The URL structure of some websites makes search engine optimization impossible. Typically, these websites have a lot of pages that are generated dynamically or that carry session IDs on them, both of which are things that Google is not particularly fond of and which also cheat you of an opportunity to use your keywords.

Simply put, if you want the search engines to consider your site as a resource that should be indexed, you have to make certain that you’re giving permanent addresses for your pages.

[box type=”yellow”]Session IDs[/box]

Session IDs are given to each visitor who comes to a site. If your site automatically gives a session ID to each visitor, each of those pages is unique. It’s not a permanent address. Google will not index pages with session IDs, in the vast majority of cases, simply because there’s no way for Google to know whether that page will still exist when it sends a user there.


[box type=”green”]Parameters[/box]

Parameters are usually what cause problems with getting dynamic sites indexed. If you take a look at the URL at an online shopping site or another site that draws from the database to give you pages, you’ll see a “?” Near the end of it followed by what looks like a lot of garble. It looks like a lot of garble to the search engines, too. These pages are served up on-demand and aren’t permanent. For that reason, the search engines don’t index them reliably.

There are some exceptions to this. For example, if you have a page that only has one parameter, Google probably will index it, the other search engines may or may not. If you get more than three parameters in a URL, however, it’s almost certain that all of the search engines are just going to pass it up. These parameters need to be switched to permanent links that the search engines can index.


[box type=”red”]Making Pages Available[/box]

On the WordPress platform, there are many different plug-ins that you can use to make your links more attractive to search engines. Many of these utilities create what are called permalinks. Permalinks route people to a particular blog entry via a link that never changes, which search engines like to see. Many premium themes for WordPress  come set up for this in advance or can be easily changed so that your links have a more search engine friendly structure.


[box type=”blue”]Structuring Those Links[/box]

Getting rid of dynamic links wherever possible or, in fact, complicated links of any type, is a good idea. Where the real search engine optimization work comes in, however, is at the point that you start deciding what you want those links to be.

On a WordPress blog, blog posts will oftentimes have a URL that simply refers to them by date. If you want to make these posts more search engine friendly, change the URL so that it matches the title of the article and make sure that your keywords are in the title of the article. Remember, the more you can use your keywords honestly and without stuffing the better it is for your search engine optimization program.

One of the best things you can do for search engine optimization is to take a look around your site and see if there are links that need to be cleaned up. Sometimes, you may need to have a programmer handle this for you but, especially if you’re using a content management system such as WordPress, you may be able to clean these up on your own.

Doing so can help the search engines to find your pages and make certain that all of your hard work isn’t wasted on a site that can’t even be seen.


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  1. James Smith


    As per my knowledge that dynamic url’s are hard to index by search engines. So be sure while customizing the url structure of your web page i.e., put targeted keywords which describe your article for better search engine indexing and ranking.

  2. Nawaz


    Yes permalink is a plug-in that is very useful for searching category wise.This plug-in plays vital role in searching.

  3. David


    I also forgot to add that sitemaps are really important, it helps the spiders know what to look at

  4. Ekene Ilochonwu


    Detailed post!!!. I have been recieving few visitors from google but I guess the reason is now obvious. Thanks for posting.

  5. Reply

    Another way to make search engines see your blog or site is to create a sitemap and submit it to Google 🙂

    Great points you made here.

    • Reply

      Kharim, I agree with you. This is a very easy way to make your site visible to search engines and it is also a very efficient way.

  6. David


    Great observations. You can’t just build a website and people come, it takes more than just putting it out there.

  7. Joy


    Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting a website to the higher rankings in the organic or free side of the search engines.” I have had my web site for years”…but, I have had few if any visitors. We are often contacted and asked to take a web site over and get it ranked in the search engines.

    • Reply

      Of course it is a hard work to get your website on the first place in search engines, but it is a worthy thing. So, just keep experimenting and improve your site.

  8. Karen Dyosa


    This is maybe because you haven’t applied the proper SEO on it. A unique and thorough SEO will be the solution for your site to be searched on some major search engines.

  9. steven papas


    Hello Olga, thanks for the tips. My website’s URLs apart from the domain name and the post title, they include the date of the post. Do you think this may be a problem to the search engines?

    • Reply

      Hi Steven, I guess it is more efficiently to make the URL match the title of the article. Search engines “understand” better what is the page about. So this is quiet important.

  10. Reply

    Search engine have some limitation to cache web links. As your given information perfect link address and parameters are important for web page crawl and ranking on search engine. I want to add one thing that use any one link for web page and never change because it removes all backlinks of that webpage. For example if you have created as blog.html then never make changes as blog.asp or blog.php or any other extension for any one page.

  11. Mohsin Ali


    Olga Ionel I think if someone have no idea of optimizing permalinks of his or her blog than he should leave blogging. Its the very basic and necessary parameter now a days that without it one cannot survive.

  12. Maja


    This post is a complete tutorial for me. Now I can promote my site for search engine.

    Really I have not read such tips on any of the blogs.

  13. Reply

    Nice article Olga,
    Got to learn a lot about indexing.
    Session IDs was a completely new topic for me. I haven’t heard or read of it anywhere. Thanks for making me aware of such important points.
    Thanks again for this informative article 🙂

  14. Amrik Virdi


    OMG so technically written.
    Anyway great and useful tips. I don’t know what to comment. you are so professional and knowledgeable. I can only say. Keep it up.

  15. Simmeon


    Hey, Ogla

    Interesting post.

    You have highlighted a few interesting points.


    Dynamic urls can be a good thing.

    For example keeping download pages hidden from Google.

    But in general avoid, if you want some search engine traffic.

  16. Reply

    Though many points were technical still i guess i understood many. Now i will be able to perform better next time at least while selecting URL for website.

  17. Samuel


    Urls have to be simple and to the point. Thanks for pointing out some characteristics of how some urls function and look.

    I don’t many are having this problem, but if they are, this article comes at the right time for them!

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