Email validation is a perfect way to attract your potential clients towards your online sector. When it comes to online business in a legit manner, email verification is the one thing for you to consider. Zero Bounce can be your perfect help in this regard. It has the basic features and some thought-out services, which will help you to get validation services in the best manner possible. Other than the features involved, this product has the ability to update to newer versions frequently, which is another plus sign to it. This shows that the software is always updated and you are going to receive high-end technical help with email validation whenever the right time comes.

Cleaning up your database and more:

Thanks to this outstanding email validator, it is now easier for you to clean your database at regular intervals and improve the current deliverability track. It comprises of an additional data append feature, which is ready to provide you with necessary information like first name, last name and more. The results are likely to show you everything from your gender to creation date, to even specified states or regions. Right from millions of emails, this software will zero to the necessary information you want on that time. The services are fast and won’t take more than a few seconds of your time.

Covers top domains for you:

Apart from the points mentioned already, Zero Bounce helps in covering some top domains and offers you with validation results in a sophisticated and easy to understand manner. It can provide you with extensive data overview, alongside detailed reports, just as you have always wanted. Just as promised, this software is able to provide 99% accuracy level. If you want, you are most welcome to use the results for business demographics analysis and for your biggest campaign in town.

Within your set rates:

If you go through the official website, you will be flooded with so many features and services, which Zero Bounce possesses. Now, going through these options might lead you to think that this software is rather expensive to purchase. Well, the developer and programmers of this software are now able to talk about the rates and will offer packages within your set rates. Their main aim is to work for the masses. For that, they are able to provide four tiers of packages, ranging from $150 to $700. So, you can choose whichever one you like after going through the features first.

Number of validation done:

Depending on the number of email validations you want them to perform, the prices are going to vary. Moreover, if you don’t have too many emails to clear and need only a few ones to work on, then choose the $10 per 5000 emails package. This will work wonderfully for you, and you don’t have to choose any of the hefty packages available. The team has you well covered and you don’t have to think twice after choosing their services.


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