Oh no, it’s not easy to rank on Google first page for any key term. How on earth I’m I supposed to optimize my contents – can anyone help me out?

I’ve tried all I could to make my webpages Google friendly. Is there a secret to ranking on Google first page?

When last did you complain to a friend that Google is wicked – be honest, friend!

All right, the truth of the matter is that there is no secret to ranking on Google. In fact, if you look for any secret, you’ll continue to get penalized by the latest Panda or Penguin. Who knows what wild animal Google has in mind next (could it be the Lion or Zebra? Lol!)

Believe me, you don’t need secrets to achieve success online and build a highly trafficked blog. What you need more than anything is a PLAN.

Without much ado, here are 3 simple ways to rank on Google Top 10 and befriend Penguin.

Note: There is no magic bullet anywhere. You should be ready to work your ass off.

Hard work and a realistic goal are the only ingredients needed to trounce competition and build a successful blog. Let’s dive in:

[box type=”yellow”]1. Analyze Your Webpage Contents[/box]

A lot of bloggers complain that they’re not attracting any traffic from Google. When I get these complaints, the first question I ask is, “what position are you occupying on Google?” It’s so obvious and straight-forward. Without your webpage showing on the first page of Google, you might not get a single click or hit to your blog.

So, the first thing to do is to conduct an analysis test. Be honest to yourself and answer this question: Are your contents worth reading? Read 50+ Ways To Dazzle Blog Readers With Quality Content.

Do you solve readers’ problems or are you one of those writers who pad articles with irrelevant words just to make up the word counts (600 and above)? If you’re convinced that your content isn’t worthy of showing on Google homepage, start by revamping them. No complaints, no excuses. Do it now!

[box type=”yellow”]2. You Don’t Brainstorm Keyword Ideas[/box]

The most delicate mistake bloggers make is to use Google keywords tool to generate a hoard of highly competitive keywords. You think you can dominate Google first page with such terms? Give me a break!

The first step for researching keywords is brainstorming. Use your brain to think. If you’re passionate about your niche and the people you’re serving, you’ve to put yourself in their shoes. Let’s assume you’re facing similar problems like your readers, what would you search for when you go to Google page?

Did you know that most viable and less competitive keywords can never be gotten from any keyword suggestion tool, and that includes Market Samurai?

Find a quiet and inspirational environment to think about your niche. The easiest key terms to dominate are question-based. People who ask questions are desperate for the right solutions.

You’re lucky because your competitors are not optimizing for ‘question-based keywords’ that much. You should use this strategy to your advantage.

Of course, you can use Google keyword research when entering a new market to properly analyze the opportunities, but when it comes to dominating search engines quickly, brainstorming keywords is the best strategy – it’s my secrets (Shh! tell no one).

[box type=”yellow”]3. Get Readers To Participate[/box]

You think Google hate you blog?

Stop being childish and do the right things. Google doesn’t hate blog or anyone and doesn’t like any blog or blogger either. We and Google are in business together to make profits. Have you forgotten that Google is a search marketing firm?

Every Google update isn’t/wasn’t intended to hurt you or put you out of business. Google is only updating to help web users (you and I) get better results. And you know what?

When buyers, shoppers, prospects, clients and search users are happy with the results they get from Google, the more money Google would make because, Advertisers would increase their per click cost and put more money into Google bank account. Secondly, you as the site owner will profit from target audience who visits your blog from Google.

If you can get readers to participate on your blog, the first page of Google is 100% possible. It all boils down to the quality of your content, how helpful and insightful the contents are. You’re not writing to impress readers, instead, you’ve discovered the need in their lives and have decided to craft a piece that addresses the situation and bring them Joy.

Google is looking for such sites to befriend. Don’t be scared of the Penguin, you can create a worthy and user-friendly content that creatively calls “Penguin” to become your friend. The Penguin can be stubborn, sometimes, so keep wooing and spoon-feeding Google with engaging contents.

[box]Tell Me Something[/box]

What do you’ve for me? I’ve done my best to bring the post home and I know you’ve enjoyed reading it. Now, tell me what you think about Google Panda and Penguin. Do you hate them or think they’ve some cool packages for your business?


