Being a writer, whether you write novels or blog posts, is oftentimes tough and frequently frustrating

As a writer, you’ve chosen a career path that doesn’t necessarily guarantee you recognition of your accomplishments. Keeping yourself motivated can most definitely be difficult. Fortunately, staying inspired and informed will help keep you motivated, even when times get tough and success seems unlikely.

Here are a few tips to help you out if you’re struggling to produce quality work or achieve the kind of success you desire as a writer:

1. Take a class

Learning a new skill or learning about new topics will invigorate your mind. So, consider taking a pottery class or even taking something like an intro astronomy class at your local community college. Find something that interests you and learn more about it. Many of the best and most inspired writers are well-rounded in terms of knowledge and interested in a million different things.

2. Join a workshop

You probably already know how beneficial feedback from other writers can be. Joining a workshop can help you identify problem areas in your work and fix them. Additionally, it can give you a chance to bounce ideas off other writers and motivate you to regularly finish projects. For instance, if you have to write a news article for every workshop session, you’ll be a lot more likely to stay motivated to finish articles faster. You can search sites like to find workshops in your area. If you can’t find one, you might want to consider starting one yourself.

3. Stay connected

As a general rule, you should try to read as many books, blogs, and news websites as possible. This will help you keep track of what sort of writing is being published and which writing topics are trending. Unfortunately, many great pieces of writing get overlooked by publishers and webmasters because their themes simply aren’t in vogue. So, stay knowledgeable about what interests readers.  Additionally, keep tabs on what other writers are doing. Their work will help inspire and challenge you to produce better work.

4. Don’t forget about your other passions

If writing is all you do, you’re probably going to grow tired of doing it. So, make sure you keep on doing other things you enjoy as well. Ride horses, collect model airplanes, take long walks with your significant other, play soccer, or sign up to play a bit part in a local play. Just make sure you’re splitting your time between your obligations, writing, and other things you like to do. Even the most prolific writers take breaks to devote time to other hobbies in order to balance themselves out.

Writers who constantly challenge themselves to learn and grow are far less likely to give up on writing when times get tough. So, do what you can to stay inspired and informed, believe in your abilities, and don’t always expect overnight success.

[box]Mariana Ashley is a professional writer and blogger with a penchant for researching and writing about personal growth, education, and how technology changes the way we communicate. Mariana is technically retired after years of teaching middle school history in Nebraska. However, she still devotes some of her time to professional projects that involve online colleges in Nebraska. Please send your questions and comments to Any feedback is welcome![/box]


  1. Jamy


    Well I think the most important part is the one who start writing he/she should start with there life experiences sharing as that will be an easy start to writing and they will get some experience.

  2. Jack


    Keeping your finger on the pulse is extremely important if you want to be a successful and entertaining writer. If you plan on engaging your audience then you can’t loose relevance. Keeping up to date with current affairs, news and popular culture is a must. Wonderful insight, Mariana.

  3. Nawaz


    These tips are very helpful for those writer who want to touch the peak in writing.Through class we can learn new ways of writing. For writing the first step is to learn.

  4. ayesha


    Writing is passion, a good writer has deep thing ans analyze each and everything properly. All points are very basic. thanks for sharing

  5. Reply

    One of the suggestions I have seen for struggling writers is to sit down in the morning and WRITE a page’s worth. Doesn’t matter what it’s about, just whatever pops into your brain. Spelling and grammar don’t count. Just get into the habit of writing and the skill will improve.

    • Mariana Ashley


      Thanks for sharing this tip. I’ve also heard this strategy works well. Practice makes perfect! 🙂

  6. Reply

    So, why don’t you try something new? For instance, writing what you never write before, like food recipe, sport or something like that, just to relax and to wait for inspiration popping out of your head.

    • Mariana Ashley



      I think writing about things you don’t ordinarily write about is a great strategy for overcoming writer’s block. Thanks for sharing this tip with the readers of this article.

  7. Mohsin Ali


    Mariana it will be nice if you share some of the groups or platforms where we can learn or discuss about writing skills.

  8. Reply

    Great advice. I would also add joining online writer groups that you can find on Yahoo. I’ve been in several for years!

    • Mariana Ashley



      Thanks for reading. I’ve heard great things about the groups for writers on Yahoo. I’m glad that you’ve found them to be helpful.

  9. Simmeon


    Hey Mariana,

    I would suggest reading more, taking what you’ve heard and trying to incorporate the style and techniques into your own work to help you find your own style.

    • Mariana Ashley



      Thanks for your comment. I completely agree that reading the great works of other writers can improve your writing skills tremendously. Happy reading!

  10. Reply

    I agree, often its just not possible to write sometimes. Many bloggers just find it difficult. Sometimes its easier to do the social part of blogging than the writing part. But the reality is that content is the main thing for any site. Reading a lot of like minded blogs and sites makes a lot of difference to your writing.

  11. Nwosu Desmond


    Just recently i was have writers block and i couldn’t write for days, then i became depressed cos i couldn’t write knowing that i have thousands of people who i can help in one way or the other when i write but i just couldn’t think of anything interesting to write so i decided to deal with it heads on, even before reading this post i can tell you that i applied most of your methods and they worked like charm and i started writing again and am happy once more. So i a writing this comment to assure whoever is reading that the methods listed in this blog post works perfectly.

    • Mariana Ashley



      Thanks for reading! I’m so glad the post helped you overcome your writer’s block.

  12. David


    I found this post for struggling writers helpful and of inspiration. Thanks for sharing! There may be hope for me yet! lol

    • Ivin


      Hello David. I have tow tricks to take care of this: Commenting a lot (increases your knowledge and gives you an idea of what’s in demand) and Google alerts on topics you like to cover. You will never be out of ideas again 🙂

      Mariana, I see you are obviously flaming the passion of writing. I wrote until the beginning of the year (freelancing), and I felt the money I was making was good, but I got bored, frustrated and didn’t feel challenged anymore. I felt I was working too hard for the money I made, so I switched to other avenues 🙂

      • Mariana Ashley



        Writing is definitely hard work, and writers hardly ever get compensated enough when you consider how difficult writing actually is. I hope that you’ll keep writing as a hobby, though.

    • Mariana Ashley



      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! If you have the determination to improve your writing skills, you’d be surprised by what an expert writer you can become.

      • David


        Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. I am going to go check out the google alerts now.

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