How I Write Such Great Blog Posts

I have been getting questions in my email and on twitter from some of my blog readers asking how I write such great blog posts.

Writing blog posts is very easy for me to do, it’s something that comes natural. I like to write and this is something that I have been doing from I was attending school. I know a saying that goes, “the pen is more powerful than the sword” and this proves to be true in the blogging world.

You have to do lots of writing when it comes to blogging and you have to make sure what you are writing is genuine, true and have information to please your readers.

I am going to share with you how I write such great blog posts and what I do to come up with my contents.


Is Blogging For You

How To Know If Blogging Is For You?

A lot of people are starting blog everyday and this will continue for a long time to come.

People start blog for a hobby, for a business or just because everybody is doing it. But is blogging for you? How do you know if blogging is for you?

Well, I have been blogging for the past 3 months now and I know that blogging was meant for me by my level of success and what I have achieved so far. I started this blog to educate others about webmastering and how to be successful at it.

I have been in webmaster world for over 4 years now where I used to make websites and I know how to drive traffic to a site, how to build an audience, how to write unique content, and how to make money online.

In this blog post I will discuss 3 factors to know of blogging is for you.


Blog Commenting: What It Has Done For Me

Blog commenting is something that I have been doing before I even started blogging. I like to comment on posts after I have read them and give my input or to thank the writer for the tips and information in the post. This will also make the writer feel more enthused to write more.

After I started blogging I started commenting more. I venture out to find new blogs of my interest to read articles and make a comment, here there and almost everywhere.


Which Social Media Site Rules?

I have been using social media sites to drive traffic to my blog ever since I started blogging for the past 3 months and I notice that not all of them brings me traffic.

This led me to to ask this question, “Which Social Media Site Rules?”

There are numerous amount of social media sites popping up all over the web and some of them brings major traffic to your site. But which one of them is best for driving traffic?


Are You Thinking Like Your Blog Readers?

One way to satisfy your blog readers is to think like them. You have to know what they want, how much they want and when they want it.

This is not easily done but I have come up with 2 simple ways to get to know what your blog readers are thinking.

How To Think Like Your Readers?

I know you are not super heroes neither do you have super powers to get inside of people’s mind to see what they are thinking, because if you could then I don’t think you would be blogging.


Encouragement To Boost Self Confidence

Last week I was talking to one of my friend, he is Joe Boyle from During our discussion we were talking about his blog and I was asking him “how comes I don’t see readers commenting on your blog”, “aren’t you doing enough promotion?”. I told him what he needed to do in order to make his blog successful. He said he was working on some things and have some great post coming up soon.

I am glad to say that he made some adjustments, is now riding the waves and blogging away with some great blog posts.

What I was doing for Joe is giving him some encouragement so to push him further to build up his blog. In today’s world encouragement is needed for everyone.


My Blogging Schedule

A schedule is simply a timetable of an organized to do list. This is usually set out in tabular form, providing information about a series of arranged events: in particular, the time at which it is planned these events will take place.

Many people set a schedule so that they can keep on a time track and perform tasks on a timeline.

I have come up with a great blogging schedule which allows me to complete a set of blogging task that I regularly do on a day to day basis.

I hope you can learn from my time table and also set out your own so that you can manage your time better and still find time for your blog.