It has been 2 full months since I last published a blog post.

You may have been wondering: what happened, where have I been!?

A lot of my blog readers emailed me, tweeted me and also messaged me on Facebook asking me what went wrong. This goes to show that I did have people who showed genuine interest in my blog and also my great blogging tips.

What Happened During The 2 Months Away

Well it’s just that things have gotten really busy with my lifestyle recently and I was also working on a few new sites helping out some new bloggers.

So working with new upcoming bloggers allowed me to perform services which helped me to make some money during those 2 months of absence.

I was also catching up on some lost time with my girlfriend because she is in university and didn’t see her for a while because of her studies. So I was catching up on some lost time.

I also got a credit card, yeeeaaaahhh! So I can now do purchases  without the help of others on things what I need help with. I also used that card to link it to my Paypal so I now have a verified Paypal account.

Because I was away from my computer so long, then blogging got a bit hard. I wasn’t able to write new blog posts or guest posts. So I am going to purchase a new laptop so that I can freely blog wherever I am. I was able to reply to comments left on my articles and able to communicate with some fellow bloggers on social media sites.

What To Expect Now That I Am Back

Now that I am back on the blogging scene, you can expect to get some more great glow posts of very high quality.

I will start allowing guest bloggers to submit their guest articles again, but this time I will only publish high quality articles.

I will also be doing request posts, if I haven’t done the topic as yet on my blog. This means a person can request that I write on a particular topic and I will do some research to help that person as best as possible.

Something that I have always wanted to do was YouTube videos and that is coming as well.

I will start doing more guest posts and more networking with other bloggers.

All I can say is, stay tuned as get back on it’s feet!


  1. Reply

    I will also be doing request posts, if I haven’t done the topic as yet on my blog. This means a person can request that I write on a particular topic and I will do some research to help that person as best as possible.

  2. Ali Usman


    first of all welcome back buddy. Than its good to have help some one to get on something at last we some how contribute in our society with something.

  3. Dave



    Well yes i was also worries why webmaster-success isn’t updated since a long time. Although i was checking this blogs periodically.

    Thank god, you are back!

  4. Reply

    Hey Kharim !
    Welcome back. it’s good to read you again. i have read all your new posts that are awesome. We all can understand your busy life but we all need you as well. So, keep posting man.

    • Reply

      Hey Matt,

      Thanks for the welcome. I missed blogging and I am now back to give more great blogging tips.

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

  5. Reply

    Hi Kharim,

    I was wondering what happened to you! I’m glad to see you back in action.

    Congrats on getting the verified paypal account I know that is a big deal for you. That is one less thing you need to worry about when it comes to taking payments for your services.

    Hopefully you’ll be making lots of money now too.

    • Reply

      Hey Ileane,

      I was away for just a bit but now that I am back you will see more of me and I will start blogging again.

      Well since that I now have my own verified Paypal things have been great so far and yes I do hope to make more money.

      Thanks for the comment, Ileane 🙂

  6. Ehsan from The Bloggers Community


    So you’re finally back Kharim, nice!

    Congrats for the credit card and verified Paypal account! It’s a big problem, especially for young bloggers like me.

    Thanks for letting me know and sending me this way through your comment on my blog.

    Welcome back and happy blogging!

    • Reply

      Hey Eshan,

      Glad to see you here. Well I guess some things do take time and I had to be patient on getting my credit card and Paypal together.

      It’s now for me to push out the effort in blogging and make it work for me.

      Thanks for the comment bro.

  7. Sarah Park


    Looks like a lot of things happened for the two months that you were gone. I will look forward to more exciting blogs from you.

  8. Ferb


    Hi Kharim, welcome back man and that’s a long time, you’ve been busying help out others and one of the great things that I can think of is to celebrate your work with your readers which can really.

    Thanks – Ferb

  9. Joe Hart


    I would like to see some articles on SEO techniques for 2013..some new strategies in content optimization and guest posting..Thanks

  10. sarika deshmukh


    Hello Dear

    i was waiting for your new post really i am agree with your post i was missing you, i hope you will update on your blog really thanks for the sharing me

  11. Surya


    I can understand your situation, especially with your GF, that is spl for you.
    Hope you regularly update now and then………

  12. Reply

    It seems that you have had a very productive time during these 2 months and now you are full of ideas that can really help you to improve the blog.

  13. saqib razzaq


    Giving time to girl friend is a good thing. She deserves it. I did the same few times but now I have managed to handle both blogging and my gal’ at the same time.

  14. Ashleen Moreen


    It’s nice to hear that you are back to your blog.
    I once had experience with being away and not being able to inform the readers that I was away.
    It’s just nice feeling to know that there are people out there who are concern about you and longing for you.

  15. Ti Roberts


    Welcome back, bro!

    Glad to see you back in action. You’ve been missed! I’m looking forward to hearing more great stuff from you! 🙂


  16. Jamy


    Well nothing more but every one was waiting for you 🙂 Hope it will get same as it was welcome back.

  17. Reply


    Thanks for sharing review about your last 2 months experience in form of article. This is very useful article for online review readers.Keep it up such a nice posting like this.

    Sekhar Reddy.

  18. Lexi


    Great to have you back. I thought you’d go on a permanent hiatus! Can’t wait to read new stuff from hereon 🙂

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