The 21st century has experienced rapid development of internet technology that has increased opportunities on how to make money online. Many people nowadays earn money online, but at the same time many people have fallen victims of the many scams found online. At the same time many people use the genuine sites or ways to make money online, but end up failing in their ventures in the long run. Below are some of the reasons why many people fail to make money online.

1. Lack of motivation

Many people engaging in online money making ventures lack the motivation to concentrate on their business. You will find many people wasting a lot of time watching other videos online instead of concentrating on their online business. It is not bad to watch the video, but it is more important to first focus on the business until it is making good money.

2. Failure to put more efforts in income producing activities

In order to earn good money online it is fundamental that you concentrate on activities that generate income. Do anything that will make people to buy your goods or services online. For example, use the social media to make people get to know your products and services and encourage your followers to share with others. You can also shoot videos and share them with prospects instead of keeping them by yourself or sharing them with people who might not be interested in the videos. Buying paid ads is also another lucrative income generating activity you can get engaged in.

3. Writing that contains irrelevant topics

Many people also end up writing topics that are outdated. This makes the readers bored or disinterested in reading your blog. In order to succeed it is important to always write blogs on some trending topics or topics that are really hot in the market. You can also shoot a video about the topic and publish to the blog. Many people also fail because of missing the call to action at the end of the blog. This makes the readers be left hanging as they do not understand what to do after reading the blog. A call to action is important as the readers get motivated to buy certain products presented in the blog or read more and more of your blogs.

4. Lack of consistency

Consistency is another important aspect required in order to succeed in making money online. However, many people give up so quickly especially if they find some challenges in their efforts. Many of them get the notion that making money online is easy and a fast way to get rich, but this is not the case. You need to put more efforts and produce quality work in order to earn money online. It might take time before realizing this success, and therefore not good to give up too soon. By remaining consistent, you end up establishing a strong customer base and many prospects come to know you leading to success in the long run.

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  1. Dhaval Shah


    Nice article and made me realize the mistakes i am doing.
    Hope to improve on the mistakes and become successful in earning money online.

  2. Dipra Sen


    I think most people just give up in the early stage. This is the main reason of failure.

  3. Imtiaz Ahmed


    Nice And Very Informative Article Well Written.Great Key Points.And I Think To Make Some Money You Need To Work Hard.Keep It Up.Hope in future Success.

  4. leo


    Another great post about making money online! Learning to use the internet for income can be really hard. There’s a lot of information to learn and most of it is heavily guarded to protect one’s own niche. If anyone is discouraged I highly suggest taking some time to re-evaluate your personal process and learning some tricks to improve. You can only get better!

    Thanks for the great post!


  5. Prabhat


    Well earning online is really easy if you follow certain self made tactics and its really very hard to make a single penny online even if you follow any big Guru! Earning online is like making your own way!

  6. Gautham Lurk


    Lack of motivation and lack of patience are two aspects which i found killing inspiration in budding bloggers.

  7. Sana


    To make money online a lot of motivation is required. Consistent hard work is key to success on this road.Moreover a lot of skill is also required in this field of earning.

  8. Vivek Jain


    Always like the way of your writing. Lack of motivation and lack of consistency are the most important factors in online money making concept. People show their creativity in unproper manner and obviously also show in an un appropriate way. Thus this become the biggest negative point in blogging ways(if I talk about money making from blogging). Again thanks for this informative post. πŸ™‚

  9. Smith


    These are very useful. This post helps to make money online. Nice post. Thanks for posting.

  10. Reply

    These 4 are just some of the reasons I think. In my opinion it’s very hard to a normal people to make money online. Just a genius can do that.

  11. Reply

    ‘Motivation ‘and’ lack of consistency ‘ this two paragraph make who are not succeed in this field.

  12. Felix Lee


    Making money online is never easy as it sounds to be. There are a lot of things you should do and learn in order to succeed. And of course, loving what you are doing is a very important factor.

  13. Fatima


    In my opinion consistency is the only think that is extremely vital to achieve success in online money-making market. You can post relevant content and upgrade it but you have to be very patient with the response you get becaue that will vary. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Krisitne


    You’re right! And maybe some just like perseverance. You know how people can be very impatient. When things do not work perfectly on first try, we loose hope. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  15. Joy


    Yeah, I used to ask the same question. It is nice and helpful to know that this kind of problems are addressed now. This means we have better chance of making good profit online. πŸ™‚

  16. Chetan Gupta


    you are absolutely right about these points. There are many ways of making money online but blogging is the best one. Many bloggers do not follow the perfect guide lines which makes a good blogger there fore they fails in making money through blogging. I know blogging is so hard working but you can full fill your all the dreams by making money through blogging.

  17. Aayna


    Making money online is indeed not a child’s play, it requires a lot of motivation and a constant urge to keep the ball rolling irrespective of the failure one faces. Many individuals lose the interest in between once they face a failure. The pointers mentioned are true to the core and one must consider them. Thanks for the share.

  18. Reply

    Everyone internet user want to make online money but it is not easy as it seem you need to do proper study and research before to start any online business. This post is really nice and useful to all those want to make money from internet thanks for sharing this post.

  19. Sudipto


    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. Yes, for getting success consistency is the most important factor as we have to update our blog regularly and also have to make links. This post really help all the newbies.

  20. Jun


    Lacking motivation is also my problem. I really hope I can take it away for me to survive and earn money online.

  21. Elisa



    Excellent post, i like all your mentioned pints about the people who are not earning money and i think hard work and patience is the key or earning.

  22. Mark cullen


    The first reason for not making money online, they quit it soon and i think they feel that we cannot make any money.

    But the thing is initially we need to work hard.


  23. Des


    Yeah, it’s all right. A lot of people didn’t know how to succeed to make money online. Thank you for given all this great tips. I learned a lot from this post.

  24. Reply

    Nice article and some very interesting points on why many people fail online. I myself am guilty of not being consistent when it comes to blogging. As for income producing activities I’ve heard it said the one should focus on traffic and conversions if they wish to make money online

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