A domain name is an Internet address which uniquely identifies your brand, business, or person. It is what the visitors of your website will type into the address bar of their browser when they wish to access your site. It is very important to register a domain that your visitors can identify and remember easily.

When you or your company buys a domain name in order to develop your website, you will be required to provide some information about yourself and your company. This information is provided to the domain registration company. The body that is responsible for domain names all over the world, popularly known as the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), has a policy which requires that all domain name records should be public and easily accessible by anyone who wishes to see them.

The information must also include contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses and street addresses for the owners of the domain name and the people in charge of the technical aspects of the domain name.

ICANN is responsible for keeping the Internet organized. It does this by associating names and numbers into a database for all registered domains. You can easily determine the owner of any domain by entering it into whois. This means that in case of malicious actions by websites such as phishing and drive-by downloads of malware, the people responsible can be brought to book.

The Disadvantage

However, there is a disadvantage to having the contact information you provide during domain registration easily accessible by anyone on the internet. There are a lot of people who have malicious intentions and can use this information to spread spam mail and conduct scheming campaigns. There are also spam bots that crawl the Internet looking for email addresses which can be used in email marketing campaigns of the illegal kind. In case of contact details such as phone numbers, there are people who may use them for telemarketing purposes. This usually takes up a lot of your time and is a general nuisance.

In order to avoid all this mayhem that comes with having your contact details publicly available, you can always opt for a private domain registration. This is a form of domain registration where you don’t provide your own contact details but instead, you let another party do the registration for you. This other party is commonly known as a proxy and they are the ones who will bear the effects of the publicly available contact details for you. This way, you can maintain the integrity of the communications in your business without having too much spam mail and unsolicited telemarketing calls. Your actual names, phone numbers, physical address and email addresses will be masked and the spammers will not be able to access it.

In conclusion, private domain name registration can be quite beneficial to your company. This is because communication within your business is very essential for the smooth running of the daily activities of your company. Private domain registration ensures that spammers and telemarketers won’t interrupt the smooth flow of your business communications.

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  1. Reply

    Hi, I think private registration will hide all information regarding your company. I am always using private domain registration for my business. And Really you want to hide your information I personally recommended to go for private domain registration.

  2. Chetan Gupta


    Yeah i really appreciate with you. Private domain name registration is most important because it gives the identity to your new brand. Sub domains always look like a room on rent not own.

  3. Reply

    Private registration is a con for me because the person I am trying to find who claims my video production company scammed him is hidden. lol. But I have no problems with this for good reason.

  4. Sudipto


    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. Yes, private domain registration is really important in many way and it also useful in security purpose.

  5. Jun


    I love having my own private domains, it helps me a lot especially on attracting advertiser to guest post on my sites

  6. Reply

    I found this post to be extremely helpful as I was searching what all the information was about regarding Why Private Domain Registration is Important.

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Jerrick


    You can lookup for some service that provide by hosting provider which is call whois ID protection where it allow you to hide your contact details, personal information and business contact details from whois site.
    Beware the risk of explore your contact information in whois. People might grab your contact details and spam you unwanted email and calls.
    Domain hunter might wait for your domain expired and try to take away from you .

    Just get a whois ID for your domain to protect your privacy even you own the domain name.

    It only apply on TLD domain , country domain like .SG and .COM.SG is not allow.

  8. Becca


    Thanks again, I plan on reading, comprehending and wrapping my head around all of this. That is an awesome post. You have really layed out your points in great detail.

  9. Prakash


    Private domain registration is good for security purpose I think. Thanks for this great info.

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