[box]Michael Chibuzor is a freelance writer and tech blogger. He reviews tablets 2012 and you can check him out on his samsung android tablet blog. His tech and mobile device tips can help you make the right buying decisions.[/box]


  1. Reply

    Hi Micheal,
    Thanks for the well putt article on writing webmaster success, the newbie blogger must follow these tips to their posts viral.

  2. Anu


    I think Selection of right keyword and content is very important to obtain 1st page on Google.

  3. Jamy


    Inviting the best people towards your blog is one of the hardest thing as you need to make best content and worth reading article.

  4. Gary Tyrell


    Getting your webpage to appear on top of the list of search results in Google is not an easy thing to do. This actually requires a few strategies and techniques along with some careful planning.

  5. Nawaz


    Keyword selection plays vital role to get ranking at first page. All those keywords that have high searches and low competition are easy to optimize.

  6. Reply

    I agree on the point that you need to allow readers to engage with the website and other readers. Blogging is almost a social media like thing where you connect with each other.

  7. Musthafa Ullal


    I was using the correct (whitehat) methods to rank well in Google or any other search engines, but Google hammered my 3 attempts for 3 blogs. Now I am spamming the internet and Google blessed me with shower of money 🙂

  8. sajan kota


    These are very ways to be placed better in Google.It’s really important to choose right keywords for your website, so that you can target relevant visitors with the help of these keywords.Great post Michael.

  9. Raaj Trambadia


    Had my new blog setup right after the Penguin attack! Was lucky enough to get my Google AuthorShip and good ranks within the first month of the blog! As of now, it has been only about 1.5 months and I look good on some searches 🙂

  10. Anna


    Hi Micheal.
    Very Nice and Informative post.Google Panda and Penguin are good updates by Google which helps to avoid spamming and increase ranking of websites.SEO’s is more important for our websites.

  11. John


    Great to read such a useful article to get some qulaity ideas and your are right that google doesn’t hate blog or things we just make things rights to get some very good results.

  12. Amy


    These three simple ways are good to rank in Google. Content must be relevant and user friendly. Long tail keywords gives search results better rather than highly competitive search results.

  13. Mohsin Ali


    Michael Chibuzor awesome article. One thing i wana ask you that my blog is struggling after Google Penguin update so what should i do. I already remove low quality content from my blog.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Since you’ve removed low quality articles, what you should do now is to produce quality articles and build links without using exact keywords.

      For instance, when building anchor links to your inner pages, alternate the anchor texts and use natural terms like “click here,” “check this out,” “learn more” and so on.

      But most importantly, quality content is the king. Do nothing blackhat henceforth. Write with your voice. Don’t plagiarize. Share your post on social media networks to gain traction. You already know this formula – it hasn’t changed Ok?

  14. madhu


    I agree with you Michael one should have the basics clear…the points you mentioned are the very basic things and i believe every work should be dealt with that amount of passion…so no shortcuts… But still at times we see some webpages with good content are ranged below a page who is not worth that rank… its still really not clear how the Google penguin or panda or (any animal in future) works… but whatever it is as you said the basics should be followed ethically then Google will not hunt you down… 🙂

  15. Alia Cute


    Hi Michael,

    I am newbie here and I am so interesting to have comments in my blog. Any advice on how to get it?

  16. Ehsan


    I agree with you Micheal, Google updates isn’t to hurt someone they are in business and they want to show those results in search terms which the searcher want.
    Quality and user friendly content worked best in Penguin and Panda and will work best in Lion and Zebra. Lol

  17. Reply

    The guide and instructions that you have shown and discussed here is very useful and I find it to be very helpful and relevant. I hope many will be able to receive great benefits from this information that you have shown here.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for making out time to read and leave a lovely comment on my piece. Keep impacting your audience with your unique style. God bless you!

  18. Paul Anderson


    I have to agree regarding the keywords. It’s easier to just brainstorm for keywords with which you know well because you know your niche.

  19. Reply

    Michael, the third point that you mentioned may be the one which will rule the online space in future.

    Google wants fresh results on its search page.Freshness can be infused onto a website by building forums,boards and running contests.But managing or moderating a large number of user generated content will also consume the company`s resources.So its necessary to find a balance inbetween.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Keeping it fresh is the watchword. Google is shifting towards making the web more interactive and focused. If bloggers and writers can focus on that, the future will be great for all.

