lays out.

      Thanks for the tips.


    4. Delena Silverfox


      Thank you, Kharim!
      This is great stuff, and it’s advice that I can use *right now,* when building from the ground up, rather than trying to figure out how to get to the point where I can use advice about doubling my newsletter subscription or buying that $3000 workshop. I’ve only just started, but with advice like yours and Ana’s over at TrafficGenerationCafe.com, I’m headed in the right direction from the very start!

      Now a regular reader,

    5. Vernon


      Certainly getting traffic to your blog takes a lot of hard work. One great way is to write guest posts for blogs with more traffic than your own. I also find Twitter is far more useful than commenting, though doing both is better.

      I don’t think in terms of traffic it matters if the blog is no-follow or not – that only relates to getting back-links to improve SEO. A bunch of spammy back-links on do-follow blogs will just do your SEO damage in the long run.

      • Reply

        Thanks very much for the kind comment Vernon, I really appreciate it.

        As you stated, building up traffic to your blog can be hard but I will be worth building it up in the long run. I mostly get traffic from the blog commenting and social media sites. I get some of my traffic from search engines as well.

    6. Steve


      Facebook and forum posting have been very good at bringing traffic to my site. Especially forum posting, since one of the forums I’m a member of has an ongoing thread “Did you update your blog today?”. Posting your updates in there helps getting people to look at your site, while also giving you a lot of frequently updated blogs to read.

      • Reply

        That’s true, i agree with you.

        But lately, i notice, people will recommend our links in a forum where we are not the member.

        In the other site, if we are active in a forum, and post our links, we will get reported for abuse 🙁

        Or people will report us to kill us as a competitor in that forum.

        sigh..nowadays lol!

        • Steve


          My focus of my site is on creative writing, with some computer programming information from time to time. I spend a lot of my forum time on absolutewrite.com’s forum, which is dedicated to writing of all times (creatiive/blogging/non-fiction/technical). It’s a pretty fun forum to hang out in.

    7. Ary


      Well Kharim, I do most of the things that you have stated above, but you didn’t specify anything about backlinks from guest posting. Also I think it would be a great idea to post examples of forums and blogs, how to find the right source.

    8. Daniel Sharkov


      Expecting that visitors will just start to fall from the sky is definitely not the way to go. If one doesn’t put some efforts and hard work in getting traffic, he is never going to succeed. When it comes to social media, I still haven’t tested Facebook’s marketing capabilities, but the other two methods are certainly a nice way to getting some additional traffic. Using forums is also not a bad tactic, but the process is a bit too time consuming in my opinion.

    9. ownlimited


      Hi Kharim, I am a beginner on the internet. I was already doing these steps. but why my alexa rank drop instead. if you have a solution? thk a lot

        • ownlimited


          I mean: my alexa drop from 700,000 to 1 million in two days. Is there something wrong with my site? thanks kharim

    10. Domain name registration


      I need to create time to promote your website or blog in other to increase the traffic to your site or blog. If you can employ all the ways mention above, it will increase your site of blog traffic within few months.

    11. Natalia


      I noticed that your CommentLuv app doesn’t always pull my last blog post… am I doing something wrong here? I’ve installed it on my own blog since seeing it here so I’d appreciate the info!

      • Reply

        I’m not sure what’s really wrong. I kinda had that problem some time ago.

        I think i’ts the way you enter your url. “http://www.” or “http://”

    12. Natalia


      Hey Kharim,
      I like your tips but do you have some advice on how to promote a FB fan page? I’d love to see those 🙂

    13. Paul Tech


      Blog commenting and forum posting is time consuming but the effort is worth it in terms of traffic if you contribute and offer useful advice..

    14. Reply

      Exactly, Forum posting is an essential for an example if your niche is movies , IMDB is the best place to make connections , etc. without spamming the board. Thank you,

    15. JoeNo1


      Nice article. Short and clear!

      I started my blog about a year ago. I haven’t had much traffic so far. It makes sense because I only post on a few forums. According to this article, I should keep up with social media and commenting blogs. Let me get started from here. I’ll see how well does this blog comment go. I may come back to comment again. 🙂

      Thanks for your tips!

      BTW: My blog is not about webmaster stuff. It’s mostly about classical guitar music. Welcome to visit my blog if you are interested in it.

      • Reply

        Thanks for the comment JoeNo1, If you want traffic then you have to constantly work at it and your website has to have contents to satisfy your visitors in order for them to want to come back to it.

      • Reply

        One more tips for your blog Joe, You have too much Google Ads. 2 or 3 ads is good enough. You have 4. Because you have 4, the ads on the right is not fully showing. So I would suggest you remove either one or two of them.

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