10 million downloads and still counting! Yes, this is how the popularity of the new WordPress version 4.7 is making an impact in the technical market. WordPress had a really good hold on the web since 2003 and will continue to make a mark in the website creation genre. It all began with being recognized as a mere tool for blogging which later on augmented its popularity as the most sought after content management creation tool. Little did Matt Mullenweg and Mike know that their invention would be used by a majority of the web developers across the globe creating wonderful pieces of web solutions creating a niche in the technical world.

Every new year has been welcomed with some new updates in the WordPress software and just like every year this year we have the 4.7 version of WordPress. The newer versions and updations bring along with them new opportunities, widening the horizons for the developers to create some remarkable web solutions. A WordPress website development company looks forward to bring in a swarm of clients who are more than eager to avail their services with quality work. The urge to excel has seen a varying usage of the WordPress tools and techniques that are put to creating graceful websites.

The market out there has different options for the different needs and preferences of the customers and some of them manage to set a trend and the world of technology is no less when it comes to trendsetters. Let us see the different WordPress web designs that will doubtlessly be creating a trend for the year 2017.

Some of the WordPress designs that a WordPress website development company is sure to taken into consideration in the race to set a trend.

1. Moving visuals grabbing a major part of the web designing process:

We are not far from the day where a majority of the web content will be featuring video contents and the use of video in website designing is a proof of its future adaptability. According to Hubspot, 80% of the web market will be witnessing video contents by 2018. Hence, this designing technique is sure to grab eyeballs if implemented precisely.

2. WordPress web designs that are almost real in nature:

A website that will be displaying a content that is virtually real is the living example of how WordPress has evolved over the years and is on the path of creating something really great and marvelous. Inculcating VR images and videos will be an option worth exploring for all the WordPress designers. It would be an adorable experience to witness websites that could be viewed from all possible angles.

3. Cinemagraphs in WordPress web designing:

For all those who love to experiment, this is one such option that is sure to satiate your creativity aspect. Cinemagraphs allows you build websites that perfectly blends in moving contents within the static content with an ease that is sure to give the subtle look to your website.

4. Web designings using the card and griding technique:

The very famous website Pinterest is the perfect example of a card and griding web design and there is no doubt in its popularity that is accelerating with each passing phase. So, this web designing process is all set to turn heads in the year 2017 with its popularity.

These are some of the popular WordPress designs that is expected to create ripples in the website designing field. So what are you waiting for ? Go and set a trend of your own with some of the scintillating web designs that WordPress has on its platter.


Author Bio: Shubham is a highly motivated digital marketing consultant and a pro blogger by heart. He love writinging about web promotions, mobile marketing, WordPress Website Development Company, SEO and so on. With his skills, knowledge and go-getter attitude, he helped 100+ domains to grow online. You can connect with him at Linkedin or follow home on Twitter.


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