Reaching the top spot of search engine rankings enhance the exposure of your company and helps you to establish your business in the industry. This generates the returns on investment you wish to see. However, what goes wrong? As a business owner, you might have been using search engine optimization for a very long time. But, somehow, you find that your efforts are not paying off, and you are stuck in the same position without any success!

Where are you going wrong?

Experts in the field always state that you will never see good SEO results if you fail to implement a strategy that creates value for Google to identify. When you are creating your SEO strategy, it takes time and effort. You may entrust this task to a professional company to help you determine what your short term and long -term goals are. The following are some reasons that might stop you from topping the SEO charts-

  1. You are using the wrong keyword- The keyword you use is very important for search ranks. Make sure you are using a keyword that drives in traffic. The content should be used with this keyword. Take a look at the first page of Google search engine ranks and check the type of content Google wishes to see to get an idea as to what is needed to go up on the first page.


  1. Quality of your website- The quality of your site plays a vital role when it comes to search engine ranks. It is true you have paid a lot of money for a beautiful site. However, the appeal might be to the eyes only. Experts from esteemed digital marketing and SEO company Maison Tulip, suggest you check your website for duplicated content, navigation that is confusing, stale and untouched content, insufficient content, the absence of a blog to refresh your content, etc. These are just some of the factors that might be holding you back when it comes to topping search engine ranks on Google.


  1. The Internet fails to recognize you- The links on your website are very important however having the wrong links on your site can cost you, dear. Make sure that all the links you feature on your website are high-quality links. This will make Google aware of the fact that your business website is adding value to users of the web. Check your links and ensure there are no broken links on your website. Protect your business site from malicious code attacks of negative SEO. Stay on your guard all the time as you do not want Google penalizing you for having malicious code on your site.

These are three common factors that business owners on the Internet tend to overlook when it comes to search engine ranks on Google. This is why you must check the quality of your website and ensure you have valuable content and links to catch the attention of Google and place you high on search engine ranks with success!




    If Google SEO were a chicken and your site were an egg, which will come first.
    There may be lots of SEO guides and blogs for the net that tackle top
    from the line ways of achieve high Google rankings, but I’m sure that you may still find many site owners available who’re scrambling
    their supply of high Google rankings. The right suggestion I
    am able to supply you is usually to write your content for
    people and not the search engines.

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