  20. Reply

    Penguin update is to get the search quality enhanced and this intention as you told must not be treated as a abuse but a boom. Let us not forget that one has nothing to be scared of the web spam updates if the SEO activities are ethical or white hats! One must be thankful to Google to take up the spammers for penalization. Those spammers could even be your competitors and so hurray to Penguin update. Lastly, your post definitely is the guidelines to escape penguin updates to genuine sites. Keep up the great work Micheal.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Your comment clearly edifies my soul. I like how you approached what Google is doing. Yes, Penguin and Panda updates were intended for spam sites. If you’re doing the right thing, you don’t have to be scared of Google.

  21. Vijay Reddy


    analyzing the web content is most important thing to make the top 10 position for the targeted keyword…

  22. Reply

    Hi Michael,

    Meet again after read one of your’s in howtospotter 😀

    Do you think blog interaction impact the blog rank’s on google? I guess a post that goes viral perform better than blog interaction.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Yes, blog interaction affects ranking in a way. You see, when people interact, they would likely share, tweet and bookmark the post. Interaction breeds social sharing. Thank you for always reading my posts. Stay gracious.

  23. Reply

    Google Panda and Penguin are good updates by Google which helps to avoid spamming and increase ranking of websites which uses quality SEO techniques. I like these effects of Google because it helps to quality SEO people and businesses. As you have said, it’s very hard to get rank in top 10 on Google but not impossible. The basic needs are interesting and quality content, unique visitors and strong backlinks. There are many additional techniques also available for SEO which also require for ranking. Actually, large number of business people and companies try to get high ranking on search engine so, it makes high competition but if you are going on right way then no problem, you will definitely get success.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Yes, it’s not easy to rank on Google top 10, but it’s achievable. After all, a lot of sites are still enjoying good ranking. Do the right things as mentioned above and your chances of succeeding would be high.

    • Bob


      Well, you are certainly right, however keep in mind that the recent Penguin update hurt websites that were completly White Hat. Of course it’s impossible for google to make the algorithm perfect, but it feels really bad if your hard work gets ruined by a single update..

  24. Reply

    Hello Michael,
    Google Panda and Google penguin are certainly Google’s effort to support the best and the good blogs and penalize the low quality blog. This is an initiative that Google has taken towards the improvement. Even Google has penalized themselves and has created a perfect example.
    But we should not follow these are only algorithms. Many good sites have also been penalized. Well certainly these are not bad but Google needs to do a lot of improvement in these strategies. They should make sure that a good blog should not get penalized.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Hey, I’m so sure Google can hear you loud and clear. Definitely, they’re working on improving the algo. Thank you for reading.

  25. Joy


    We know google doesn’t hate our blog.It’s not easy to rank on google.For tariffic we need to make our blog google friendly.very informative post thanks for share this with us.

  26. Swet


    Hii Michael, thanks for the post. These all points are cool and really very important. Writing a Quality Content is really very important. If its not good in Quantity and Quality then no one takes interest to read this. A website with keywords and good quality content really help in ranking higher. Using keyword in title tag is also very beneficial for us. A title tag tells the search engine what your page is about and by the help of keeping title tag in website, search engine crawler can identified our website properly with help of keywords.

    • Michael Chibuzor


      Your comment is cool. I like your contribution towards my post. See you again!

  27. Kate


    These are quite simple ways to rank up in Google, I really appreciate this great help, before I am thinking that the only thing to do is to raise traffic to your site, by doing strategies such as back-linking. I really want to thank you for sharing this.this would help me a lot.

  28. dane


    You don’t need to do some underground to success. If you’re in the right path go for it… You should develop your relationship to Google and he loves fresh organic materials. 🙂

  29. Aasma


    Nice points Michael,

    It’s really important to choose right keywords for your website, so that you can target relevant visitors with the help of these keywords. Choosing highly competitive keywords is bad idea, instead focus on long tail keywords which gives you more leads and increase your conversion ratio.

    • Simmeon


      That’s what I’m focusing on atm, longtail keywords are far more easier way to go. Lots of small traffic soon adds up.

  30. Samuel


    Seo is a tough art to work with, Micheal. I love how you have provided some of the great ways to start your best in SEO.

    Always form relationships with SEO and you will see benefits form both right away.

    Keep up the work, Michael!

    • Michael Chibuzor


      You’re most welcome Samuel. SEO is a straightforward task. We just need to understand how it works – engagement is the key!

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