Sharing digital photos on the internet has opened the door to great personal and business improvements. While serving as a good way to share memories and events with friends and family, it has also helped businesses in product and service promotions while bringing the human quality to the face of business campaigns.

However, we need not forget the fact that photo sharing, like every other business activity or personal networking strategies comes with a few challenges. For instance, whether sharing photos for personal or business purposes, you do want whatever site you have chosen to give you the results you want. To this end, there are certain steps you must take to ensure that you make the most of your photo sharing efforts.

[box]Select Photo Sharing Sites Based On Selected Criteria[/box]

There are several photo sharing services out there that you can use. But it is not advisable you jump on any of them without prior research. Using Mixbook because a colleague of yours uses it or Snapily because it is what every of your friend uses is not a reliable decision. There has to be a decision based on what you are looking to achieve with the service.

To be more informed before this decision, you may have to make out the time to click around every photo sharing site you may already know and also, use Google search to narrow your results to those with more favorable reviews. When you have finally gathered a list of sites, here are the questions you need to find answers to while on each service site.

[box type=”green”]How Does The Site Work?[/box]

Not all photo sharing sites work in the same way. While one may allow you to create a profile before sharing photos, others may never bother with this. Some may restrict your access to certain photo editing tools while others will make all the photo customization tools open to all users.

Also, some services may help increase your privacy by offering you access to options you can use to control who sees your photos or who leaves a comment on them while others may just make every share public. Depending on the type of photo you want to upload, you should pay attention to these features while navigating through individual sites.

[box type=”yellow”]Do You Need More Photo Sharing Options?[/box]

Some photo sharing sites allow users to re-share any of their photos on other social networking platforms like Facebook, Thumblr, Flickr, Twitter, etc. This service may be useful to somebody wishing to share cool pictures with family and friends on Facebook or a business that may have a finely retouch image they want their Facebook fans to see. If this is a kind of service you’d like to use either now or in the near future, then it needs to be among the criteria for choosing the right photo sharing site.


[box type=”red”]What Organization Options Are Available?[/box]

While you may have known this, it is worth mentioning again; as an individual or business, you are supposed to have well organized digital photo albums. The truth is, you will be sharing way too many images on the long run and there is need that you have reliable photo organization options.  For instance, the right service will provide you options to create multiple albums and name them as you wish, arrange their contents to entice and choose or design a matching cover for each album.

This will make it easier to identify which folder contains which photo and where a particular image will possibly be going once uploaded. For instance, you can have an album for ‘vacations’ which will contain all snapshots you took while on weekend, seasonal or annual vacations; ‘professional’ album which will contain all snapshots about your profession like when you received an award in the office last year, your last company anniversary, etc. As a business, you can also create albums for different products or services. For example, an album can be for those images from the Kids store, another for New Arrivals, another for Best Sellers, etc. These will make your photo sharing activities more fun and enticing.

[box type=”blue”]Photo Sharing…[/box]

Photo sharing is one of the marketing strategies I am currently implementing for my blogs and specifically, it is now one of the traffic methods for my review blog where I share coupon codes to various digital product creation services like Pinnacle, Snapily and many others.

But like I explained above, you really need to define what you want from online photo sharing before you can choose the right service.


  1. SNPlanet


    Photo sharing sites reach their maximum traffic boost with Pinterest and its success!
    Even Flickr is not so bad and every different image sharing site could have different type of customer so we should not avoid any of these!

  2. Reply

    hello Steven, Nice Article. Really This is the great method to get the more traffic and to improve the ranking by the help of online photo sharing. This is the amazing path to defining your self with your photos. Its very effective. and Pinterest and Facebook, These sites are very effective for the images sharing.Well thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Reply

    Online Photo Sharing is important concept for internet marketing because it’s easy to understand concept through images rather than content. Photos can attracts users and also make possible to include some effective banner for products of services. Many users don’t like to read content but they just visit websites or blogs for image viewing. Thanks for your advance information about photo sharing.

  4. Paul Anderson


    I think one of the best website for photo-sharing is Pinterest. It’s easy to use and it’s becoming more and more popular these days.

  5. Reply

    I use photo sharing site like Pinterest and I must say that I have gotten lots of traffic to my blog from it.

    I haven’t tried it for making money as yet, but I will in the future.

    Thanks for this lovely post.

    • Steven


      Thanks Kharim. In the cyber space we all know that Money is tied to Traffic. So if you are already seeing some traffic via photo sharing, the cash may just be a step away.

  6. Reply

    I have used photo sharing sites in the past specially the most popular ones by Yahoo and PB. I have heard of Mixbook before but not used it. What I would like from a service like this would be that its free, allow just your friends to see and not share it with the world, no loud automatic music while loading, none of those ads that are very close to the upload/download button, user friendly etc. I would be interested what methods you have used for marketing strategies using photo sharing.

    • Steven


      Hi Shalu, yes the criteria you mentioned should form your list while looking for a photo sharing site.

      I have been using photo sharing to drive traffic to my blog, which when combined with other sources, have led to increased conversion recently.

  7. Michael Chibuzor


    Photo Sharing is very important. I found great photos and saved them for use in the future. I like the way you explained everything and thank you for making out time to write this Steven.

  8. Aasma


    If you share your photos on Flickr and your photo is published on any other site, then there are good chances that you get free traffic plus you’ll get more promotion. Certainly a nice way to attract traffic, however you must good image which people don’t hesitate to publish on their site or blog.

    • Steven


      Exactly Aasma, good and enticing image is the key. A good image will attract re-tweets if used on twitter, Likes if shared on facebook, and even repins if pinned on Pinterest – that’s way more traffic!

  9. Kate


    Hello there, Thanks for sharing this great info that i can use to be honest I am working online, but as a newbie and i really don’t know that photo sharing is very useful, I think that I should try this at once.

    • Steven


      Thanks Kate! There is a starting point to everything. You should just get started and never look back.

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